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Greymoor & Update 26 Launch – Game Director Update

Now that the dust is settling from the launch of Update 26, I'd like to take a moment give everyone an update on what's been happening in the last week. Obviously it was one of the more bumpy releases we've had, and it's important that you all know the issues we found, what we did to fix them, and in general how things are going.

First and foremost, we remain extremely grateful for the support we get from all of you. As I've said more than a few times, ESO as we know it would not exist without the community that plays it every day. We have been experiencing extremely high player populations, especially PC EU and PC NA, for a few months now. ESO is as popular as it has ever been, and we could not have done it without your participation. Thank you so much, and we'll continue to work diligently every day to make Tamriel your go-to virtual world.

We are still working from home and have been since mid-March. We are taking the pandemic very seriously and are doing what we need to do to ensure that everyone at ZOS and our families are safe. Working from home has presented some challenges, especially considering our large user base, and especially taking into account we launched Update 26 while working remotely.

The first issue we encountered on Tuesday morning was about two minutes after we opened the servers: we had the PTS flag set for live accounts, so everyone had access to Greymoor, whether they purchased it or not. So we had to take servers down and set everything straight – we had some lingering effects all week as some users were caught in limbo having purchased it but not being able to travel there. We have addressed almost all of these cases, but please contact Customer Support if you are still having issues.

The second problem we encountered was much more serious. Update 26 includes many new achievements, especially with a new Chapter and the new Antiquities system. This then combined with an issue where character records saved far more often than intended. These two factors together meant that save times grew over time, backing up all character loads and saves, which led to infinite load screens, timeouts while zoning from one place to another, etc. It took us a while to find the root cause and fix this one, but by Wednesday afternoon (after another maintenance that morning), it was fixed.

Next up was the "zone lag" issue that lasted until Friday where each instance of a zone became less and less responsive the more people entered that instance. This was a bug with combat Synergies – the more often you were in large combat situations (PvP, Dungeons, Trials, Harrowstorms, etc.) the more it bogged down the entire zone, becoming "laggy". This bug was especially disheartening to us, because we included a bunch of performance improvement fixes in U26, but this Synergy bug masked all of them, rendering them moot. After much investigation and analysis, we found and fixed the problem. Friday morning's maintenance contained the fix and finally, by the end of Friday, things were in a better place.

Now, as of Monday afternoon, we're down to smaller and more edge case issues (Guild Traders didn't process correctly on PC EU Sunday evening for example). We will fix these as they arise. It’s important to note that all of the fixes listed so far will be included in the Console and Stadia versions when they launch on June 9 and June 16 respectively, and we will continue to monitor for new problems and address them as they appear.

Now that we’ve fixed the Synergy bug, we are starting to run our metrics analysis on how performance has improved in Update 26. Overall server performance should be improved in all zones, and the controller/keyboard "input lag" issue first seen in Update 25 should be much alleviated. I am not saying that everything is fixed, but it should now be better, smoother, and more responsive overall. We are continuing to work on performance improvements, and we will keep giving you regular updates, although as you saw from our recent post, we are looking to adjust how we communicate our performance improvements to ensure you are getting the information you need.

Thanks everyone. Seriously. We are doing the best we can under the circumstances, and we are very proud that we got Update 26 to launch only one week later than scheduled. Launch could have been smoother, but we will work hard to ensure that ESO is stable and fun for years to come.

Stay safe and healthy, and wash your damn hands.

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Matt Firor
Studio Director, ZeniMax Online Studios
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  • ESO_Nightingale
    I hope there is room for balance updates next patch!
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  • MissBizz
    Although i can't see a single mention of it here, I did notice (and so have many end game PvE players) that you seem to have fixed the issues where bosses and adds were spinning around in circles and lagging terribly.

    Don't know why it wasn't mentioned, because it's been a terrible issue plaguing the game since the 'performance patch' a few months ago.

    Still, thanks for fixing. The game is fun to play again.

    That seemed to be random as per the instance so I'm not convinced it's for sure fixed. I only really noticed it in trials and have only been to a handful since the update
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  • xaraan
    Thank you for the detailed information on what happened. It does seem like a lot of the issues have cleared up.

    I have to say though, I'm still getting random loading screens for no reason just walking around. Happens across country in cyrodiil (especially up north), in Craglorn, in Rimmen, and even in Solitude (has happened three times in last few days). Which is even more worrisome considering the city is doored off and not exactly a crafting hub (ie it wasn't that crowded when this happened compared to cities that are hubs, even for a new zone).

