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ESO Developer Deep Dive - Core Combat Values

  • Soarora
    It saddens me that it seems us endgamers aren’t allowed to play how we want, too. Of course, there will always be the meta but I think requiring a meta that limits class choice just to clear a HM is no fun. Having every player in the same setup for trials also isn’t much fun. What if I don’t want to do daggers with rele and pillar and kilt on every single dps that I own? What if I don’t want to be pigeonholed into melee dk dps or dk/necro tank?
    Of course, that is not to say I believe that classes need more homogeneity or that any set should be good enough to use. Quite the opposite, I just wish there was more VIABILITY while increasing class identity (at least not having to wear the same exact setup on every dps…). It was very unpleasant the patch where warden was destroyed. My unfinished DK did 20k more dps than my finished, well-used warden (who was hitting 90k before patch). I felt like a BURDEN in groups JUST for being a warden. That is SAD. My warden is in a good spot again but I don’t think I can take it if history repeats.
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  • Kallykat
    This may be a different perspective for this thread, but from someone who is not an endgame player and doesn't fully understand the nuances of combat, I appreciate this post. I think it's good to state your guiding values outright, and I hope there will be other posts to follow which will delve into more specifics and meet the community's expectations of the promised Q&A.

    I have always loved the "play any way you want" idea. I definitely see it in questing and overland content. I play multiple characters and usually build them around a theme, not a meta, and I have always been able to play the content I most enjoy using all sorts of unique builds.

    I think the harder content in the game is where "active combat" and especially "mastery" should shine. I honestly can't say much about this because I don't typically play this content. I know there are a lot of people who are frustrated with the current iteration of combat in some way, and yet people are also frustrated with constant changes to combat. (It's going to have to change again if you want it to get better, people.) I hope you find a way to get more the community on board and fix some of the issues for these endgame and pvp players.

    Continued communication, and more specific addressing of questions will help. You mentioned looking at player feedback and data metrics. If the metrics are driving things that contradict feedback, share that information!

    As a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series and lore, I appreciate your final core value as well. This game still feels very "Elder Scrolls" to me, even if it is an mmo. :wink:
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