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Update on Cyrodiil Performance & Upcoming AOE Tests

  • Altyrann
    Aside from the obvious question on why this can't be solved by fixing code, moving anti-cheat to client, increasing hardware capacity etc...
    • There should be real clarity what the abilities in scope will be - is it all abilities with any AoE, damage only, healing only, Instant, channeled, over time etc.
    • There need to be some sensible exceptions for things like core class spammables
    • Alternatives should be considered to cooldowns / cost increases stopping players using abilities, e.g. reducing tick frequency in PvP settings to reduce calculations, having abilities apply to groups only etc.
    • None of this should ever go near PvE
  • Bergzorn
    Running performance related tests on the live servers is a good thing.

    The other stuff is, well, interesting...
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  • Inarre
    RIP my templar. I guess I should finish my grand overlord grind now since I won't be pvping again if any of these changes make it.

    I also hope that you take into consideration what this will do to the overall landscape of cyrodiil. I think this will ruin your original proposed cyrodiil which is large scale battles and encourage just a bomber type playstyle, even in large battles.

    What about seige?
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  • relentless_turnip
    Best news I ve heard in a long time for this game.

    If these changes indeed take place, we will see not only a significant improvement in performance but also the end of the abomination called "ball groups".

    That's the problem... this doesn't tackle ballgroups that much,they will survive just as long... they need to go after healing spams first. This hurts solo player or small groups more than ballgroups IMO
  • RodneyRegis
    Surely the answer to jabs is to just include ground AOEs/durational AOEs in any cooldown.

    Why not make ground AOEs cool down on duration? ie I can't recast blockade until it's run out, or a couple of seconds before?

    If it's the number of calculations I don't see why not being able to recast a ground AOE which lasts 10 seconds for 3 seconds will make any difference.

    Either way, clearly jabs either needs to be treated differently or turned into direct damage with splash if any changes are to come.

    It's rather annoying that you've used jabs in your example as I can't believe it's causing the problems.

    But really, if 1st persona AOE spamming is causing the problem then either make more of them direct damage or increase the cost. Saying that it's become a problem because it used to be harder to cast them due to sustain issues in the old days is nonsense when you consider the old spin to win builds.
  • Kadoin
    Firstmep wrote: »
    Remove smart healing, especially from aoe heals and thing like radiating regen.
    Every time you cast it the server has to make a list of players in range, then choose the lowest hp target(s) and then run thru all the usual calculations like cp, healing bonuses etc.
    Multiply this by 20,30 times in a ballgroup every second, and you start to see the problem.
    It's really not hard to figure this out pls don't destroy combat.

    But if they did that, it would actually take skill to heal and ball groups would really get neutered. Wouldn't want that now, would we?
  • RodneyRegis
    Sorry but do you play your own game? These changes are absurd, half of the classes won't be bale to work.

    Templar - Jabs THEIR SPAMMABLE is AoE so you can't jab for 3 seconds or a ramping cost on your spammable. I don't need to explain how stupid this is.

    Warden - Sub assault used once every 3 seconds - ramping cost for 5 seconds you might as well give it a 5 second time before it goes off.

    Smallscale PvP dies if these go live. There is no skill in running around in big groups, I could run around in a 24 man group with no gear if these changes go through and not have a single issue.

    Why do you hate Small Scalers?

    How is sub assault affected? If you are casting SA more than every 3 seconds then you're doing it wrong...
  • falkler
    Soul Shriven
    ZOS can try to fix ballgroups, but it will never happen. People will find another sets, setups, skills and do 8v50+
  • Bucky_13
    BigBragg wrote: »
    If CP is such a strong contributing factor, why not just strip it out of PvP entirely? That would put a lot of builds and players back to meaningful choices instead of being able to do everything and still let us have the fast gameplay we enjoy.

    Considering how awful the performance on no CP cyro is, CP points isn't the core issue here.
  • forztr2
    Have you thought about basing the cooldown or cost increase on the the total area affected by the AOE?
    So for example Sweeps which is cone and 8 meters could have a cooldown of 1sec and Purge which is a circle of radius 18m 6secs.

    Sweeps only affect approx 100m2 and Purge covers 1000m2 why punish both the same?
  • Schiffy
    Soul Shriven
    There's no perfect solution to any of this. That said 2 and 3 make the most sense of the four tests. Test 4 would be overkill, and 1 wouldn't really solve much and just limit people more than necessary.

    In defense of test 2 - this already exists for skills like Blastbones. When you cast it, it can't be cast again until the skeleton either explodes or times out. Furthermore, it wouldn't actually change the way damage is dealt. Keep in mind that if you recast an AoE, the old one goes away if it hasn't expired yet. And in some cases (PvP or no), it makes more sense to actually let the skill expire before casting it again. Take Volley with a Maelstrom's Bow, for instance. The increasing damage never hits max if you keep spamming Volley every two seconds.

    Another idea that isn't mentioned in the initial post is an individual ramping AoE cost with no individual or global cooldown. If someone is throwing down both Energy Orb and Grand Healing at the same time, neither will have a cost increase because of using the other, but they both will if you try to use them again in too short a time.
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