Restoring Missing Bank Slots/Items & Skill Points

This week’s maintenance fixed an issue that caused some characters to lose purchased bank expansions, items in these slots, or skill points. If you were affected by this loss, please follow these steps:

If you haven’t submitted a ticket to our Support Team yet, please do so here:

If you have already submitted a ticket but it was marked as Solved/Resolved, rest assured that your ticket will still be addressed--it is not closed. This messaging is for our own internal use, and does not affect the status of your ticket. If you want to ensure that your ticket is still in queue, you may reply to that email to update the ticket.

In both of these cases, please provide the following information to expedite the process:
  • UserID
  • Email address for your account
  • Character affected (for skill point issues)
  • What went missing (bank slots, items, gold, or skill points)

Edit for clarification:

When we stated that you should provide what went missing in terms of bank slots, items, gold, or skill points, you only need to state which of these went missing in the general sense. We don't require you to list out specific item names or exactly how many bank slots. If you were missing bank slots specifically, you should expect to receive gold to re-purchase your slots, and not the actual slots themselves.

At this time, it is safe to purchase bank slots in-game regardless if you lost any, as the original issue has been fixed. For those that are missing slots, doing so will not void previous missing slot compensation.

Finally, our Support Team will be handling these requests as they receive them - it will not be done in a future patch. Support has already begun to respond to these tickets, but please understand that due to heavy volume, it will take some time to get through all of them.
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Gina Bruno
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  • Spathaub17_ESO
    Loss of bank slots affects all characters. Please explain what you mean by character affected?
    Edited by Spathaub17_ESO on April 19, 2014 12:26AM
  • Putok
    I assume that's for folks missing equipped items or skills.

    PS: Thanks for the update Gina. I'll forward that information to my "requires reply" ticket ASAP.
    Edited by Putok on April 19, 2014 12:29AM
  • Vordar
    I think that is in case of the skill points loss only. I just updated my ticket and listed my main just in case.
  • mendesub17_ESO
    At this point I would settle for my bank slots restored, that's the least they could do!
  • Knottypine
    At this point I would settle for my bank slots restored, that's the least they could do!

    I'm pretty much the same. I responded back to my ticket just asking for that.
  • idk
    At this point I would settle for my bank slots restored, that's the least they could do!

    Same here. I saw one moderator stated the bank slots had been restored today, yet I am still missing the 50 slots I had added.
    Really, I don't know.
  • Knottypine
    At this point I would settle for my bank slots restored, that's the least they could do!

    Same here. I saw one moderator stated the bank slots had been restored today, yet I am still missing the 50 slots I had added.

    Which is funny.... From the patch notes:
    "Note: This will not return any items or slots lost prior to this fix. If your character was affected, please contact Customer Support."

    I had to explain to customer support today that the patch did not replace missing slots, only fixed it so it wouldn't happen anymore.
  • stefan9
    It would be nice if your cs actually responded to tickets. Have send 3/4 excluding my outstanding tickets since this morning EU time and still no response and my bank slots have not been returned.

    This is getting ridiculous...
    Edited by stefan9 on April 19, 2014 12:57AM
  • merced
    asking people to post that publicly? Hrmmmm
    Edited by merced on April 19, 2014 1:02AM
  • wolfguard101


    You have closed this thread 58 pages worth of us speaking about this to open a new one with almost the exact same canned CS Rep request... this still doesn't tell me or confirm if I have to resubmit a ticket or my old tickets will still be valid... I think they are still open but as you haven't replied to my requests for update for 2 days I am not sure.

    The one reply I received last night for a new ticket I did submit (thought it best to play safe but linked old tickets to this one) told me I still should not even buy new bank upgrades...thereby continuing to handicap my enjoyment of the game.. which was very real until the last 5-6 days of seeing how this and other scandals (duping, spamming, botting) have been treated.

    You are constantly setting yourselves low standards of Customer support or interaction and then failing to even meet those standards in the eyes of many of your customers..

    awesome. I too was told not to buy all my slots and that my items and gold were "not lost and will be restored ina future patch."

    I love it though. They don't understand the ridiculousness of what they are asking.

    "Tell us everything you had in your 140 bank slots that disappeared, how much gold you had and verify the skills points on all your characters"

    Because we were all keeping a running tally of all of those things because we knew that we could randomly lose it all... Are you kidding me? I told them the EXACT time it happened. I logged off it was there and logged onto another toon and it was gone. Even with that, they haven't been able to pull my stuff off a backup. I even made it easy and said just give me my slots and money back and I'll get the items again. And since all the forum trolls like to say ZOS has logs on EVERYTHING, then it should be very easy to get me my stuff back.

