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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • Inhuman003
    Let's get some terror bird mounts

  • ErinM31
    Kynewynn wrote: »
    Having a new pack of customizations would really give the opportunity to freshen up everyone's character.

    -More makeup options varying from natural to glamorous (the ones we have are nice but some are only available in crown crates that don't come around as often - also please add a complimenting blush for all skin colors and races)

    -Hairstyles that fit different types of personalities (both female and male characters deserve some new styles to play with)

    -Eyebrows! They can really change a character's appearance and I'd like to see some new ones added that are more flattering or give more personality.

    These would be great! :) I appreciate that we have make-up options available for both male and female. It would be awesome if the facial markings had a slider for intensity as I would like the look of some of the makeups much more if I could apply them more subtly.

    I agree that more options for eyebrows and hairstyles would be great! Specifically, I would like to have the option to have dark eyebrows on a character with light hair. There are also some long hairstyles that I’ve seen on NPCs which I would like to have, but perhaps they are occasionally available? (In that case, these items totally need to rotate more frequently, please!)

    I would also like to have a pack of body markings with more tattoo options and one with a scar over the heart (for characters who’ve gone through the original game opening) would be great! :)
  • SydneyGrey
    Senche-raht mount recolors, and a matching kitten, please.
  • ChrystalWind
    Would like to see Purple adornments and animated fish for fountains. I have created threads about both of these requests. and would hate to repeat myself here. Please consider both items.
  • pelennor_fields
    Some new long hair. More hair that is not reskins of mowhawks/justin beiber hair. More new hairstyles... Long ones. Also if we could get some all new/unique hairstyles...
  • JusticeForJilarga
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to see a Razum-Dar Costume.
    Leader Of The Children Of Razum Dar Guild (Khajiit Guild) on Xbox One NA.
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