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Do you think there should be an AoE cap?

With the news that an AoE cap has been patched into the PTS server, I am terrified for the future of this game. The change has been made that all player based AoE abilities affect a MAXIMUM of 6 players. This is a knee jerk development solution to a couple abilities that are a little bit too strong when hitting a large amount of targets.

The other recent MMO with large scale RvR style PvP was Guild Wars 2. They have an AoE cap of 5 players. In GW2, it is about stacking up your force into a ball as tightly as possible because you can only hit 5 people out of 40 with your AoE meaning that a smaller group will never be able to realistically take on a larger group. This combat system made it so that you were most efficient in running in a huge group because positioning no longer mattered. You could stand in all the red circles you wanted and would never take damage if you had superior numbers. I pray that this is not the legacy of PvP gameplay that ZOS intends to perpetuate. It becomes less about positioning and playing smart and more about abusing and exploiting the game mechanics to be successful. That is not PvP.

The proper solution to this problem should be the independent balancing of the utility, damage, radius, and duration on AoE abilities and not a complete rework of the system.

I also feel that it is more than just a little dishonest that the developer notes for the patch say, "Fixed an issue with several area-of-effect abilities where they could erroneously hit an unlimited number of targets." There was NEVER an AoE cap in this game since Alpha and this is a slap in the face to the customers who subscribe to this product that they tested extensively and previewed for over a year. You can't pull the wool over our eyes and pretend like this was "intended". What are you thinking, ZOS, that you can make a sweeping game change such as this, but are too scared to even announce what you are really doing and try to hide the truth behind phony patch notes.

We cannot allow this change to go live. It is quite possible the worst decision that could be made with regard to gameplay changes. I already played Guild Wars 2 for two years and I've had enough of stacking as many people you can fit in a small area and using that to win. I want there to be skill and positioning involved. Honestly, if this change sees the live servers, I will be quitting the game.

SPEAK UP! We need to make our voices heard and that this change is NOT okay!
Edited by RivenEsq on April 26, 2014 3:39AM
Ryan "RivenEsq" Reynolds
CEO & Founder of [KG] Knight Gaming

Do you think there should be an AoE cap? 4342 votes

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  • Cydone
    Well the change ISN'T guaranteed to go through(considering it's in the PTS patch notes), it is important to discuss it. I think that, if anything, the damage should be reduced. Not limit the amount of targets they can hit.
    Edited by Cydone on April 26, 2014 4:01AM
  • surge914b14_ESO
    If there's an area then I believe it should hit all within the area. Unless it says it hits x number of players and no area indicator comes out but for the most part if it shows an area indicator then I believe it should hit those within the area.
  • dcorsiukb14_ESO
    Seriously? Cap the AE? Because a few people cry about it then use a shotgun approach? I don't even know what to say...
  • LordNowe
    Not only will it ruin RvR, but I have a feeling this would ruin aoe tanking completely. The amount of dungeons were "Zerg" spawns are available are...oh yeah, all of them. We're talking zergs of more than 6 enemies at any given time. Why should these AoEs cap out at 6 targets maximum when there are several times when 6 targets is only a half or a quarter of the size of the enemy legions? There isn't a reason.
  • Visur
    Dark Age of Camelot doesn't have cap on AoE and still is the best RvR game from all time.
    Guild Wars 2 have cap on AoE and the game could be considerate as the worst RvR game ever.
    Make your choice…
  • RivenEsq
    ritsuko wrote: »
    If this change makes ESO PvP similar to GW2, then we're all leaving the game.

    Could not agree more, Rits. Was my immediate reaction as well.
    Ryan "RivenEsq" Reynolds
    CEO & Founder of [KG] Knight Gaming
  • nimrod1984b16_ESO
    DONT CAP, it ruins PVP..

    Just fix f.e. BADSWARM and Banner (and that comes from an Corporal V10 Vamp DK)
    both are a bit to strong in PvP against random zergs. (right only against randoms, cause if u are in a party u simply root and use fighter guild abilities against those Badswarm spammer and they DIE like flys.. only the random zergs dont get that and run into the vamp ulti - so dont know why now this shotgun fix comes at all.)

    Impulse is maybe another one to look at - maybe lower dmg in PvP BUT dont CAP AOE for gods sake.

    And also im out of this game if this change goes through, no point to coordinate with smaller groups as u will have 0 chance to wipe randoms zerg, i dont want to play the luck counter game (who gets hit by the attack and who not)

    P.S: I also played GW2 RvR and it was ***, stopped playing it after 1month.. sad to see the devs here don´t know how to "fix" abilities instead they apply a fix which includes every single AOE in game and even effects PvE hard.
    Edited by nimrod1984b16_ESO on April 26, 2014 4:51AM
  • Varivox9
    the way I see it, if your afraid your going to be hit by a massive AoE....get out of the way.... Bam, done.... There is no need to ball up into a giant mass of flesh atm and I think most AoE's should only realisticly hit 2-3 players as long as they aren't playing *** style PvP....
  • Faulgor
    Thanks for adding this poll, but I don't expect them to change it before it goes live. They mainly seem to listen to the media and professional gaming critics.

    If they think they have to adjust AoEs, I'd rather see lower damage/duration or diminishing returns for multiple targets.
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