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Housing Wish List 2020

  • henrycupcakerwb17_ESO
    They should hire more people to turn housing in animal crossing in these animal crossing craze
  • Foefaller
    Optional Tenants for your non-primary residences.

    Even if it's just for show and no benefit, being able to walk into one of your homes and see NPCs interact with the interactables and comment on the decor (or lack thereof) would be a hoot.
  • XoXJulietteXoX
    I would love more PINK in game. I'd also like a house in Blackreach. Something like Coldharbour but with actual furniture in it and a house 😅
  • stevenyaub16_ESO
    Respec shrines please.

    You will sell lots of crowns if you add this.
  • volkeswagon
    Yes, interactive beds. And day / night toggles. Better yet. Dawn, midday, sunset, midnight as options
    Edited by volkeswagon on June 3, 2020 6:33AM
  • Scion_of_Yggdrasil
    Way too many great ideas on here to try and comment on all of them. I most want to see:
    • The ability to set a Residence AND Guild Hall
    • Harvest-able nodes as furnishings (wood, ore, alchemical plants, etc.). Either individually, or as large/medium set pieces that randomize what mat. is populated.
    • Doors, and a key system. Keys that unlock locked doors, and you can craft keys at the forge to give to friends/guildies
    • Raising the furniture limit!!!
    • NPC actors, or the ability to place alts in the home and pose them with emotes, or have them sit in chairs. LittleBigPlanet had the ability to "animate" characters. You would just play as them, and it would record the actions and repeat them (as a loop, one time when triggered, with the option to return to the starting point after completing). This is a big deram, though, I know... lol

    My actual wish list is far too long to try and post :P
  • Sticky_Paws

    Please do post your entire WishList. I would love to see it and the DEVS to read these postings and take ideas from them. They can't incorporate them into the game if you don't share though. 😀
  • drakthir
    Wood Elf notable house, only race that has no notable home in it's style, and every other wood elf house is just either 1,2 or 3 snugpods stuck together .
  • newtinmpls
    More different colored lighting options

    More water options

    Dye options for furnishings

    More tradeable options - the lead/dropped furnishings are not tradeable - bad move.

    More stair options, like narrow stairs or spiral or curve stairs.
    Tenesi Faryon of Telvanni - Dunmer Sorceress who deliberately sought sacrifice into Cold Harbor to rescue her beloved.
    Hisa Ni Caemaire - Altmer Sorceress, member of the Order Draconis and Adept of the House of Dibella.
    Broken Branch Toothmaul - goblin (for my goblin characters, I use either orsimer or bosmer templates) Templar, member of the Order Draconis and persistently unskilled pickpocket
    Mol gro Durga - Orsimer Socerer/Battlemage who died the first time when the Nibenay Valley chapterhouse of the Order Draconis was destroyed, then went back to Cold Harbor to rescue his second/partner who was still captive. He overestimated his resistance to the hopelessness of Oblivion, about to give up, and looked up to see the golden glow of atherius surrounding a beautiful young woman who extended her hand to him and said "I can help you". He carried Fianna Kingsley out of Cold Harbor on his shoulder. He carried Alvard Stower under one arm. He also irritated the Prophet who had intended the portal for only Mol and Lyris.
    Order Draconis - well c'mon there has to be some explanation for all those dragon tattoos.
    House of Dibella - If you have ever seen or read "Memoirs of a Geisha" that's just the beginning...
    Nibenay Valley Chapterhouse - Where now stands only desolate ground and a dolmen there once was a thriving community supporting one of the major chapterhouses of the Order Draconis
  • LadyNalcarya
    I just wish they'd stop ignoring us. For example, people have been requesting stuff like new building components for years, and now we got a chapter that doesn't provide any of those except for one type of fence.
    Even small things, like Hlaalu planter that used to be available with Amaya Lake lodge are not available for players even though the assets are already in game (and it used to be available at one point!). They could even sell this stuff for crowns, I don't care. But the fact that most, if not all requests are outright ignored is just so upsetting.
    Edited by LadyNalcarya on June 9, 2020 6:49AM
    Dro-m'Athra Destroyer | Divayth Fyr's Coadjutor | Voice of Reason

  • Scion_of_Yggdrasil
    I was just in Auridon last night and realized... we don't have a notable home in Auridon?! I would love a daggerfall overlooky (castle like) notable home in the Auridon architecture style. Even though I'm a breton I spend most of my time in summerset and Auridon... the scenery...

    Also... weapons stands/armor stands, and the option to "quick change" when interacting with them. I would love to display my collection of bows, or selection of armor. And the functionality would be most welcome!
  • Jthomas56
    I’m just hoping that they will give us another blank slate in q3, and more building blocks at some point. Overall this year housing has been pretty disappointing for me.
  • Veinblood1965
    An actual GUILD house which is owned by the entire guild would be nice, maybe decorating rights to a few of the top members. Not just one of the cookie cutter homes anyone can buy but different guild homes built specifically for guilds.

    Oops didn't read the entire post see someone got there before me!
    Edited by Veinblood1965 on June 9, 2020 7:07PM
  • Scion_of_Yggdrasil
    Ooooh, can I ask for spiral staircases?

    And interactions with more items... like "emotes" that play when you interact with the bookshelf (i.e. running a finger along the spines of books, or grab and read one for a sec before returning it), or a painting (i.e. they put their hand on their chin and lean their head to the side). From a roleplay aspect, I would love to see a dialogue menu pop up when you interact with a book shelf, listing multiple options (looping animation options, and single play animations).
  • dimensional
    One thing I would absolutely LOVE

    Native ability to select multiple houses to visit from your friends and guilds, rather than just one single primary. Let us see EVERYTHING a player owns and pick from it if they have it!

    ALSO, this one is huge for immersion and roleplay. PLEASE add the ability to visit a player's house if you're in their group by walking up to the physical doorway from the outside zone. Currently AFAIK you can only do this with your own houses. I want to be in a party with someone and walk into their homes from the zone! That would be a really small but effective change.

    How about the ability to designate a GUILD HALL from any guild members' homes, which you can then also place guild traders for people to come in and visit?
  • Sticky_Paws
    Thank you! @ZOS_JessicaFolsom
  • Sabretusks
    Along that same train of thought, it would be nice for newer houses to have large flat areas that can be used for all the crafting tables. Right now it’s difficult to have the ever-growing collection of tables neatly organized and placed in many of the houses. It would be nice to have more places with open areas so we could have a few more choices for guild halls.
  • Sticky_Paws
    Another guildie just requested a small purchasable home on bleakrock island
  • Aaxc
    Apart from more house space, I personally would like to see more interactive and useful items in the houses, like:

    - gardening system, where you can grow your own plants/flowers to use for potions etc
    - fishing spot (if house has water option)
    - a mine(s) (preferable that can be set to spawn specific level items)
    - working wayshrine to port away from the house

    Also would be nice to have inhabitants, like actual your pets, that run around the house, or npc that just walk around and make the place feel alive and mounts, that are usable in larger open-air houses!

    And last, but not least house questing! Especially with the new lead system, it can be 1 quest type per house (even specific to house size) where you could visit other ppl houses, do quests for unique daily rewards/coffers etc. Limit to 10 or smth like that.
    Edited by Aaxc on June 9, 2020 8:12PM
  • CleymenZero
    I would pay for a permanent item, platform or sphere that would instantly charge your ultimate.

    We already have the 21m dummies the next step is this for those who want to run some tests on the dummy.
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