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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • Krainor1974
    Give me this as a medium house
  • Apfel
    I want to request this hairstyle, please!

    Edit: Made a mistake! They're already there, sorry! :D

    Edited by Apfel on May 23, 2019 11:23AM
  • Grandesdar
    Dynamic pricing for bundles for those who purchased stuff in the past like Any Race, Any Alliance pack, or Alliance War Horse
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  • Rickhulters
    Dark shaman costume return
  • StarMoth
    Soul Shriven
    Abnur Tharn's new outfit, as seen in the Elsweyr chapter! :smiley:

  • eyeseezombiesub17_ESO
    Are there plans to re-release the Trappings of Mephala pack? Would seriously like to pick this up.
  • russelmmendoza
    Can we have a skeleton polymorph which we can equip armor on.

    Or a skeleton with a burning/fiery skull polymorph.

  • XIIICaesar
    @ZOS_GinaBruno When will the Ashen Fang Lair Courser & Unholy Glow Dragonbone Construct return? I thought they would've with Elsweyr bring released. They are part of Dragonbone DLC, yes, but are unique variants of the mount/pet included with the CE of the aforementioned DLC. PLUS the necro connection is obvious lol. I would very much like to be able to get these.
  • beadabow
    Some type of assistant that my characters can deliver crafted dailies to in their house(s). One that can "deliver" them for me as a convenience, which frees up the time I currently spend delivering the finished craft-ables to do other things. (An npc with a cart?). Or some type of furnishing that "teleports" the finished goods to the customers. Of course the rewards for completion of the dailies could be mailed, or "teleported" or given to the "npc porter" once he/she/it returns. I'd pay good money for one of those assistants!
  • ApostateHobo
    Veya's hair pleeeeeaaasssseee I'm desperate for another long hairstyle!
  • AshTal
    I like the idea of the sky shards as I always thought it was silly having one alliance having to travel all over other aliance lands collecting sky shards. Plus with the addons on the map to show where they all are it was more of a pain of just riding all over the map.

    I would like to see other things that once I have earn't them i can share them with Alts

    Lore books
    Alliance ranks
    Undaunted levels - it gets old running the same quests on every alt to get a 2% stat bonus.

    It would mean that I would create more alts but no way I want to grind in Cyrodil all over again. Or run every dungeon for undaunted pledges over and over. Twice was enough.
  • ceiron
    Pig mounts!
  • StrandedMonkey
    Can you guys bring back the pirate costume pack.
  • Fortunatto
    A large statue of Auri-El from Shimmerene Monastery, pls
    Or - Statue of Syrabane from Artaeum
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    PC EU
  • Thrawniel
    A feline pet in Scooma Cat's outfit please! Just got to that quest, and I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED!
  • Thesquirrelnutmafianub18_ESO

    I know people have asked for this in the past (if not i would be shocked) But damn it, who has to be bribed or have their knees broken to get us a Non-Combat Pet [Red Squirrel] ?

    Heck... charge me 10k crowns for one if you must.. I would (and many others would as well) shell out for it.

    Say it with me...ESO NEEDS SQUIRRELS!!!

    (or on the other hand... who is against it? we can arrange an 'accident')

  • Aznarb
    Oh didn't saw this topic :open_mouth:

    Here is my request :
    - no battle pet : Crows

    The same as we cane encounter in some quest in DC and CWCity !
    PC - EU

    All class - Healer

    coming back to try change

    My English is far from perfect but I try my best !
  • Bored_Owl
    More bird pets! I was so excited about the chicken(s) and I don't even like chickens that much.
    Divine Knight of Đivination
    Sergeant-at-Arms of the Pride of Daggerfall
  • blueyonder
    I would like to get the green "heavy sack" world item as a furnishing item.

    I also saw someone on another forum talking about the empty taverns in game. I noticed when visiting the taverns, that a lot of the seating in them is unsittable, it is too close to tables, etc. I have a very luxurious room in the Flaming Nix and I would sometimes like to sit in the bar and soak up the atmosphere but there is nowhere to sit.

    (Also in the Flaming Nix, the fire coals seem to have slipped somewhat through the floor of the firepit)
  • Suisyo
    One thing I keep wishing might come out is some kind of old crone or witch type personality. The character could be slightly hunched over, maybe some cool stirring a cauldron emote lol Would be perfect for the Witches Festival 😉😉
    Altmer Templar & Bosmer Sorcerer
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  • DekuDekuplex
    Dusky Fennec Fox.

    I missed the Dusky Fennec Fox in the Daily Login Rewards last June because I was unaware that Daily Login Rewards had become available until it was already too late to receive this non-combat pet, and was unaware that it had been available again this January between January 15 and January 17, despite having logged in to receive my Daily Login Reward every day, because it was not listed among the limited time offers in the Crown Store.

    I have been very sad ever since missing my Dusky Fennec Fox, and wish to be able to purchase it again as soon as possible. My ESO experience feels incomplete without this pet because it was the only pet that I both wished to acquire and was unable to acquire because of lack of knowledge of its availability.

    Please sell it again in the Crown Store as soon as possible, and please list in the list of limited time offers in the Crown Store so that I can become aware of it; it was not listed there last time, and had I known of it at the time, I would have immediately purchased it!
    Edited by DekuDekuplex on June 4, 2019 4:14PM
  • DekuDekuplex
    Snowcap Fledgling Gryphon.

    Although this non-combat pet is not quite so important to me as the Dusky Fennec Fox, recently, I witnessed another player's character with this pet, and decided that I wanted to purchase it as well.
  • SjornParadox52
    How about mannimarco's staff to go with the costume as an artifact style?
  • Starlight_Knight
    Different combat pet visuals!
    I want a polar bear for my warden :'(
    Warden Lives Matter!
  • Stonegrave
    Some things I would pay for:

    1. A Senche-Raht mount with tiger stripes/coloring, to match my Khajiit character (actually, I'd prefer the old loyalty reward tiger senche to be made available for purchase -- maybe as an ESO+ item only? -- but I'm guessing this will never happen).

    2. The missing items from the housing loading screens. For example, from the Golden Gryphon there's the table, a nightstand/shelves, the chair, and I think a few of the knicknacks. From the Sugar Bowl Suite there's the small shelves to the left of the table. I, and I'm sure others as well, like reproducing the look in the loading screens when available, and it would be great to have access to those items.

    3. The blacksmith costume. I see the chef costume is coming back, so I have a hope we'll see this one again soon.

    4. Furnishings: the major structural components (columns/walls/stairs, etc.) for the original racial themes.

    5. Additional furnishing item capacity.

    6. The Imperial War Horse mount.

    7. The Black Senche-Panther mount.

    8. Two more character slots to bring us to a max of 20.

    9. An alfiq non-combat pet (companion) that makes comments as you explore the world.
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