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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • Inhuman003
    Let's get some terror bird mounts

  • Araneae6537
    Kynewynn wrote: »
    Having a new pack of customizations would really give the opportunity to freshen up everyone's character.

    -More makeup options varying from natural to glamorous (the ones we have are nice but some are only available in crown crates that don't come around as often - also please add a complimenting blush for all skin colors and races)

    -Hairstyles that fit different types of personalities (both female and male characters deserve some new styles to play with)

    -Eyebrows! They can really change a character's appearance and I'd like to see some new ones added that are more flattering or give more personality.

    These would be great! :) I appreciate that we have make-up options available for both male and female. It would be awesome if the facial markings had a slider for intensity as I would like the look of some of the makeups much more if I could apply them more subtly.

    I agree that more options for eyebrows and hairstyles would be great! Specifically, I would like to have the option to have dark eyebrows on a character with light hair. There are also some long hairstyles that I’ve seen on NPCs which I would like to have, but perhaps they are occasionally available? (In that case, these items totally need to rotate more frequently, please!)
    Edited by Araneae6537 on August 31, 2019 4:06AM
  • SydneyGrey
    Senche-raht mount recolors, and a matching kitten, please.
  • ChrystalWind
    Would like to see Purple adornments and animated fish for fountains. I have created threads about both of these requests. and would hate to repeat myself here. Please consider both items.
  • JusticeForJilarga
    I would like to see a Razum-Dar Costume.
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  • DreamsUnderStars
    I want three things:

    A return of the port side shave hairstyle.

    The options to hide shoulder armour and gloves... or invisible armour pieces for the slots if I have to buy them.
  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    Besides the usual wishing of hideable armour parts, the Imperial banker etc. I realised there is no skeever or scavenger pet. I'd like one.
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  • DaveMoeDee
    I keep trying to figure out how to stop getting updates for this thread, but still haven't.
  • kuma82
    Ansei ward greatsword skins. Those huge swords were just a very unique and cool looking skin. Some class specific auras/item DKs get flames/dragon wings, Templar’s bright angelic auras/halos, sorcs lightning effects/daedric bound armor or weapon skin (permanent no summon), warden trees growing, little oasis spawns when no movement detected for a min/can’t think of anything so on and so forth for other classes. Sheogoraths butterfly effect, maybe whenever we mount.
  • Tsar_Gekkou
    I want a test dummy that lets vampires feed on it. We used to be able to feed on test dummies until over a year ago, so it'd be nice to have that back.
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  • tomofhyrule
    You know what I've been looking for and I'm surprised isn't in the game? A short full beard.

    We've got a few stubbles, but then the next shortest full beard is the Boar's Nest. There's nothing in between.

    Also, I'd like to see some more hairstyles, like the ones in these threads:
    Hairstyles that have been in the game a long time but are unavailable
    Heroic Poet/Casual Rascal

  • DonMatko
    Soul Shriven
    Edited by DonMatko on August 24, 2019 7:55AM
  • Mattys04
    Bring back please Long Patriarch Beard.latest?cb=20160901173739
    Then maybe.. Smoking Pipe personality or at least emote?
  • SOLOistheNAME

    It’s been 5 years already Zos.

    I think it’s time we get a regular pet monkey skin! I’m not buying a pet monkey wearing a purple vest or a crown on it’s head.

    This can’t be about clout for the beta players to be the only ones to have a regular pet monkey after 5 YEARS!!

    Edited by SOLOistheNAME on August 25, 2019 3:18PM
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  • SOLOistheNAME
    I would like to see a Razum-Dar Costume.

    His costume is already available for purchase.
    It’s the queen’s spymaster that’s in the crown store crates as we speak.

    Edited by SOLOistheNAME on August 25, 2019 10:24AM
    Trading Guilds: Ales and Fails & Beer and BooBoos
    Follow me on Twitch, Twitter & Youtube: @SOLOistheNAME
    DBFZ, Rainbow 6: Siege, and ESO main | Aspiring competitive player | #CowboysNation ✭ #TeamEnvy
    "The Truth Is, The Game Was Rigged From The Start..."
  • princessl0llie
    Soul Shriven
    I'd like to be able to have a actual straw target in my home...and I agree with everyone else with offering housing space so it's not so limited, especially with pets, mounts or tiny items like cups n bowls that add up fast..maybe offer kitchen tables that already have food n plates,etc so it's all One furniture item?
  • lembry_ESO
    Could we have a way to change hair colors to options different than in the character creation? Not necessarily unnatural colors (although more hair with colorful streaks/tips would be fun, too), but just more options.

    Perhaps also dyes that you can unlock (not just one-time use dyes)...
  • JusticeSouldier
    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom Gift system for houses
    Edited by JusticeSouldier on August 29, 2019 8:14PM
    all classes. pc platforms
  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    Kattatonia wrote: »
    I am not sure I want to read through 121 pages to see if this has been mentioned, so please forgive if this is a duplicate of what others have said... longer hairstyles please.... like, waist length! ♡

    Think that would be impossible. Unless you want super stiff hair that don't move and some serious clipping.
    [Lie] Of course! I don't even worship Daedra!
  • CommanderGuts
    Class change token
    More flying pets- maybe a snowy owl or raven
  • eso_user142752
    The hairstyle I last posted in here, please.

    These masks titled "Flame Atronach Face Visor"

    Wormmouth Pet
  • kinguardian
    Can we please have the option for different hair colours and not even silly colours just the ones available would be great if we could switch between those.

    Also there are a lot of nice hairstyles in -game can they become available for us to? For example the elves that have the long hair like Velsa.

    Can there please come the option to hide the shoulder pieces when you create something at the outfit station because they really ruin most outfits.

    I still hope for jewellery that there can be a way that it would work.I see npc's with cool necklaces etc

    Is it possible that we can have another adornment slot. It would be really great if you can wear (for example) chin studs but also earrings. It would finnish the characters.

    I would love if we could have more onteraction with our mounts and pets. The posibility to pet them, brush them play with them etc. It does not have to be massive but it would be so nice to have a bit more interactions with your animals.
    Also if the animals respond on a enemy that they growl or his bark whatever. Again that there is a bit more interaction.

    And maybe we can choose outfits for our mounts and pets and then I mean saddles and bridles and legprotecters for the mounts and collars for the other pets.

    I like that in elsweyr the big senche raht talks. Can we have that for our senche raht mount to? Of course with the possibility to turn it on or off for people that dont like it.

  • xMovingTarget
    - removal of clown crates
    - Bug Fix dev team package
    - fps package
    - anti lag package

  • Kebplog
    Soul Shriven
    Please release the elven hero armor again. I just came back to playing eso and its my all time favourite skin.
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