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Housing Wish List 2020

  • anadandy
    Raideen wrote: »
    I play the game mostly with my GF. Our primary drive to play ESO is housing. Pretty much everything we do is to supplement housing.

    For the most part each character we create has a "spouse". One of us will choose a house for that couple. If the house/style is more to her liking, then she will buy the house and decorate it. If the house/style is more to my liking, then I buy the house and decorate it.

    The issue with decorating is that it's not always planned, meaning its difficult to plan a interior design given that our furniture acquisitions are often based on what we can craft, or afford off the guild traders. Because of this, if I am the house owner I cant just plop down all the furniture she will need to decorate an area, because its often more of an organic process.

    So, to this degree we would both like a higher level of permission where the person can place and pick up any furniture from their inventory. I understand how this can be abused, or how players could be taken advantage of, but for real life couples with long term relationships these issues for the most part are not existent.

    It would be nice to somehow tie accounts together, where both parties consent to the fact that they can pick up the other players furniture inventories.

    Also. It would be nice to be able to access furnishing chests in for accounts that are "tied" together.

    I realize that due to the nature of being able to pick up and inventory another players inventory is a touchy subject, but we could do this in Landmark. I could freely construct, place, pick up her inventories.

    The bottom line is that we are attempting to make homes in ESO that we can both enjoy, but right now my homes still feel like they are my homes only, and the same for hers. Its simply due to the lack of ability to decorate (by placing furniture) and being able to use chests.

    All of this. I have wanted some higher level of permissions to allow for a more "co-ownership" since housing dropped.
  • katanagirl1
    I agree with the posts above, even though I game by myself. I can see the benefit to others.

    However, we are periodically plagued by permissions bugs that just keep cropping up. I still set my permissions to “no access” as default and have a visitor list of only close friends.

    There is still no way for us on console to save our houses if something goes terribly wrong.

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  • cnyanes
    M'aiq likes visiting houses but cannot stay put for too long.
    PC NA @cnyanes
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    Teo Moslin - Imperial Warden
  • TheImperfect
    We did get several of these things in 2020:

    1) Fine adjustment for placed items — I LOVE this feature, thank you! :smiley:

    2) Working doors — we got several more this year which is very cool! I am a bit puzzled that there is no frame which fits the craftable Solitude door, but one can build around that. I hope that we’ll continue to see more doors and in every racial style (including the Ayleid tree doors please)!

    3) NPCs for homes and pathing — another great addition, thank you! I hope we’ll continue to see this feature expanded upon, particularly an ability to queue emotes at nodes!

    I appreciate the quality and variety (within the given style at least) of the furnishings that have been added! And the Antiquarian Alpine Gallery is a wonderful property — thank you for that! :blush:

    Totally agree and with the antiquities, Greymoor and Markarth this year has been epic.
  • Sturmfaenger
    I'd like a small spot of slaughterfish as a trap to put in/on water in houses.

    And those flashy dwemer traps that are plenty in Bthar-Zel (for example).Those are more the 'you stumble and fall' kind of trap. I don't know where, but somewhere in the newer content was a trap that hurls you a bit in the air - that would be great too.
    I would love those different types of traps as a furniture addition to crown crates, like the murkmire. They would bring jump'n'run/trap houses to a new level^^

    And it would be great if we got that small antiquity scying device as an achievement furniture.

    And for 2021 a replica of the book Mysterium Xarxes for my library would be great.
    Edited by Sturmfaenger on February 2, 2021 4:33PM
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