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ESO PvP Update [Updated June 2022]

  • edward_frigidhands
    I am optimistic that we will hear more.

    I am hoping PvP performance is the primary focus leading up to the next patch.

    I guess I was wrong...
  • Tyrant_Tim
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    ESO Live on the 10th so hopefully we get an update on stream? 😅

    Most likely not though

    I wouldn't be too sure about that. this thread has gained some traction again but they haven't said anything yet. they may be holding back for a big announcement. also, now that the hardware upgrade is complete on all but 1 severer, implementing code changes is the next logical step. but the most important indicator is that the banner of the news article is clearly referencing the Alliance War PvP:

    we might actually get a large set of changes with Update 39. after all, they did promise that this year, they would focus of QoL changes

    I've got a feeling that U39 will offer nothing of significance as far as cyro/performance goes. I hope I'm wrong, but their unwillingness to communicate to me just seems like an indication that they have nothing positive to share. I mean given the nature of the issues that the code rewrite is targeting, don't you think if they'd made significant progress they'd want to update the community that is literally begging for scraps of information regarding it?

    The faction colors and forward camp in the banner hardly mean anything - they've used AWA graphics in non-pvp related marketing material numerous times.

    apparently, U39 includes 31 pages worth of bug fixes. some of these have got to be for cyrodiil...

    Well, they just made another developer post updating us about the hyperthreading project. That post essentially says that they've made no progress, and they no longer have an ETA for completion. Reminder, they also told us there would be "no pvp content" until they finished that project, which was initially projected to be completed by the end of 2022.

    As for 31 pages of bugfixes - I'm positive that the vast majority of those will be quest, dungeon, and QOL related rather than combat related.

    And so the scrolls foretold…
  • ProudMary
    posted in wrong thread
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