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Crash to desktop

    Been in Blackrose for 5 minutes crashed twice thanks ZOS you have reminded me a lot this past month why I quit playing for four years
  • Auberon1983
    Ps4- Two CTD in less than 15 minutes. Once at a Harrowstorm where a whopping 3 of us were fighting, and again on the character select screen trying to log back in. Apparently we get a patch in two days. PC and Xbox got theirs already, and they fixed little to no issues, so no hopes here. Also Xbox only got the patch already due to incompetence.
  • MotokoHutt
    So crashed twice in the span of 5 mins in vet Blackheart today with no error code given, on top of that, I then crashed another time in Wayrest Sewers 2 given Error 318 "Hit Message Rate Limit" yet I was not even typing anything as I was in the middle of a boss fight :/
    PC EU
  • Hämähäkki
    MotokoHutt wrote: »
    I then crashed another time in Wayrest Sewers 2 given Error 318 "Hit Message Rate Limit" yet I was not even typing anything as I was in the middle of a boss fight :/

    Thats a new boss attack, you have to dodge it.
  • phileunderx2
    SCP hardmode.. Still crashes someone almost every pull. Not fixed.
  • Aetnaria
    Still crashing. Usually in a dungeon with other people. Especially during the boss fight when lots of things are happening.
  • Jaraal
    Intha1313 wrote: »
    It's scary that there's been what, 2 or 3 attempts at fixing this now with no success. Everyone suddenly forgot how to do their jobs or what?

    That's what I don't understand. They knew what (kinda) worked before Markarth dropped.... but instead of going back to that code they would rather create a chain of self-propagating bugs. And the more they try to fix, the more they break (inventory management broken, no refund of werewolf skill points, etc).

    Regardless, it certainly doesn't create confidence. Reputation is very influential in game purchases. Players know what companies are notorious for problems, and someone who's on the fence about a purchase can easily be dissuaded by the potential for failure in service and game maintenance.
    RIP Bosmer Nation. 4/4/14 - 2/25/19.
  • Intha1313
    So 4 people I know have left and cancelled ESO+ ...... it may not seem like a lot but I've only been playing a year and my friends list is only about 11 total so that 4 IS a lot. Now look at people that have bigger friends list and see how many of their friends are leaving and you see people are unhappy. Zos need to GAF again before this game is a wasteland :/

    Please actually fix this!
  • ZOS_Ragnar
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  • Inarre
    I will repost my comment then in a politically correct way. Cant even complete a trial after patch. The game seems to have several unanticipated changes to it's code lines that are causing unintentional horrific consequences elsewhere in the game and these changes are causing it to die.
  • GreneBene
    Crashed three times today. Once while teleporting to Cloudrest, twice after completing dungeons. I suppose that's something to be grateful for lol.
  • EdmondDontes
    It seems like yesterdays patch helped, but didn't fix the problem entirely, not even close.
  • DemonSp7
    Soul Shriven
    Still crashing during my daily writs, still crashing in Wayrest sewers 2, just crashed in cloudrest, still getting lag spikes of 5000ms until I relog. Not sure if 'submitting' these crash reports even helps. Definitely not renewing my ESO Plus. This game barely works.
  • Gythral
    Fixed crashes - :lol:
    dont make me laugh ZOS,
    added new things to crash on - is nearer the result of this lastest patch

    Harrowstorms now...
    Edited by Gythral on December 9, 2020 10:53AM
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    Shakes not its top for any blast that blows!”
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  • zaria
    Gythral wrote: »
    Fixed crashes - :lol:
    dont make me laugh ZOS,
    added new things to crash on - is nearer the result of this lastest patch

    Harrowstorms now...
    Yes, crashed in IC yesterday, first time outside of dungeons and trials. Had other crash there too.
    Healer crashed in CoA2 out of combat as I was in IC.

    Hint, look back to all the performance changes you did in the reach update, and simply roll them back.
    None notice any difference outside game is now very unstable.
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • TineaCruris
    I'm getting fewer crashes, but still getting them, and usually it's at a critical time.
  • Miswar
    PS4 after patch.

    You trying to minimize the crash reports Sony gets by these freezes?

    1st login attempt -> Screen freeze after character select
    2nd login attempt -> Game freeze and error "..no connection to server" after character select
    3rd login -> Unusually long loadtime and but finally opened....

    GG ZoS
    Edited by Miswar on December 9, 2020 5:34PM
  • Artorias24
    Still crashing a lot....
  • Miswar
    Artorias24 wrote: »
    Still crashing a lot....

