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Who is your ESO character?

Not every joins an RP guild and roleplays, yet many people have some idea (even if it's light head-cannon) of who their character is: personality, motivations, or something along those lines. Others may even have a small back story.

What kind of character do you play in this game? Who are they?
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Who are you in Tamriel (whether it's just your character's attitude & style or a full backstory)? - Share your Character's Story! ◔ ⌣ ◔

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  • Nerftheforums
    An ex drug addict *** who, deluded with her life, became a mercenary assassin.

    God bless woodelfs
  • MartiniDaniels
    My toons are sort of dungeons&dragons (2nd edition) renegade drow raiding party:
    - 2 drow elves - mage/thief (magblade) and fighter/cleric (tankcro)
    - winged elf (avariel) ranger/cleric (bow+s&b stamDK)
    - rashemen barbarian (redguard stamden)
    - couple of human fighters (nord NB tank and imperial stamsorc)
    - bunch of slaves
    Restart your router ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Plodeoca
    My woodelf is a simple adventurer, that became a mercenary to gain money and glory. Tell him what to do, and he will do it on the fastest way possible.
  • Valabrog
    I have only 1 character - he is a nord and is loyal to Ebonheart pact. He is far from home, traveling as mercenary on his time away from the Grand Army. When duty calls he joins Cyrodiil battles for glory.

    His job is killing. He is good at it. He counts heads and sees AD as main enemy and a blight of Tamriel. He drinks and fights and looks to meet interesting characters during his travels. He despises most of them, because most of them are primitive and naive - badly written.

    One of his goals is to become Cyrodiil legend and earn his place in the halls of gods. Another - to buy a proper fortress in Riften and settle there with lots of comrades (when NPC will be introduced to housing).

    OOC - trying to get into ESO world little by little, its a bit hard after playing Swtor for years :)
  • Snaekd
    A deadbeat, downtrodden undead argonian priest of Peryite is my main character pretty much since I first started playing. I did dabble in RP and fan fiction back in the day, so he has quite an extesnive backstory involving few other my toons, guilds I have been to and other players' characters. Oh and by the way
    [PC EU] DD lfg vSCP hm (need title much)
    please be patient
    I have eutism
  • wtlonewolf20
    I have tons of toons but my mains are:
    An imperial who was raised in the rift as a young adult he joined the Imperial legion and rose to the rank of captain, however during a campaign his forces were left to die and he and only a few of his crew escaped back to his home in the rift. He is a storm blade using wind and lightening in his attacks.

    My crafter is a nord researcher that is obsessed with dwemer technology. She recently discovered a hidden workshop in the frost vault. From which many secrets have been discovered...
  • MisterBigglesworth
    No backstory. Just memes.
    Really we do it without like, the musical instruments. This is the only musical: the mouth. And hopefully the brain attached to the mouth. Right? The brain, more important than the mouth, is the brain. The brain is much more important.
  • Acrolas
    What, no Krissmiss Dae?
  • SidraWillowsky
    My characters are generally all various incarnations of the same archetype: a [email protected], smol little take-no-prisoner female. She's capable, strong, hotheaded, incredibly intelligent, and fiercely independent. No backstories there, just a toon who can be bloodthirsty and merciless when need be but generally strives to be compassionate and do the right thing.

    I guess that I did get a little hung up when I started playing magicka toons- I will ALWAYS prefer Bosmer, but I'm also a min/maxxer and Bosmer make shite mag toons. I make them all Breton but create them to look as Bosmeri as possible and have convinced myself that they're actually Bosmer with a bit of Breton in there u.u
  • Goregrinder
    A soul-less prisoner that is no longer a prisoner.
  • Odovacar
    All my characters are travelers at heart. They thrive under the pressure against some of Tamriel's toughest enemies. Too many to name but Odovacar the Merciless is their leader ;) ,
    Father of 3 ESO player - Daily late night logins ; )

    If you want to achieve higher rewards it will not be easy, at first. Never give up on yourself IRL or in-game!

    PS4: NA & EU
    Remember to have fun because at the end of the day that's what this whole gaming thing is about.
  • max_only
    I had intricate backstories for all my Bosmer characters. One is even a “port” from a different fantasy world that I’ve been obsessed with for a long time

    Then Zos deleted Bosmer from the game. Major character personality traits were developed around their capacity for stealth and POOF gone.

    Now I have 2 Bosmer characters that I’m playing as Bretons. It pains me to think of my core 3 that I spent so much emotion (and money) on for it to be deleted for no valid reason. So in total, 6 Bosmer were technically created according to the character sheet, but I don’t play any of them like that anymore.

    1. Belacqua is someone I play in every rpg and he is always a caster and always has black hair. He is always a student/researcher who is looking for apprenticeship with master wizards and historians. For TES universe he “borrowed” his last name from a Dunmer he met in his youth and used it for correspondence with scholars around Tamriel. Based on his name, they didn’t discriminate against him as they would have had they known he was a “feral n’wah cannibal”. So he was for a long time in association with Shad Astula, Mages Guild etc even though Bosmer are not known for being master wizards. Now he’s my master crafter I don’t “play” him anymore.. (Irl my father, who was a quantum physicist, put an apostrophe in our last name when he was writing letters and applying for residency in England in the 60s so they wouldn’t discriminate against him)

    The rest are under the spoiler.

