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How do you feel about new new main feature of new chapter (Tales of Tribute card game)?

Vote only for new main chapter feature. This poll is not for new story, how new maps looks, new sets, companions, etc.
Are you excited for new card game? Is this feature will change your decision to buy/not buy new chapter?

How do you feel about new new main feature of new chapter (Tales of Tribute card game)? 692 votes

Love it, one of the selling point of new chapter for me
4% 29 votes
Excited, really enjoyed various card games
11% 78 votes
Mediocre, gonna play it but no excitement at all
10% 73 votes
Meh, will still buy a chapter but not gonna engage with this system
6% 46 votes
Dissapointed, they could work on some more needed systems related to combat/questing/something else
39% 271 votes
What is this? I'm seriously angry right now, not gonna buy new chapter for full price if this is the new feature
21% 150 votes
6% 45 votes
  • Malthorne
  • ZOS_Kevin
    Hi All! We also have an official thread for feedback. You can check it out here.
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  • PeacefulAnarchy
    I think it's a cool thing, but it seems light for a main feature, but we'll see. It's possible that it'll be fleshed out enough to be on par with other things. The description talked about quests and rewards so that's encouraging.

    I guess it could be on par with antiquities, maybe even better if the game itself is good.
  • Čičiliusku
    Well, it IS a new *combat* system, although not the one people have been asking Zos about.

    As for me, I need more info about the gameplay to tell if it appeals to me. No reward is going to drag me through it, based on my experience with the scribing system.
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  • Kiralyn2000
    In between 2 & 3. Mildly interested, will likely play it when I finally get the chapter.

    (I've played CCGs in real life starting with MtG back in beta; and I've played card games in various JRPGs over the years. Haven't bothered with the various f2p mobile games.)
  • WraithShadow13
    This should have been a stand-alone app that gave rewards that you claimed in ESO, so with all the issues this game is having, a CARD GAME seems like the worst way to waste resources that would have been better suited for other things. Horribly disappointed that a cash grab side game is what their big selling point is for this year. That's like them adding an arcade machine in-game that lets you play Elder Scrolls: Blades in ESO.
  • Phaedryn
    Not even going to bother getting this chapter.
  • Danikat
    I want to know more about how it works, and ideally try it out myself, before I make a decision. I've often thought that ESO could use some mini games and I know a lot of people on here have said some more 'down time' activities would be welcome, but a trading card game wouldn't have been my first choice.

    Even if it's not pay-to-win those can end up taking more time to prepare for than actually playing - mainly hunting down the cards you need in one form or another, whether that's finding them yourself (in this case I'm hoping for something like antiquity leads, but we know how frustrating those can be) or buying/swapping with other players. I'd prefer something that allows for more spontaneous participation as and when the oppertunity comes up, rather than needing to spend time collecting and customising decks.

    That's why I never really got into Magic the Gathering and don't play Netrunner very often even though it's in my house. I end up spending more time planning a strategy and putting a deck together than actually using it.

    But I'm not totally opposed to the idea and maybe ZOS will work out something which doesn't require much preperation to play unless you actually want to compete against equally committed players.
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  • CaptainVenom
    Hard to say... all we know is: it's a card game.

    Let's wait and see before we build any preconceptions...
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  • Qyrk
    So…. Is this like Settlers of Catan board game? Let’s see the details surrounding this :)
  • ZigoSid
    Could be cool.

    But that's nothing next to a new weapon, more skills for existing classes or nice things like that.
  • SydneyGrey
    I might play it just for the sake of getting a few of the prizes/items they mentioned as rewards, and then leave it and never play again. At least that's what I think is going to happen.
  • sarahthes
    Given the only thing I care about is the new trial, and I'm always willing to give new content a shot, I'm neutral. I'll try it and see if it's fun.
  • Contos
    Two words: feature creep.
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