    Yes. Tried Cyrodiil for 15min... 2 game freezes in that time and overall laggy despite having low population.
    Edited by Miswar on December 9, 2020 8:50PM
  • charmtrapb14a_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I crash about every 15-20 minutes.

    They suckered me out of $15, but never again.
  • NaomiHutt
    I'm so tired of crashing, it's getting worse.

    I was hoping all this was getting fixed, how stupid of me to believe that.

    Feeling disappointed that they are not taking this more serious.
  • Belegnole
    Crash to desktop loading / changing character.
  • Fares_B
    Hello guys, I want to share my experience and solution for this problem. I play the game on PS4. And, before you continue reading, I wanna say that what is coming contains major spoilers. You’ve been warned. Now that we got this out of the way, let’s continue.

    So, like you, I’m having the blue damn crash screen in the last mission of southern Elsweyr called “New Moon Rising”. After I pass Jonelight Path and get to the flying island where I have to destroy the 3 Aeonstone Focal Points and before confronting Kaalgrontiid, the crashes occurs. It starts seconds after entering the flying island. It’s the point where you wanna just throw the controller into the wall and curse the game. Well, the other potion is to just be patient. Yes, I noticed that when the crash occurs, and I get back to the game, I go back to the same point where the crash occurred. So with some patience, and multiple tries (around 20 times for me), I managed to reach Kaalgrontiid, defeated him, and finished the quest. The important thing is that you get back to the game right a way. If you wait too much time (I don’t know how much time but for me it was the next day) you will get back to Dragongaurd Sanctum and then you have to start everything over again. I know this might look silly and frustrating and for sure it takes the fun out of the game, but for now, it’s the only way to finish this part. At least this is what happened with me. Until, They find solution to this problem, I think this is the only way to pass the crash points.

    I hope this can help who ever just wanna be over with this chapter. And if doesn’t work for you, please don’t blame me. It’s just my experience and what happened with me.
  • meekmiko
    Tanks, Healers, and DPS were crashing to desktop repeatedly tonight during my raid group's vMoL run.
    🌟PC/NA CP1900+ [Been playing since 2016]
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    • ☀️ ✨ EP - Lady Lapa'au, The Magnanimous / Khajiit MagPlar (Healer) -Main Healer-
    • 🌩️ ☄️ EP - Ra'venk, Style Master / Khajiit MagSorc (DPS)
    • 🗡️ ⚔️ EP - Bird gra-Shuzgub, Forge Breaker / Orc StamBlade (DPS)
    • 🗡️ ✨ EP - Blades-at-the-Ready, Witch / Argonian MagBlade (Healer)
    • ☀️ ⚔️ EP - Lady Fortuna the Blessed, Grand Champion / Imperial StamPlar (DPS)
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    • 🌩️ ⚔️ EP - Z'majii-dar the Quick, Battlegrounds Butcher / Khajiit StamSorc (DPS)
    • 🌩️ ⚔️ EP - Alwenala Swift-Sword, Clockwork Confounder / Altmer StamSorc (DPS)
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    • ❄️ 🛡️ EP - Elísabet Skull-Smasher, Thane of Falkreath / Nord StamDen (Tank)
    • 🗡️ 🛡️ EP - Yana-la the Iron Lotus, Silver Knight / Khajiit StamBlade (Tank)
    • 👁️ ☄️ EP - Mog gra-Ushug the Scholar, Master Historian / Orc MagCanist (DPS)
    • 👁️ ⚔️ EP - Mamaea the Sledgehammer, Alpha Predator / Khajiit StamCanist (DPS)
    • & I only dabble on the PC/EU server sometimes
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    • 🔥 🏹☄️ EP - Furoni the Ember / Dunmer HybridDK (DPS)
    • 💀 ⚔️ AD - Dro'Vashpar the Corrupted / Khajiit StamPlar (DPS)
    • 🌩️ ☄️ EP - Steals-Many-Hearts / Argonian MagSorc (DPS)
    • 👁️ 🏹 AD - Danegor Lichenhollow / Bosmer StamCanist (DPS)
  • ghost_bg_ESO
    armor effects/animations (5th piece) still make small freezing - way smaller after clean install (atleast for me). as i play mostly solo and in dungeons i still have moments where game hangs close to ctd and i don't want to imagine how will be stability in groups; blocking/bashing is so much desinced that it is pointless to use.
  • Hexys
    Crashed 2 times today in 1 hour of PvP playtime. Its getting out of hand and it's not being fixed. Get your stuff together ZOS it's absolutely disgusting.
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  • MeGa84
    Soul Shriven
    I cancelled my eso+ sub, zenimax refunded it to me, and uninstalled game back then.

    Are those crashes fixed? as they were even recognised as pending to patch back when it happened.
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