    2. O’risen is a character near to my heart and I no longer play him in this game because of what Zos did. His stealth abilities were the core of his personality, not his ability as a scout. He’s not who he seems and took pride in being able to hide in plain sight. Metaphorically as well as combat/gameplay. “Mistaking” him for a child, a woman, or someone else entirely depending on his disguise is his super ability. He was raised in a matriarchal cult and had to develop skills to compensate for not being able to “naturally” learn their “femme fatale” arts. Zos’ change to Bosmer racial stealth ruined him completely and thoroughly. It would be like if the Faceless Men from GoT were no longer stealthy assassins, Jaqen Hagar’s whole character would be void. Now he’s just a fisherman, I don’t “play” him anymore.

    3. Oisin Faolan. It’s a Celtic name and he was supposed to be my “Beast Master” (80s movie) hunter type character. Even changing his race to Imperial from Bosmer didn’t persuade me to keep playing him after the “racial balance” patch. Now he’s just a crafting minion collector, I don’t “play” him anymore. His story was that he was a bit of a wild man/feral child somewhat like Mowgli or the aforementioned 80s movie.

    4. Caveat Lector is an Imperial who is basically me. As such, I don’t find his character very interesting and it’s taking a while for me to develop him game play wise. He’s a clockwork enthusiast but you don’t want to read his journal.

    5. Nikola Valerius was a decorated Imperial soldier, but he had become disenchanted with the service. He took to faking his death and pirating for a few years. He's trying to polish up his honor these days now that he's older and has the benefit of wisdom to look back on all his past grudges. He’s just a banker/writs character, I don’t play him.

    6. Philippe Foulques Le Roux is a Bosmer who I play as a young Breton. He’s a teen prodigy and very naive. He has a hard time with persuasion and intimidation and is generally still in the belief of black and white morality. Yes he wants power, but he’s not ready for the cost. Whenever I play him I say, “what would Edward Elric do?” and go from there. Foulques Le Roux was (on Earth) the Count of Anjou, a title Philippe of Orleans (Louis the 14th’s brother) had in life. As such, my character counts himself as a noble when in Daggerfall storylines.

    7. Hermès is my secret Necromancer who is also a vampire. He’s basically trying to go unnoticed and moves town as soon as people ask questions. He’s been around a long time and is the result of a certain Daedric prince’s experiment into learning more about mortals. So he’s a half mortal aspect that has been abandoned on Nirn like a data collection satellite.

    Mas Amune is a cosplay character from Samurai Warriors the game.

    Beau Langiere the Boulanger is a baker... A tall Bosmer I created to be a short Breton, not much to go on yet.

    My newest torture/character Yves Saint Veloth is a Chimer, not much to go on there either.
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    #FiteForYourRite Bosmer = Stealth
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  • Tryxus
    My main is Breton who was once an illusionist commanding the shadows and a master thief. A Nightblade in the service of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal (who gave him his name) and a proud member of the Thieves Guild. No heist was too great for him, no vault was impervious for him and no treasure was unobtainable for him.

    However, after one mission in Valenwood, Tryxus came across a Spinner protecting a young bear cub from a couple of poachers. He saved them, an act that not only caused the cub to follow him around loyally but also caused him to doubt everything he has been doing in Nocturnal's service.

    With the Spinner's help, Tryxus was eventually able to purge himself from Daedric influence and learn the ways and magicks of the Bosmer. 2 years later he began his journey across Tamriel, now as a Warden with Y'ffre's blessing, along with the bear Artaos, the cub he saved who is now his Guardian.
    "Men are props on the stage of life, and no matter how tender, how exquisite... A lie will remain a lie!"
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    Tryxus Temeslos - Imperial - Stamina Nightblade
    Anku Tryxus - Breton - Magicka Necromancer

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  • Davadin
    mine is guy who woke up at the shores of Stonefalls and going through a journey to save the world of Tamriel from evil gods...

    he has no memory of growing up in Tamriel but often had dreams of being a "pilot" flying through deep dark space, or a monk fighters with glowing sabers, or meeting a pair of little folks with a journey to destroy some kind of magic ring.........

    (TLDR; i create and name the same single-character from all MMO I played)
    Praetorian Davadin Bloodstrake - Nord Dragon Knight - PC NA - Kaalgrontiid
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    Dragonhold 5.2.11 PvP : Medium SnB/2H The Plague Bringer
    Dragonhold 5.2.11 PvE : Medium DW/2H The Blood Furnace
  • soundillustrations
    All my characters have some deep lore to them actually, and I try to dress them accordingly and develop them into their builds as well that fit their lore.

    My main, a half imperial redguard sorcerer, was apart of the imperial legion when the chains fell, and now strives to joing Sai to become a dragongaurd - she feels nirn shouldn't have to face another crisis like Molag Bal again dragon flavored. she trained in the daedric arts to learn to banish daedra and fight them better because of the assault on the imperial city- and uses those skills to fight the dragons of Elsweyr.

