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Update on Cyrodiil Performance & Upcoming AOE Tests

  • GandTheImpaler
    Class Representative
    L_Nici wrote: »
    As long as they mean only field AoEs with that I am fine. But if they include, Streak, Jabs, Reverse Slice, Stampede, Blastbones, Bombard, and so on, that will be devastating.

    It's EVERY ability that includes an AoE mechanic, so even things like Breath of Life and the ones you named among more.
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  • AgentZenish
    Hello, it's me, a templar main, and the bottom of a trash bin. I rarely ran sweeps in Cyro because it was already too laggy but ooofff.

    This will also hit healing very hard.
  • lnigo
    should be fun
  • Glory
    Class Representative
    A few points to make here.

    1) I'm glad you are doing tests on the live servers. I would encourage you to not be shy about running these in the future too.

    2) the date you picked may not be the best. At the start of a new patch it's normally dead in cyro for 1 week. Also New world is running their preview which may also lower population.

    3) please provide a list of abilities which are considered AoE. For example Rapid Regen is single target but searches for allies in the area. Is that an AoE?

    4) I can tell you as a player from beta till now. We never had cost issues casting aoes. People use to pound springs constantly and that gave more than enough magicka to cast offensive abilities in fight. I can't realistically agree that frequency of cast is the problem between now and then. But I can and cpt that there will be other reasons stacked on top. Like CP etc..

    @Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO for #3, yes it counts as an AoE. Skills that do AoE checks even if they seem single target count as AoE.
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  • FatherDelve
    I don’t know why someone would think putting a cast time on jabs is what would fix performance issue.

    Let’s address what really causes lag, ball groups. It would be better to limit the amount of cross healing/buffs they can have. Or vet certain ball group specific abilities. Also, I think most of us have noticed that during mid year mayhem most if not all the campaigns except the main cp campaign are relatively lag free. I don’t know the specifics behind it but if the population in those campaigns is less than normal, change it to that amount so that gray host shares that value. I would rather have two working 30 day cp campaigns with smaller pop than one that is unplayable.

    it was most likely because those ballZERGS ( yes, a group is ending with 4 people), where splitted up on those campaigns. If you had the joy of meeting two of those in the same keep, you also had this "your character walkes in slowmow" experience too
  • Jarrods32
    Could u be more specific as to will any of these changes affect pve at all and take the the time to respond and speak to community instead of making a post and then not responding in any way
  • GoodFella146
    Also, players actually dying rather than needing 3+ players 5 minutes to kill these cheese werewolves or tanks would help as well
  • GandTheImpaler
    Class Representative
    Jarrods32 wrote: »
    Could u be more specific as to will any of these changes affect pve at all and take the the time to respond and speak to community instead of making a post and then not responding in any way

    These changes will be PvP only, beyond that idk.
  • BigBragg
    Ufretin wrote: »
    BigBragg wrote: »
    If CP is such a strong contributing factor, why not just strip it out of PvP entirely? That would put a lot of builds and players back to meaningful choices instead of being able to do everything and still let us have the fast gameplay we enjoy.

    Come to the no-CP campaign during prime time and witness how CP are obviously not the (only) reason for abysmal lags.

    I play mostly in NoCP when I do play, and it is noticeably less than the CP during the same time. That doesn't mean it is nonexistent. It just means it tempers builds in a different way that reduces server strain.
  • FatherDelve
    Altyrann wrote: »
    Have you considered buffing ST DoTs...

    Good ol days when two Sustain Sets and Valkyn Skoria ticked for 4-7k every tick.
  • Derra
    please be aware that if these tests confirm our hypothesis, then chain-casting AOE abilities will no longer form the core of the ESO PvP experience in the way it has for the last few years. We would then go through each class and ensure that there are viable builds for each and make adjustments as necessary.

    Given this adjustment of class toolkits would happen reasonably fast (and i´m not talking over the next 2 or 3 normal patch cycles - not zenimax fast - really fast with adjustments on live within a week or two as soon as obvious flaws are pointed out) the idea doesn´t sound too bad.

    But since templars main class spamable ability is used as an example i´m very skeptical of that happening.

    If you put out the plethora of changes needed for this to work in a reasonable timeframe - fine. Do it.
    If you´ll take too long to adjust and fix class toolkits the pvp will be beyond repair. In that case rather hold back the changes until you´ve adjusted classes accordingly.
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  • Firstmep
    I'm sorry, 3 second cooldown on puncturing strikes, WHAT?
    Also many of us have pointed this issue out, and also the fact that it's mainly aoe healing skills that cause this issue.
    I hardly think a Templar jabbing 4-5 ppl is what's causing lag.
    I hope you guys won't destroy an entire class just for the sake of performance.
  • Zalathorm
    Dagoth_Rac wrote: »
    Do you intend to make these changes global, eventually? That is, will this apply to Trials?

    It is one thing to shake up Cyrodiil where your enemies will be affected by the same limitations. A new meta and equilibrium will be reached. Maybe players won't like it, but you will still be able to PvP.

    But Trials are dependent on certain DPS thresholds being met, and "cleave" damage can be critical to meeting those thresholds. If players have to single target every trash mob, every boss add, etc. That is going to get very tedious, very quickly, and really mess with the intended fight designs.

    Heck, even "easy" content like Darkshade II will be massively impacted. I cannot imagine fighting Grobull or the waves of Dwemer automatons up the hill after Grobull, without tons of AoE. And then there is Vet Black Rose Prison. That is one of the hardest pieces of content in the game and it is all about throwing huge numbers of enemies at you and I do not see clearing that without throwing huge numbers at AoEs at those enemies.

    It would *** up... everything in PVE.

    And how can they not end up *** up PVE?

    If you make puncturing sweeps only castable every 3 seconds, it will suck. How do you make it not suck? Change the skill. How can you change the skill in PVP to be good every 3 seconds, but not change how it works in PVE?

    Seems there is no way to balance skills and classes in PVP on 3 second cooldowns and not change how things work fundamentally in PVE.

    Also if this spills over into PVE, rotations become MORE complex and micro managey. Skill cap increases. Defeats their own stated goals.
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