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★ Lodge of Sorceresses ★ General Recruitment Open (Upd. 01.09.) ★


Lodge of Sorceresses - Midgame to Endgame Growth!

General Recruitment
The creators of GuildPlanner.Pro are recruiting active and enthusiastic players to our ESO chapter.

In regards to PvE, we offer possibility to grow towards the Endgame (progressive veteran Trials) through what we call "Midgame" content (veteran DLC Dungeons & Arenas). We try to organize Midgame content in a daily basis.

  • Need CP 300+ Midgamers (dungeoneers) who can play the game 2-3 evenings a week minimum.
  • Need CP 600+ Endgamers (raiders) who play the game 3-4 evenings a week minimum. Endgamers need to have some veteran trial experience (don't be total newbie please): having cleared our Tier-2 trial curriculum (link) is a big plus.
  • Need CP 600+ Distinguished Semi-Casuals (who can't invest enough time to the game for RL reasons). With these semi-casuals, we want to bolster our Social Roster, at the same time maintaining the quality of overall guild Roster. "Distinguished" means having achieved good milestone in ESO in the past (visible in your shiny achievements).
  • Need Midgamers and Endgamers to have 100% game content access (ESO+ or all DLCs purchased).
  • Need new members to be active: For Midgamers and Endgamers, the participation in 3 content every week during first 2 months of your membership is mandatory. All 3 can be done in 1 day. For Semi-Casual Socials, being active on our Social channels (Discord and in-game guild channel).

What We Provide?
  • 5+ years of PvE Endgame veteran content experience...
  • 5-Tier Midgame and Endgame veteran content progression... with team-building in mind...
  • Special focus on Midgame (DLC Dungeon) content... We enjoy doing the Midgame as much as the Endgame!
  • Fun environment to do PvE - absolutely zero elitism, patience and tolerance towards new/unskilled players and such... with certain quality expectations in place...
  • Fully automated guild; run by home-made software that runs whole thing...
  • Discord - where we socialize...
  • Premium Furnished Guild Housing - where your visual cortex can drool... Every kind of Training Dummies, Transmutation Station, Mundus Stones and ever growing cool decoration for your seeing pleasure... No, we don't fill our Guild House with hundreds of Crafting Stations, sorry.
  • Youtube Channel - where we stream major events we do as a guild... Plus our regular ESO Lore series.

If you like what you read, please join our Discord server. Our bot will guide you through self-serviced recruitment process. Links are above, or below (in my signature)...
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★ Lodge of Sorceresses [PC/EU] - LF Serious PvEers: Midgame to Endgame Growth! ★ We NEED You! | Join Discord Server | Youtube Channel
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