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Update on Cyrodiil Performance & Upcoming AOE Tests

  • Tigor
    It is all about buffing ballgroups and demotivating players to play pvp in Cyrodiil. Can't hardly make a group of 12, because of them, and the waiting queues. Total lag as the ultimate test.
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  • Faded
    Ralamil wrote: »
    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_BrianWheeler @ZOS_RichLambert

    Please. Tell me why the *** you want or expect money in the future. Because you're AGGRESSIVELY encouraging many of us to funnel that money into other games.

    I'm totally serious here: spend your money elsewhere.

    What are you expecting? Are you aware that ZOS did not hire a PvP dev to take Brian's place when he moved to combat? No dev = nothing reformed or worked on in the future. The only changes you are going to get are the sorts of high handed decisions made in the past year and a half by ZOS that just angers part of the community because they can't even be bothered to to have a dev work on PvP, let alone a team.

    It's the same synergy bug that was in the tests; they either never in cyrodiil and thus did not know or did know and gave zero crap about implementing a change that upset a lot of players with a bug to boot.

    With the utter apathy ZOS shows Cyrodiil, no dev, only divisive changes, and implementing old bugs, why should you spend money on it if they aren't?

    Every aspect of PVP except the one they're actively undermining right now is done better by at least one other popular game. And Christmas is coming.

    The sunk cost fallacy is a mistake in reasoning in which the sunk costs of an activity - instead of the future costs and benefits - are considered when deciding whether to continue the activity. The sunk cost fallacy makes it more likely that a person or an organization continues with an activity in which they have already invested money, time, or effort, even if they would not start the activity had they not already invested in it. The greater the size of the sunk investment, the more people tend to invest further, even when the return on added investment appears not to be worthwhile.
  • Mr_Nobody
    This is probably the only MMO...

    Where fixing a window leads to a balcony crashing. Every single patch.

    Edit: Now bags are broken and reset every time you open a container, ex. Rewards of the worthy. It resets the search word, it also jumps back to the top items instead of staying right where you were looking at. Way to go. Havent tested Magplar yet, i hope skills are working but wouldnt be surprised if anything happened there also.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Hi all,

    Given that we won't be running any additional tests until early next year and the types of tests may be different from what we've already experimented with, we're going to close this thread as it's no longer relevant. That's not to say we no longer care about Cyrodiil performance or want your feedback; we just need to take some time to consider future tests we’d like to run. As mentioned a couple weeks ago here, none of these will occur until sometime after the new year. Once we have a plan in place, we'll spin up a new thread.

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