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Crash to desktop

  • zaria
    MeGa84 wrote: »
    I cancelled my eso+ sub, zenimax refunded it to me, and uninstalled game back then.

    Are those crashes fixed? as they were even recognised as pending to patch back when it happened.
    Think most of the obvious crash points are fixed, liches, spindle 1 last boss and DSA round 7.

    Game is still very unstable for lots of people. Has not crashed for many days now but before the Reach I had months between crashed.
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
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  • Husan
    MeGa84 wrote: »
    I cancelled my eso+ sub, zenimax refunded it to me, and uninstalled game back then.

    Are those crashes fixed? as they were even recognised as pending to patch back when it happened.

    Some have been, many have not. I would say about 50% of crashes fixed? Most notably lich bosses, and many random crashes that were occurring in any content without any specific commonalities.

    On the other hand, tried Scalecaller peak hardmode after about a month staying out of that dungeon. It's impossible to complete as we would crash every pull. Sometimes even 2 players within 5 seconds of each other.
  • pleximus
    Game still crashes; City of Ash boss fight. And it randomly kicks me out of the game despite not having any Internet issues at all. Also, it crashes every single time I start the game through the launcher.
  • CBixby
    PC NA

    Cloudrest - 15 mins - have had 10+ crashes all different players. Seriously zos.....

  • Fariahni
    PC NA

    vKA HM - Crashes on every boss. Also crashes on execute on the last boss.

  • Umbro100
    last night crashed 4 x on vHOF hm. twice someone else crashed with me the same time. we had 7 more crashes, sometimes one person, sometimes even 3. managed to make it in the end. terrible frustrating ! for our raiding group it feels like the game is falling apart .each time when you go into a trial it is just a question on who will crash and when, not if someone will. we know we will :(
  • Husan
    Just crashed in BGs
  • LalMirchi
    13th December 2020

    Several Crashes To Desktop PC/EU

    Sometimes while innocently AFKin cities.

    Add-ons or no same results.

    Not Good :(
  • Wolfkeks
    Standing around can also crash you to desktop 😝
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  • Marcusorion1
    several crashes to desktop, porting, standing and in darkshade cavern 2 ( trash mob ) - PC NA
  • eovogtb16_ESO
    Not fixed still an issue on PC
    Edited by eovogtb16_ESO on December 14, 2020 1:50AM
  • Miswar
    Its been week after the they failed "fix" and ZoS has not even bothered to acknowledge these ongoing problems.
    Edited by Miswar on December 14, 2020 6:27AM
  • MurderMostFoul
    I know lots of folks are still having problems, but I've had a very positive experience since the early fix launched on Xbox. I was getting game freezes in close to half of my BG matches and at other random times. Now, on Xbox series X, I've not gotten a single game freeze since the fix.
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  • MyNameIsElias
    Nahvintaas is a crash fest on PC still :(

    Really makes raids unenjoyable when it is too laggy.
  • Kwoung
    Crashed about 6x already today, averaging about a dozen per day since the last patch. Previously my game was rock solid. I am pretty sure it is a problem with some addon or another, but tracking down exactly what has been a pain.
  • Ramber
    Crashes are still happening to my guild members id anyone cares.
  • LashanW
    Had my first crash after 2 weeks of no crashing. Wayrest 2 normal, fighting trash mob right after lich boss. (PC-EU)
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  • rumple9
    Something recently has broke this game
  • TineaCruris
    rumple9 wrote: »
    Something recently has broke this game

    ...or not so recently. It was 3rd or 4th quarter 2018 when the downfall began in earnest.
  • Sarannah
    Crashed for the first time yesterday, since the markarth patch's release. So going on this much time without any crashes, says a lot.

    PC-EU. It was in veteran Banished Cells 1, a dungeon I never crashed at. The only difference between this dungeon and all other dungeons I did during the undaunted event was that someone in my party used "Time Stop"(psijjic skill line) or it's morphs on a boss. Which a second later I crashed. There was no error report, or nothing. Game just froze. Not saying Time stop is the issue, but that was just a visual observation.

    Question for everyone here: Is anyone(who has frequent crashes) using Time Stop or it's morphs, or was near someone using it when crashing? (this might help ZOS to narrow down a crash) This is only a visual guess about what could have caused the crash for me.