    I have a sorcerer tank who is an imperial as well, and is in character wise, a former legion zero that fights her soul from shriveling up and seeks to use the last bit of her sane physical form to fight the evils of tamriel.

    Then I have a warden tank, who gave up in life and now bakes bread in summerset for life.
    "I try to create sympathy for my characters, then turn the monsters loose."– Stephen King
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    Your skins clears mean nothing to me if you can't do vMA.

  • Donari
    ESO is not my heavy RP game, but I did RP my main for a bit in the first few months after launch.

    She's a Redguard DK in the EP. Her house had contracted with a Dunmer house (for ... stuff I don't recall any more) and her cousin was to travel to seal the deal. He fell ill so she went in his stead to honor the contract, but the Dunmer declared it null for the wrong person showing up. A specious argument but they wanted to ditch the contract. She was left high and dry in Stonefalls and set out to take on other contracts (ie quests) that suited her honor. When a quest offered optional paths I picked the one that kept her in line with her original agreement, and if npcs asked me to kill them I did since they were asking for an honorable end.

    None of my others are all that fleshed out:
    Altmer Sorc -- named and designed after my WoW Belf Mage, but I don't know who she is in Tamriel other than her glamorous aesthetic.
    Imperial Templar -- No nonsense field medic, sensibly armored for her own protection, not the nicest bedside manner.
    Imperial Nightblade -- Street rat orphan, burglar rather than mugger, wears a crop top to show her tattoos. Basically my inverting of the Imperial "we are more important than you" trope, she's not at all socially polished.
    Breton DK -- made to have a Magicka DK. My only male character. He's a fop, egotistical, and supremely proud of his magnificent mustache.
    Khajiit Warden -- made to test out Warden back at Morrowind launch. She's practical and takes her duties seriously, but considers lightfingering goods to be a duty, or at least a way to get the pay she deserves.
    Breton Necromancer -- Going to re-make her, she's only just out of starter zone and I don't like how I designed her. I tried to recreate my cheerful GW2 necromancer and she looks terrible in ESO graphics and just doesn't fit the setting, so at some point I'll come up with a better Tamriel raiser of the dead.
  • Danikat
    Davadin wrote: »
    (TLDR; i create and name the same single-character from all MMO I played)

    I do that too. :) Although I also adapt her backstory to suit the game, because it bothers me to have a character without a backstory. Before I've decided what it is I usually say they won't talk about it.

    And sometimes they never tell me everything. I still don't know why my khajiit was imprisoned in Oblivion, only that she "didn't do it". (Which probably means she did and is embaressed she got caught.)
    PC EU player. | PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!

    "Remember in this game we call life that no one said it's fair"
  • max_only
    Zephard wrote: »
    My characters and my wife's characters are all couples. So 6 each.

    We have :
    Our first characters made - Male HE Templar tankish Healer and Female Wood Elf Sorc dps (not married, so not same last name) backstory is well his family won't accept her

    The rest all have the same last names:
    Male Khajiti DK (Tank) and Female Wood Elf Warden (Bow/Bow DPS), they both like the wild side. (our Mains)

    Male HE Warden healer and Female HE Sorc dps, they are our prime and proper.

    Male Imp Stamplar dps and Female Imp DK tank, (just trying to make it in the world)

    Male Imp Warden tank and Female Breton Warden healer (he started out as a Breton but convinced her to let me race change when they gave us the free race change tokens)

    Finally with much push, got her to be a Khajiti

    Male Khajiti magplar and Female Khajiti magplar (our newest couple)

    These are all focused on PvE. She does not like them to be played mixed couples. So the double magplars are for Trials so we play on a couple rather than two different dps characters.

    So not a ton of backstory, but no cheating on each other by hanging out with another couples spouse.
    Not sure if we are going to make the Warden tank/warden healer couple PvP or make a new couple, which would probably be Wood Elf, the Male just got to be taller than the female.

    Happy wife, happy life. Or so I’ve heard.
    Also male Bosmer are canonically shorter than female Bosmer ;)
    Edited by max_only on November 19, 2019 2:30AM
    #FiteForYourRite Bosmer = Stealth
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    ""All gods' creatures (you lot) are equal when covered in A1 sauce"" -- Old Bosmeri Wisdom
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    I usually play my characters for a while before I start defining a story for them. The character I've just started, number 18, is a stamcro. He uses blastbones, archer, healer and Summoners Armour. It feels very different to my other characters, more like squad-level combat, not so much like I'm playing a single hero. Reconciling a team narrative with the whole Vestige thing is going to be fun. And dreaming up a persona for the blastbones is going to be just crazy.
    PC EU
  • RebornV3x
    My High Elf is a Mercenary/Handy Man/Hitman that sells his services to whomever will pay with little to no questions asked who's countless war crimes in Cyrodill were pardoned by King Emeric and Queen Ayrenn.

    He swore a blood oath to the Ebonheart Pact and sadly he is bound to the Pact by forces that transcend this world. He would love the chance to betray his fellow Pact members for there toxic and stupid behavior
    Xbox One - NA GT: RebornV3x
    I also play on PC from time to time but I just wanna be left alone on there so sorry.
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