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PTS Combat Test - Feedback Thread

Community Manager
This is the official feedback thread for the Light and Heavy attack changes currently on the PTS. After you have a chance to try out different combat scenarios, please answer the following questions and let us know what you think.

While we prefer you utilize /feedback in-game and will be prioritizing those reports, you’re welcome to also post in this thread if you’d prefer. Please keep all other discussion surrounding these changes to this other thread; we want to focus this thread on the questions being asked. Thank you!
  1. What type of content did you test these changes in? (Dungeons, Trials, Dueling, PvP, Battlegrounds, Target Dummy, etc)
    • If PvE, what role did you test with, and what role do you mainly use on Live?
  2. Approximately how long did you test these changes?
  3. During your playtesting, did you notice that Light Attacks restore resources and that Heavy Attacks deal increased damage? If so, what was your experience with both or either of these attacks?
  4. Does the new paradigm of Light Attacking to restore resources while dealing low damage, and Heavy Attacking to deal high damage after a buildup, feel better or worse than what’s currently on the Live megaserver?
  5. When targets became Off Balance, what sort of attacks did you utilize against them, if any? Were you able to identify any potent effects that Off Balance enabled for you?
  6. How often did you run out of resources during your play session? Did recuperating them feel better or worse to what you are accustomed to on the Live servers?
  7. When playing our game, do you play at a Low (Under 100), Medium (100-200), or High (200+) Actions Per Minute? (Note this includes movement and other non-combat actions, not just ability presses). Do you ever feel penalized for playing as one of these with the new paradigm? Do you enjoy playing at your experienced APM?
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  • ungama
    Hello, I am not very convinced of the new idea, as this is relatively strong overwhelming the light builds.
    It's nice that the heavy attacks do more damage and the reg is removed, but that the light attacks do 22% less damage as a result, I don't like it at all.
    HB do good without the buff, you should just build it properly.

    I will test it and then give my opinion again.
  • Antirob
    Also from a development point of view, the work behind these changes could potentially be a massive waste. It would have been far more effective to ask representatives from all parts of the game for their thoughts on this. Why spend work hours on these changes when a one-hour meeting would have revealed a very clear response of "no". I get that this is entirely focused on casual players, but they are not going to notice a difference. The only people that are going to notice a difference are those who use weaving to improve their gameplay.

    I know yourself and others on the community team used to reach out to players for these kinds of things, why was this not used.
    Antirob - Dragonknight
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