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The Unkillable DK Build

  • Dekkameron
    I think the amount of "LOLS" says it all.
    - Veteran Combat Librarian -
  • TagaParti
    Dekkameron wrote: »
    I think the amount of "LOLS" says it all.

    Yeah, im making them happy. :blush:
    Sheliza "The Unkillable"

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  • Lhorion
    @TagaParti‌ I thought you will understand ironic speech. Well... I was wrong.
  • Giraffon
    I'm surprised so many folks are trying to get the build from this guy. I think it's really cool just knowing that there is a build out there like this. To me, this is more like a challenge to figure it out yourself.

    I'm a DK. I'm not going to bother with this effort, but I'd venture some good enchants and some creative sequencing of Earthen Heart and Ardent Flame abilities, and MAYBE...just MAYBE a drink buff.

    It's cool. Go team DK!
    Giraffon - Beta Lizard - For the Pact!
  • ZOS_UlyssesW
    Hi there, folks.
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