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Idle animations for Ayleid mounts! Suggestion: Ability to use all existing animations for any mount.


Designers did great job with new animations for every mount (except for Varla-Born Wolf, cause he has no new animation at all) in Ayleid crate season. Since New Moon crate season and to this day, every Radiant and Apex mount from every new season was getting new unique idle animations - to look awesome in a house and on character selection screen. My wish to have all new animations available for my every mount becomes stronger with every new crate season, bacause all of those animations make mounts even more enjoyable to observe...

Firstly, I want to show all of current season's animations to everyone :)
From this crate season, my personal favourites are animations of Senche and Wolf apex mounts.

Nenalata Wolf
is very good boy <3 But so is any other wolf... Sadly, no other wolf can perform this amazing playful animation :'( And if player doesn't own Nenalata Wolf, they would never even see this animation:


Nenalata Senche truly is Apex predator :smiley: This animation is beautiful! ...But all other senche are no less apex predators, and they would look no less graceful if they could perform this animation too <3


Nenalata Horse bows gracefully, and so all other horses would do.

Nenalata Bear roars so fiercely :o All other bears also want show their predator spirit like this, but they can't:;t=0s

Nenalata Guar looks very cute when he sits down to relax a bit. Would any other guar look just as cute if they too could perform this animation?.. Yes!;t=0s

Nenalata Camel prances joyfully, with dignity and style. All other camels are envious, cause they would love to do the same :'(;t=0s

Culanda-Born Senche sometimes feels nervous, because he was left in a house without exercise for too long. He feels the ache to ride into battle, to tear enemies apart... Or perhaps he simply doesn't like what he sees in the window, and wants to show his disapproval.
I'm sure that every senche feels like this sometimes, and they all would like to express this emotion too...;t=0s

Welkynd-Born Courser was born to move, and his explosive (as is his "rearing up" animation ;) ) personality is often expressed via this impatient emote. I'm sure that every other horse would love to express their wild side via such emote too.

I totally understand the need to add some spice to new mounts. But as I've already said, only their owners can see this animations - and only on these mounts, they can't use such animations on any of their other mounts :/
If somebody doesn't own these mounts (and can't see any of them for display in somebody else's house), this person wouldn't even know about existence of such awesome mount animations.
Please, can you add ability to somehow unlock all new animations to use for all mounts we own?
I'm open for any way to make it true!
1) For example, developers could add separate purchase of animations with every new crate season - because only Radiant and Apex mounts get unique animations, so animations are crate-exclusive. These new animations can be purchased for (example price) 100 gems each as gem-exclusive items (available for every respective crate season). In Ayleid season, these could be "Camel prancing", "Wolf playful", "Bear fierce" etc animations. If purchased, every mount of respective type on my account would gain ability to perform this emote on character selection screen and in houses.
This will add new option for spending gems, and new purpose for accumulating them.

2) These new animations could be unlocked by purchasing original mount. For example, to unlock Nenalata Wolf's emotes for all my wolves, I would have to purchase Nenalata Wolf mount first. After doing so, all my other wolf mounts would gain ability to perform this playful animation on character selection screen and in houses.
This will add more value to Radiant and Apex mounts.

I would prefer something like my first suggested option. But any of these (or possibly some other) options to acquire unique animations for all my mounts will add more enjoyment to my mount gameplay :)

Hopefully designers read this, and something can be done. Thank you!

@ZOS_SarahHecker @ZOS_Adrikoth
  • Araneae6537
    I do love the Ayleid Apex mounts and had the good fortune to get the horse from a crate! :blush: They are beautifully styled, no overdone effects and very nice idle animations. Well done, ZOS! 👍
  • OutLaw_Nynx
    Wow! Had no idea they had this animations.
    Punish and Protect I PS4/PS5 NA
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