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[SPOILERS] Quest choices, full list, all factions

  • Akino
    luanrobert wrote: »
    Zone: Elswer
    Quest: In Sickness and in Health
    1. Stay
    2. You're Right
    1. Vazbi decides to stay, but she says that she won't lie about what happened and that the people deserves to know the truth, then she says you're like family to her.
    2.Vazbi decides to leave while disgusted with silhu-jo past actions despite still seeing him as a good khajiit, she considers you family just like option one.

    1.Vazbi rally the healers telling them the truth, then she convince them to heal the afflicted in Baan Dar's Litter.

    Option 2 Consequence:
    You will encounter Vazbi in Rimmen, where she lives on the streets helping others and giving all she can, alone with no one else to help her with the task of caring for the sick. She then also appears to be unwell and constantly coughs, and if you tell her to go back to the adeptorium she will insist otherwise.
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  • RD065
    Realistically, as I've gone through the game again and again with eight characters, not one damn choice has a single LONG TERM impact.

    To quote an old movie:


    Sorry, but the story in ESO is meaningless. Go from point A to point B and kill ***. Pick any dialog option and IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER. Just kill *** and then collect your quest reward.

    Worse than BioWare...


    And even, and even if we win, if we win, HAH! Even if we win! Even if we play so far over our heads that our noses bleed for a week to ten days. Even if God in Heaven above comes down and points his hand at our side of the field. Even if every man, woman and child held hands together and prayed for us to win, it just wouldn't matter, because all the really good looking girls would still go out with the guys from Mohawk cause they've got all the money! It just doesn't matter if we win or we lose. IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER!
  • BlueDragon90
    Cryptical wrote: »
    Ilsabet wrote: »
    Thieves Guild

    Quest: Prison Break
    1. If you tell us where to find Zeira, you'll get a lockpick.
    2. You don't get a lockpick. You don't get anything.
    1. He tells you Zeira is on a ship at the docks and if you hurry you can reach it in time. You are able to rescue Zeira. Nicolas apparently doesn't use the lockpick to escape, and is later loaded onto a prison ship to be taken to Taneth to stand trial.

    - Added some info to that one.

    Quest: The One That Got Away

    Conversation with Nicolas:

    (Options under spoiler since they're kinda spoilery in themselves.)
    1. You don't get to have a happy family. Your wife should know who you really are.
    2. Zeira wants you to stay away from Abah's Landing
    3. She didn't want you to beg. She wanted you dead. [Nicolas dies.]

    1. Nicolas protests that he loves his wife, but sees that Zeira wants you to take away what is important to him. You speak to Volunidai and tell her who her husband really is. She doesn't believe you until you show her his wanted poster. She asks what she should do, and you get three more options:

    A. Protect yourself. Keep him as far away from your money as you can.
    B. Seek out a man named Rhanbiq. He wants Nicolas brought to justice in Taneth.
    C. Make him pay. He could have stolen your fortune.

    A. ???

    B. She says she'll find Rhanbiq and expects her "soon-to-be-ex-husband" to be tried in Taneth within a month. She runs into the house to confront him, and he says that he can explain, but when you follow her the house is empty. When you tell Zeira that you found Nicolas and ruined his marriage, she is surprised that he sweet-talked his way into someone's life so quickly and says you did his unlucky spouse a favor. She trusts your judgment and is looking forward to restoring the guild.

    C. ???

    2. He says "Truly? You shall never hear from me again. I swear it upon the love I hold for my dear wife. This home, my wife... it's all I shall ever want." When you depart the house, you hear him saying that his unexpected guests are leaving and they should share some wine. When you talk to Zeira, she trusts your judgment and says you both need to focus on restoring the guild.

    3. ???

    You'll need to figure out how to format that one since there are basically three conversations in that quest-line that require choices (Rhanbiq, Nicolas, and Volunidai). I tried to combine what was already there with what I saw in the Nicolas and Volunidai parts.

    Results for conversation choices 1A...
    If you tell her to keep him far from her money, Volunidai says
    "I have a relative at the bank. I'll ensure my funds are protected.
    Whatever he's called, he won't leave here with a single coin."

