Can't log in

  • Epona222
    I've just tried to log in for the first time today, getting incorrect username/password message, tried 2 accounts - neither able to log in.

    PC NA
    GM - Ghost Sea Trading Co - NA PC

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  • T@rty
    [email protected]
    working as intended.....

    After six years why am I not surprised.
  • Bytemare
    Not able to log in on Stadia
  • Dr_Rektar
    PC EU here
    can not connect to the game. getting connection server timed out error
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  • Valgar0r
    Same, can't login on PC EU / NA and account
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  • Android_Archer
    This problem is also affecting XBox NA servers as well. Tried all the usual fixes, including the swapping of server to EU. Get the same result. "Connection to server timed out. Please try again later."

    Was working for about 20-30 mins after update but now, no joy.
  • Tygerfire
    Was able to log in earlier after maint on PC-NA, but now I can't and am still getting the login error message.
  • FafiQ_xP
    I have login issue too, login timeout everytime a try to log in. ZOS should upgrade their servers because more and more players coming.
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  • method__01
    time for another 8 hour maintenance
    famous quotes: "it's RNG"
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  • Twizard
    Soul Shriven
    PC EU
    The same issue - can't login because of connection time out
  • bzz86
    Another year.... Another event... Another day lost cause of login issues ;/ (PC/EU)
  • Zahla
    Soul Shriven
    impossible de se connecter délais trop long
    Magicalement vôtre

  • Firstmep
    After the inital 20 minutes of load, i was able to log in and even switch toons without any hiccup.

    Its definetly a log in server issue.
  • LarsS
    Get login time out.
    GM for The Daggerfall Authority EU PC
  • miremarc
    Délai de connexion écoulé maintenant...... c'est quand que vous arrêtez de vous *** de nous en Europe? On en a ras le bol là vous comprenez? Vous annoncez la fin de la maintenance alors que vous êtes même pas foutu d'annoncer la maintenance elle même clairement. Ensuite vous annoncez la fin de la maintenance alors que rien ne marche, et que àa vous a pris la journée entière, mais vous êtes sérieux dans votre job ou quoi?
  • ShainaOtori
    Soul Shriven
    PC EU, I managed to log in with my sister's non-Steam account, but can't log in with mine (Steam), I got a server time out message.
  • Aerenthir
    PC EU is still under maintenance while we work to resolve some issues. Thank you for your patience here.

    How is it possible to create issues on a day where there is no patch, but only server reboot? :neutral:
    Edited by Aerenthir on June 24, 2020 4:55PM
  • Shokner
    PC EU

    Same problem as everyone else, Sorry if this seems a bit demanding but can we play the game we payed for please.

    Just came back to the game and now foolishly remember why i stopped playing . :o
  • Android_Archer
    Oh and before you ask or, try to blame Xbox. I can log in to COD, YouTube, Twitch and any number of other Network connection reliant services without issue so, no. it's not an Xbox problem.
  • ClericPro
    PC EU
    Can't login — connection time out.
  • Sarannah
    Can't log in either PC EU. Posted on the other thread already, but after trying again for a few times it still won't work.
  • Erissime
    One can only have this much patience. After a whole day down on EU now login times out every time I try to finally log - if you are having this big of a trouble, why don't you keep the servers down for a few days and fix it fully, rather than just patching things up with no complete results? It is far worse to open it up and have players unable to connect rather than just keep it down and fix it . Thank you .
    Edited by Erissime on June 24, 2020 4:56PM
  • Darkenarlol
    PC EU - login timeout

    great result for a maintenance prolonged from 2 to 8 hours B)
  • ShadowPaladin
    Can confirm that logging into PC-EU is NOT possible at this very moment. After Login Screen it says *Request loading* and after 2-5min it says *Time out* :s .

    Best regards

    P.s.: Who ever screwed this up, I vote for him/her being fed to the next Vampire or Dragon >:) !
  • Circuitous
    Throwing my hat in the pile. PC-NA, can't log in.
    Thank Stendarr it’s Fredas.
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  • Iskaldt
    Soul Shriven
    Been trying to log in for 30 + - mins. Stuck on requesting login and then it times out.
  • UtopianWarrior88
    PC EU

    Also cannot log in. For once, can you guys consider some kind of EU compensation for not having functioning servers? It's ALWAYS us.... free crown crate?
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