    Also the new trial is still pretty buggy. Players consistently crashing when trying to rez up after a wipe (we had a different player DC every time when rezzing). Players stuck in loading screens going from door to door. It took us 10+ minutes all sitting around waiting for one player to log in after one of those DCs and then having to walk through several loading doors to get back to boss fight (can't try pull in method in case they get stuck in a loading screen coming into fight like has happened in vSS many times). And on top of that, the trial also loses sound, the whole game almost, and this has happened every time we've done the trial to at least 1/3 of the team. Very hard to play when you are used to using sounds as combat cues.
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  • Ode2Order
    I'm happy to read some updates from you, communication like this is really appreciated! Thank you for all your hard (remote) work!

    That being said, any hope Craglorn's "loading screens every second" issue will be addressed soon?
  • KageNin
    Input and animations still hit and miss mostly miss, cya in few months.
  • mav1234
    Thank you for the updates, I appreciate the detailed descriptions of what was fixed. Seriously, it is VERY welcome!

    I wanted to add that I have not noticed an improvement to input lag in intense - PvP and PvE - situations this patch relative to last patch. I still notice *extremely* frequently that e.g. my armor buff requires multiple key presses. Maybe it is less frequent and I just don't realize how frequent it was last patch, but it is still very noticeable this patch. This is frustrating as a tank in PvE and downright deadly in PvP. On top of that, the servers continue togrind to a halt in large scale Cyro encounters. Since I play this game primarily to PvP with my friends - and since BG queues were made solo only - Cyro is my endgame. Its inability to perform is crippling to my enjoyment of the game.

    None the less, I appreciate the transparency. I hope it continues. I just want to see things get better for the game I love. And finally, thank you and the ZOS team for working during the pandemic as best you can.
  • Tarrocan
    Sorry but how will u fix this game when this combat system is broken as ***? i cant even play with skills anymore lol and when i hit someone with a light attack between skills then i feel like i won in lotto
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  • Thoragaal
    Sarousse wrote: »

    Performance in cyrodiil as soon as there is 3 bars or organized groups is awful, and skill delay is unbrearable.

    No need to monitor. Just go to cyrodiil on eu server during prime time, and play.

    To monitor includes collecting data. They are well aware of the issues in Cyrodiil already.
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  • Thoragaal
    Now that the dust is settling from the launch of Update 26, I'd like to take a moment give everyone an update on what's been happening in the last week [...]


    Thank you for the update Matt. More of this, please! :smile:
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    "I've always wanted to kick a duck up the arse" -Karl Pilkington, on the question what he'd do if it was the last day on earth.
  • Fluffy_Fr0zR
    Derra wrote: »
    the controller/keyboard "input lag" issue first seen in Update 25 should be much alleviated. I am not saying that everything is fixed, but it should now be better, smoother, and more responsive overall.

    It is not.

    It is currently at it's very worst. But worry not, I'm sure there's going to be a new "worst" not too long from now! :)
  • karliahquinn
    Also really disappointed that the Guild trader mess up is described as an edge issue, when it has a huge impact on the game for all who buy and sell as well as GMs and trade guilds. It's also happened about 4 times so a preventative fix would be ideal.
    Edited by karliahquinn on June 4, 2020 9:49PM
  • UntilValhalla13
    Is this update going to fix the stamina bar bug, and the problem where skills don't fire/looks like your character is twitching? Trials have been unplayable on PS4 for quite a while.
  • thedavidventer
    Thank you @ZOS_MattFiror

    These updates are much appreciated!

    As a player on the macOS client, I can say that things have definitely greatly improved and I’m having much fun exploring the new areas. Thanks for all the work you guys are putting into this. I’m obsessed with this game!

    That said, there are two seriously frustrating and debilitating macOS game client specific issues that still need to be fixed in order to make this game run “as intended“ on macOS with full macOS feature compatibility. Please see the following threads detailing these issues incl. Apple developer documentation links on how to fix them:

    1) Fullscreen/Multitasking/Spaces integration on the macOS Game client:

    2) Controller input on the macOS game client:

    Please also take a look at this thread for more details:

    Thanks again for all you’ve done so far, I’m looking forward to further improvements on the macOS game client.
    Edited by thedavidventer on June 4, 2020 10:49PM
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  • volkeswagon
    Just goes to show how difficult your job can be and a little patience, respect and understanding from the community rather than name calling rants would be appreciated. The comments i see about how Zos doesn't care or listen always makes me shake my head.
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