    Results for option N1C:
    3rd option will be: Make him pay. He could have stolen your fortune.
    choosing that option: she will say she will have the marriage annulled & have him departed from these lands
    she will then run to the house to confront him as with 2nd option
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  • BlueDragon90
    Zone: Rivenspire
    Quest : last words
    1. Tell the truth about Klaandor's fate, and give her the journal and amulet.
    2. Lie and say that Klaandor is still alive but sent her an amulet.

    if you choose 2nd option: she say she will not wait for him. & that give her incentive to learn a new craft. she say she will go to smithy & become weapon-smith apprentice
  • Kassmia
    Soul Shriven
    Zone: Grahtwood
    Quest: Flipping the coin
    1. Ask Shan'ra to not call the Thalmor
    2. Ask Shan'ra for gold and glory
    For option 2 Shan'ra gives you gold and an item. If going back to Shan'ra he says he's glad to see his mercenary friend but seeing the look on Virrirs(spelling) face was priceless. The main hollow moon members give a one liner of how angry they are.
  • AntiFTW
    Snowfaerie wrote: »

    Zone: Wrothgar
    Quest: Thukhozod the Eternal

    1. Sell the Amulet to Meram Farr
    2. Find Khoruzoth's Mother
    1. Meram Farr says she'll sell the amulet to a contact of hers, and that this way the orc's mother will always at least have hope that her son will one day return to her. She points out that telling the mother her son is dead would only end in pain and tears.
    2. Find out that her son followed in his fathers' footsteps. However she also says that her son should've been safe in Thukhozods Sanctum, because the necromancer Thukhozod is in fact Khurozoth's father. She doesn't want the amulet and lets you have it, including a nice sum of money
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  • AntiFTW
    luanrobert wrote: »
    Zone: Artaeum
    Quest: The Shattered Staff
    1. Say to Josajeh that use the staff is a good idea
    2. Say to Josajeh that use the staff is a bad idea
    1. Josajeh agrees and says that we've all had our negative experiences, and that it would be nice to change the past for better outcomes in the present.
    2. Josajeh agreeds and says that when you and your familly suffers something, the power to change everything, can be very tempting, she then sets you of to look for the fragments.

    Options 2:
    1. tell Josajeh that it's alright tha she hasn't bother you
    2. tell josajeh that's she was a bother all along
    1. Josajeh says that she knows that she has been a bother, but thx you for listening to her talk about her family, she then sets you of to look for the rifts.
    2. Josajeh agrees saying she will try and do things more like a true Loremaster would, and thanks you for your patience. Then she rewards you and the quest continues.

    options 3:
    1. Tell Josajeh you undestand.
    2. Tell Josajeh she shouldn't meddle with the time.
    1. Josajeh says she knows it's not right. she then says she is sorry for all, and promise you two will see each other soon.
    2. Josajeh is suprised that you don't agree with her, but still apologises. She hopes you stay safe and promises you two will see eachother soon.

    When Josajeh steal the staff of towers Loremaster Celarus says most of the blame is to him since him push her away from the task, rather than keep her close. Josajeh after stole the staff of towers is exiled from the order, you have a final choice for leave her the augur ou kept it in a vault. Give her the Augur makes a sort of happy ending.

    i think for now that the choices only affect dialoges, making the ending of the quest the same, changing just the phrases for sad or a little happy.

    Filled in the blanks ;)
  • Almakor
    Come someone put spoilers for the Deadlands quest choices please?
  • Almakor
    luanrobert wrote: »
    Zone: Elswer
    Quest: Thick as Thieves
    1. Don't do this, Tasnari.
    2. Then kill him, Tasnari.
    1. you convince Tasnari to not kill Khasda, and she makes him confess his crimes to the stitches clearing her name from the crime of murder. at the end of the quest Tasnari is made the leader of the stitches after her name is clear, and the crew is finally together once more (happy ending i guess).
    2. ?

    Wish I read this before I chose. Hope sometime in the future there is an update that lets you redo quest-lines. I would love to redo the assault on Coldharbor without having to make a new character every time. They actually do that in Lord of the Rings Online.
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