    Eventviewer data(in Dutch):
    Logboeknaam: Application
    Bron: Application Error
    Datum: 14-12-2020 12:16:18
    Taakcategorie: (100)
    Niveau: Fout
    Trefwoorden: Klassiek
    Gebruiker: n.v.t.
    Naam van toepassing met fout: eso64.exe, versie:, tijdstempel: 0x5fc847c4
    Naam van module met fout: ucrtbase.dll, versie: 10.0.19041.546, tijdstempel: 0x43cbc11d
    Uitzonderingscode: 0xc0000409
    Foutmarge: 0x000000000007287e
    Id van proces met fout: 0x18b4
    Starttijd van toepassing met fout: 0x01d6d2014398f8b3
    Pad naar toepassing met fout: C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\game\client\eso64.exe
    Pad naar module met fout: C:\WINDOWS\System32\ucrtbase.dll
    Rapport-id: a59cb41c-797b-4ec9-b87b-e37d7ea3c870
    Volledige pakketnaam met fout:
    Relatieve toepassings-id van pakket met fout:
    <Event xmlns="">
    <Provider Name="Application Error" />
    <EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID>
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2020-12-14T11:16:18.3670331Z" />
    <Correlation />
    <Execution ProcessID="0" ThreadID="0" />
    <Security />
    <Data>C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\game\client\eso64.exe</Data>
    When looking up this error online(eventcategory 1000, task category(100) ), it seems the application is conflicting with explorer.exe. This would explain the immediate application close/freeze when this happens to other players. And the no error report.

    Hope this helps with solving the crash issue(s).
    Edited by Sarannah on December 16, 2020 4:22PM
  • karliahquinn
    Crashed in nFG2 and nCoH2

    PC EU
  • AWinterWolf
    Crashed in EH1
    @AWinterWolf, PC EU.

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    vSS (Ice & Fire HM)
    vMoL Trifecta
    vKA HMs
    All Dungeon Trifectas.

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  • emilyhyoyeon
    about 3-4 people crash per run of vHRC since the patch
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  • karliahquinn
    Crashed approaching Solitude wayshrine in Western Skyrim on foot

    PC EU
  • FalZhardumDin
    Nearly all members of my group "crashed" today on vSS, it all happened between 8-10 PM CET (PC EU). I wrote "crashed", because it is hard to name the problem. The game just turned itself off, like you hit ALT+F4, without any errors coming up, nothing. Windows just "killed" the process in one second. It happened for many people during:
    - making just a few steps after entering vSS,
    - Fire Atronachs spawns while on Yolnahkriin,
    - random trash fights with lots of aoe effects,
    - whole Nahviintaas fight.
    All players have Windows and drivers up-to-date. They use couple of addons (who doesn't on PC) and they have stable internet connection with MS around 60-200.
    Any clue what is going on?

    EDIT: I found some information about the crash in Windows logs:

    Application Error 1000 (100) "Faulting application name: eso64.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5fc847c4
    Faulting module name: ucrtbase.dll, version: 10.0.19041.546, time stamp: 0x43cbc11d
    Exception code: 0xc0000409
    Error offset: 0x000000000007287e
    Faulting process id: 0x3360
    Faulting application start time: 0x01d6d3db07f9a23e
    Faulting application path: C: \ Games \ ESO \ The Elder Scrolls Online \ game \ client \ eso64.exe
    Faulting module path: C: \ WINDOWS \ System32 \ ucrtbase.dll

    EDIT2: I read about Exception code: 0xc0000409 on Google and that's what I found:

    The clue to the problem is in the exception code: 0xc0000409

    0xc0000409 means STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN.

    In other words, something in your program is writing past the current stack frame, corrupting data on the stack. The program has detected this and rather than let it continue, has thrown an exception.

    And afterwards you can read about some debugging options and other applications that could help with it but I am not gonna install some 3rd party software to fix the game for you ZOS :disappointed:

    Edited by FalZhardumDin on December 16, 2020 11:16PM
  • GreneBene
    Sarannah wrote: »

    Question for everyone here: Is anyone(who has frequent crashes) using Time Stop or it's morphs, or was near someone using it when crashing? (this might help ZOS to narrow down a crash) This is only a visual guess about what could have caused the crash for me.
    Crashes for me have been random, except the one in Dragonhold one where I crash religiously at the same place (hence being unable to finish the quest :( ). Never used Time Stop or any of the morphs. I do use Race Against Time in Cyrodiil where I've crashed more than a few times.
  • GreneBene
    Crashed twice in Cyrodiil, both time wasn't even much action happening :(
    Honestly really frustrating.
  • Roztlin45
    Ctp, crash to desktop, now a feature in eso. Randomly hones your typing skill to log back in. Over and over..lol

  • Nephthys
    6 in less than an hour
    Dunmer magicka Necromancer DPS/Healer
  • synnerman
    Without a doubt there is a memory leak on PC. Yesterday I had a free afternoon so started playing and I never logged out (unusual for me) and in the evening as usual i pvp in cyrodiil. As the evening wore on I noticed that my graphics were getting very choppy on screen and I put it down to large fights and the ping going up.
    It actually started getting worse and I thought i would ctrl alt delete just to check my processes and my memory (16gb) was at almost 80% usage and eso was using almost 9gb!!
    I restarted the game and immediately it dropped to 2gb and back in cyro fps was now back to normal. Sort this leak out ZoS its been an issue before and it needs sorting again.
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