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Error 307. Booted from server.

What does this mean? What did I do? Anyone else see this?

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Best Answers

  • joerginger
    It happens when you do a lot of master writs and it then also completely prevents you from logging in for a good while. :(
  • Fischblut
    I was booted for learning motif pages, that's new :D
    I bought many motif pages which I still miss after the event, and then started to learn them one by one. I had pauses between learning each page, cause I was also reading their descriptions from their respective lorebooks. When I learned more than half of all my pages, the server decided I don't really need to learn more motifs... for now.
  • newtinmpls
    And I was just boosted for trying to set up yet another combo to try on the alchemy station.

    No combat, nothing complicated....what the heck is going on here?
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  • ZOS_Bill
    For anyone who continues to encounter Error 307 in ESO, we recommend opening a ticket with customer support for assistance.
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  • nenekotanb16_ESO
    joerginger wrote: »
    It happens when you do a lot of master writs and it then also completely prevents you from logging in for a good while. :(

    Thanks for this. At least I know why now.

    I had this happen when doing a lot of master writs. Normally I tend do just gather some mats and it seems to be fine, but now I got kicked just after queuing in a random normal and sending a chat message.
  • Sonnir
    It happens to me EVERY TIME I try to level up alchemy on a character. Even if I have left the alchemy table and moved on to something else. Has been happening for a few months now. Super frustrating!
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