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Vampire's Bane major prophecy buff not working properly

Vampire's Bane, upon activating, gives major prophecy granting critical strikes for the duration of the dot. if I switch back to my main bar which have inner light (major prophecy aswell) and then go back to my bar without inner light before Vampire's Bane dot is over, I wont have major prophecy anymore.

In other words, Major prophecy from Vampire's Bane proc gets overlapped by Inner Light and disappears once I get back to my bar without Inner Light.
Edited by frozywozy on August 30, 2016 8:14AM
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  • Fix speed bug (abilities locked)
  • Lower population cap by 20%
  • Add Snare Immunity potions
  • Wtb dynamic population
  • Fix long loading screens
  • Bring ResSickness
  • Fix gap closer bug
  • Fix health desync
  • Fix combat bug
  • Fix server lag
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