Crown Store Item Wish List

  • Adernath
    Argonian handbags please :D
  • elantaura
    Ok my BFF (and ESO husband) who’s not on the forum has asked me to request;

    A Netch Mount so he can have a flying mount ( well a hover) he would like it to have some sort of saddle like area on top where the his character can sit meditating with Skooma bubbler. For his warden Tank. He feels it’s a flying mount that ESO could actually have.

    (I really am blessed to have him to play with it’s far from dull lol)

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  • JusticeSouldier
    Dusk_Coven wrote: »
    Gift system for buying houses.

    LOL! We gonna get RP gold diggers -- "Now that you've given me your house... I wanna divorce!"

    But seriously, I think any sort of gifting in the Crown Store can only help ZOS make money through purchases of Crowns. So I really wonder at the reason they haven't already unlocked all Crown Store purchases to gifting.

    why lol?
    u didn't bought anything from crown store on Tamriel Crown Exchange yet for gold?
    gift system works for furnishings, mounts, costumes, pets etc.
    i don't see reasons it to not work for houses...
    in such case i'll have motivatiion to accumulate money and buy expencive limited time on sell (like Grand Topal Hideaway) house one day
    PC EU, all classes
  • AntonShan
    I'd like to see more short haircuts styles for females. Something like this:
  • fakingfocused
    A Battle blood type of skin. That goes over your armor and everything. Kind of like how your character would appear fresh out of combat in Skyrim.
  • SjornParadox52
    I would like to see the wabbajack as an artifact style and the return of the molag bal furnishing pack ^_^
  • Corpier
    I want to see stable/functional game performance and bug fixes. Can I buy that in the crown store?
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  • Michae
    "I bear the cruel weight of certainty. Total, absolute, relentless certainty. People rarely comprehend the luxury of doubt... the freedom that comes with indecision. I envy you."
    Sotha Sil

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  • sueblue
    More hats! More hairstyles with bangs! More hats that don't cover hairstyles with bangs!
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  • Downtown
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  • Banana
    Seeing midyear mayhem been canned. The dye stamps from the event need to make an appearance
  • Michae
    Considering that Thieves Guild event starts we could get Zeira hairstyle.
    "I bear the cruel weight of certainty. Total, absolute, relentless certainty. People rarely comprehend the luxury of doubt... the freedom that comes with indecision. I envy you."
    Sotha Sil

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  • Triigon
    Soul Shriven
    Alternative skins for sorc pets! lets put an end to the endless flapping of the matriarch.
  • Delpi
    I would like a hat like this... up from the side with a feather... very stylish! (And not the crap with berries...)

    "I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee..."
  • mrsrobot
    MarcoMorte wrote: »
    A bard to put in your home to play music and sing. (with the ability to select the male or female version, possibly allowing you to have both).

    Yeah that khajit woman from near Rimmen provisioning Station.
  • cool6654
    Since Midyear mayhem is canceled allow the @nd Legion outfit styles to be in the crown store or as rewards in the Imperial City event.
  • Tigerseye
    I would like to request access to the (loyalty) Tiger mount.

    Not a recolour, with its face markings blanked out, not some kind of poor imitation; the original tiger mount, with the orginal markings, in the original colourway.

    I would also, ideally, like access to the (beta) Monkey pet, as a friend of mine wants to make a jungle in her Artaeum house, so needs a monkey (that is not dressed in clothes).

    I think they made a huge error in giving these things out, in their basic form, as rewards, in the first place.

    They should have given a monkey out in a fez (or something similar) and a tiger in a bowtie (or whatever).

    Leaving the basic monkey and tiger model free for everyone.

    Especially now that we have housing, so need basic model mounts and pets for various projects.

    ...and before anyone complains, especially those who bought their accounts on eBay, may I inform/remind you that I received a mail 63 months ago (and I still have it in my inbox).

    It is entitled: "Exclusive Digital Content - Nibenay Mudcrab.".

    "You have purchased the Imperial Edition. With it comes exclusive digital content.
    • The Nibenay Mudcrab non-combat pet is now in your collection.".

    ...and what did I return to find, when I returned to the game 23 months ago?

    The Nibenay Mudcab sitting unashamedly in the Crown Store, that is what.

    When I bought that special edition, at launch, I didn't realise it would continue to be available for years, or that the Mudcrab would then later appear in the Crown Store, for separate purchase.

    So, I can't buy the "exclusive" tiger mount, and my friend can't buy the "exclusive" monkey pet, but everyone can (or could, until recently) buy my "exclusive" mudcrab?!

    Do I mind that people have bought my "exclusive" mudcrab?

    Of course not.

    Do I mind that I can't buy a basic tiger mount and my friend can't buy a basic monkey pet, due to their supposed "exclusivity"?

    Of course I do.

    Enough of this hypocrisy! xD

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  • Tigerseye
    ^ ...and if people still complain, stick a retroactive "I'm awesome!" badge on the original ones.

    That is all most of them wanted in the first place, after all.
    Edited by Tigerseye on July 7, 2019 3:53PM
  • Kalitas
    A Goblin Polymorph. Take the current disguise and make a poly. We'll pay.
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  • HappyLittleTree
    Thuu chakkuth lod Hajhiit c’oo? Hajhiit gortsuquth gorihuth thuu gooluthduj thdeitoluu!

  • Krainor1974
    I’d like a bloodfiend polymorph with the personality of crawling etc
  • Shufeltco11
    I would LOVE to see the Breton Necromancer costume.
  • ThornJagger
    I would like to see more Imperial house items available. All other races have a wonderful assortment of items to select from, but the Imperials (the central race in TES) has very little. I hope to see the ratified swiftly and most appreciated.
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  • dannymcgr81b14_ESO
    Something every khajiit needs! A box to sit in! It could be a memento or an emote.
  • M_eh
    Soul Shriven
    Put the Meridian style Motif in.
    add the meridian motif back to depths of malatar
  • fakingfocused
    Any or all of the following;

    -The nord statues from cyridill keeps
    -Weapons and weapon racks for houses
    -Armor mannequins for houses/display
    -Npcs/alts for in home
    -battle blood skin over all armor and skins. Like fresh out of skyrim combat
    -viking ships
    -mini games in bars and pubs for betting in game gold

    Ok maybe this is turning into just a straight wishlist.

    Also excite for the moon grave fane chest piece, hoping the collar piece is dyable!! And any future fur type armors!

  • Soul_Banish
    Soul Shriven
    I'd like to see the 3 ESO Hero costumes (Breton, Elf, Nord) return to the crown store yearly for ESOs annivesary. Individual and in a bundle so everyone has an annual chance to get them, no matter how new the player. They're so iconic and the cinamatic characters are the face of ESO.

    Also bringing back the non limited Colovian Badger. It was removed, but Colovian Badger don't give a ****. Take advantage of the meme to advertise it's return on Facebook. Get everyone hyped for it.
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