[SPOILERS] Quest choices, full list, all factions

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    Zone: Elswer
    Quest: In Sickness and in Health
    1. Stay
    2. You're Right
    1. Vazbi decides to stay, but she says that she won't lie about what happened and that the people deserves to know the truth, then she says you're like family to her.
    2.Vazbi decides to leave while disgusted with silhu-jo past actions despite still seeing him as a good khajiit, she considers you family just like option one.

    1.Vazbi rally the healers telling them the truth, then she convince them to heal the afflicted in Baan Dar's Litter.

    Option 2 Consequence:
    You will encounter Vazbi in Rimmen, where she lives on the streets helping others and giving all she can, alone with no one else to help her with the task of caring for the sick. She then also appears to be unwell and constantly coughs, and if you tell her to go back to the adeptorium she will insist otherwise.
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