    OMG you mean you weren't running the ESO xcel spreadsheet addon that lets you simulate being a warehouse manager to update what items you had nor did you receive your itemized in game bank statement in the post with you extra copies of useless pets and inventory hogging maps... WOW you have no chance of getting anything back

    'He types in his most sarcastic voice'

    Seriously I hear your woes and raise them tenfold mate but feel we are beating our heads against the proverbial brick wall while waiting for some credible response from these guys @ESO afterall once this thread is filled with us poor saps that are suffering from this lack of support they will just close it and hide it away again... better to post on the more public forums out there make sure we inform all those potential victims of the dangers of buying the game if this all continues to happen.‌

  • Ryvucz
    Soul Shriven
    Bank slots were at 110, I could care less about the gold and items anymore.
  • kewl
    Requielle wrote: »
    Many of us affected by the bank bug will have no idea what went missing - I certainly didn't keep a detailed log of what was in my bank so that I could quickly compare once the bug hit. I just know I went from 80 slots to 60 on April 4th, but what exactly was in those 20 slots? /shrug

    We are reliant on customer service to do the item and gold finding. Compound that for anyone who got hit more than once.

    It would also be nice if it was clarified whether we were going to receive the slots themselves back, or the gold to rebuy them. Despite assurances that the bug is fixed, I'm still doing the very annoying bank alt shuffle all the time because I don't know if upgrading my bank will void getting recompensed for the bug.

    The more "answers" we get, the more questions we have.
    Edited by kewl on April 19, 2014 1:40AM
  • Talarias

    Don't do it it's a trap!

    I submitted my first ticket about missing bank slots on the 7th got tired of waiting for a response and bought more bank slots. Lost the new ones and submitted a ticket on the 14th. Logged in for a bit this afternoon and submitted a new ticket about my bank slots and missing items Got a response asking for the same info listed above supplied it to them and got a lame response from a role-playing CS agent. Asked them for a real answer, got no reply. Went to log into the game again and my account has been suspended. I have submitted several more tickets and a request for a phone call. Now 9 hours latter still no word on why my account was suspended. Worst customer service ever!
  • Epona222
    I'm almost afraid to ask, but is it safe to buy bank slots yet?
    GM - Ghost Sea Trading Co - NA PC

    Epona was a Romano-Celtic goddess dating back to around 1800 to 2000 years before computer games were invented.
  • Requielle
    Epona222 wrote: »
    I'm almost afraid to ask, but is it safe to buy bank slots yet?

    According to the patch notes, the bug is fixed going forward. So, if you were never hit, you should be fine to buy.

    If you were hit, you probably also can safely buy - but it's not clear if that will affect you getting straightened out for the previous bank wipe(s).
  • phaktoryub17_ESO
    You'll get your phone call, just like I did on my mule account that was suspended. Unfortunately, the guy didn't know why my account was suspended and said there is a big going around and did I was to appeal. I asked him so basically you have a bug that caused my account to get suspended automatically and despite it being your fault I have to appeal? rofl.. so I told him yes I want to appeal it and he told me he was putting it in for another team to contact me.
  • vneto
    if someone be restored items, post answer
    so we know whether or not this being done

    Or if this post will be another 1000 replies
  • kewl
    vneto wrote: »
    Or if this post will be another 1000 replies

  • Kord
    How many times do I need to submit a ticket with the exact same info for the exact same issue only to have it closed without a proper resolution? Whatever 3rd party company you contracted your customer support out to is really making your company look bad. I think your suits need to intervene before you lose a lot of customers.
  • JaeGuan
    Elizariya wrote: »
    This is in response to your "update" posted at:

    1. What does ZOS intend to actually DO to resolve this problem when they recieve the tickets? Is the fix coming in another patch, or will it be handled on an individual basis?
    2. Since the fix was not retroactive how will people who have been affected by it be compensated?
    2. In the meantime, since the patch has supposedly fixed the bug issue, can we upgrade our banks and begin to play somewhat normally again?

    Yeah, I agree. Do we need to log in for our stuff to be reinstated? I just want my bank space and gold back. It's been 9 days since I was hit by the bank bug. Like everyone else, I WANT MY SHTUFF.

  • Underthing
    At this point I'd just like to know when I'm getting my bank slots back. It's been a week and I'd like to have the space available to transfer stuff between characters.
  • kewl
    Elizariya wrote: »
    Please stop giving us the runaround and making vague forum postings that say nothing and answer people's questions regarding this issue. I am pretty sure that you would find that doing so would greatly decrease people's outrage and feelings that ZOS just doesn't care.


    The thread she just closed had 500+ posts of variation on this theme. Adding another thread with 500+ more isn't going to change a thing.

    I canceled my sub because of poor customer service, not bugs. I suggest you do the same. Perhaps in two months they'll have gotten the message and pulled it together. If not, you'll have saved yourself $30 and allot of frustration.
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Hey folks, we're tracking down some answers to your questions, and will post in this thread as soon as we get some clarification on a few things. Thanks for hanging in there.
    Gina Bruno
    Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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  • Altairien
    Questions asked and this time ZOS responds stating they're getting clarification. Do I dare hope? I want to, believe me...
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