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[Bug] Magicka is not regenerating while blocking

To be clear, this is a bug with the Armory Assistant incorrectly assigning the wrong skill bar attributes. It's really obvious with Ice Staff because of the Tri Focus passive and magicka regen behavior. This bug makes you not able to regenerate magicka, while blocking, after swapping builds with the Armory Assistant. I first noticed this after swapping builds during a dungeon run, so while the instructions below may look kinda convoluted, it's actually a really common usecase.

I have created a simple set of instructions to reproduce:
  1. Create a new character, lvl 3600 for destruction staff passives. I chose Templar class
  2. Equip any Sword and Shield on front bar, Ice Staff on back bar.
  3. Assign all Destruction Staff passives
  4. Place a skill on your bar that uses Magicka (we just need to dump some resources later, either skill bar will work)
  5. Open Armory Assistant, save build (Build 1)
  6. Equip any Greatsword front bar, Bow back bar (it shouldn't matter what, just dont use S&B/Ice Staff)
  7. Open Armory Assistant, save build (Build 2)
  8. Teleport to a new zone or dungeon
  9. Make sure you are on back bar (Bow) (This is crucial! If you are on front bar, with Greatsword, when using Armory Assistant, the bug won't occur)
  10. Open Armory Assistant, swap to Build 1
  11. Dump Magicka using the skill you assigned in #4
  12. Block with front bar (Sword/Shield)
  13. Observe that no magicka regenerates... BUG
  14. Optional, additional steps for my weirdness...
    1. Open Armory Assistant, swap back to Build 2
    2. Block with front bar (Greatsword)
    3. Observe that no magicka regenerates... BUG

Both of these captures are the same exact steps, with one change!

This capture swaps builds while on the front bar (Greatsword) and does NOT show an issue

This capture swaps builds while on the back bar (Bow) and DOES show an issue

Can anyone else reproduce this issue? Took me 10 minutes.

The bug appears to be that, when changing builds with the Armory Assistant, the skill bar you are on (1 or 2) at the time of the swap, then directly impacts what skill bar the new build THINKS you are on! Meaning, that if you are on Build 2/Bar 2 at the time of the swap, then once on Build 1, the game thinks you are on Ice Staff (Bar 2) no matter the bar you are REALLY on! You can test this yourself by changing Build 1. Swap Sword/Shield to the back bar, and move Ice Staff to front bar, then save in the Armory Assistant. Now, you need to be on the front bar (Greatsword) in order to get the issue to happen! If you change builds while on the back bar (Bow), then the issue WONT happen.

This seems like a really major bug consider I don't think this behavior is limited to only this usecase... I think it's just more obvious due to the Backbar Ice staff carrying the Tri Focus passive and magicka regen behavior. I'm SURE you could find more issues if you dig hard enough.
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