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Who is your ESO character?

  • tinythinker
    -reserved for experimentation with character identity-
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    Who are you in Tamriel (whether it's just your character's attitude & style or a full backstory)? - Share your Character's Story! ◔ ⌣ ◔
    (And let us know 🔷What Kind of Roleplayer You Are🔷 - even if that only extends to choosing your race)

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  • max_only
    I wonder if I would find an additional aspect of joy and interest in ESO if I could get some good idea of the identity/personality/outlook of my own characters. Tried it once in a forced way for a guild contest many years ago but it was not even up to "meh".

    Anyone replying or reading in this thread, does having some sense of who your character is or their motivation make the game more engaging and enjoyable for you?

    Yes absolutely.
    I’ve made alts and abandoned them because I don’t have a sense of who they are. The ones with the flimsiest motivation are the one that are easiest to delete.
    Conversely, when an integral part of a character is taken away it ruins everything about the game for me. When Bosmer stealth was removed I stopped playing one character entirely. I spent a good amount of money and time on him, he was my first character to reach cp.
    #FiteForYourRite Bosmer = Stealth
    || CP 1000+ || PC/NA || GUILDS: LWH; IA; CH; XA
    ""All gods' creatures (you lot) are equal when covered in A1 sauce"" -- Old Bosmeri Wisdom
  • kadochka
    I absolutely love having personality, stories, friends, etc. for my characters! It's very sad when I can't write anything about them out.
    I save each one's info, and I even write mini-stories for some.
    Love seeing that others share the feeling and ideas!
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    if I could make another character, their name would be Cries-For-Character-Slots. AKA, I need more.

  • tinythinker
    When I was waiting to get into the ESO beta I tried some F2P MMOs. Because I loved "old school" Forgotten Realms I tried Neverwinter. It had a page where you could write a bio as part of your character profile. I wrote one for the character I played for a few weeks, and it did seem to add something. But I seem to be blocked for ESO. I don't want to necessarily use exhausted tropes or just make up something to make up something. I think flaws/weaknesses/regrets/etc.are a good place to start. I did make a backstory once for my original character long ago for a guild content but it as sooooo bland and uninspired. I do have a bit of an idea for a character I don't really play much outside of events that benefit by having alts, which figures.

    Anyway, it's fun to check this thread to see what people have come up with :)
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    Experienced, new, returner? Help keep ESO's community strong ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ -- share what you love about the game, offer constructive feedback, and make friends.ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

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    Who are you in Tamriel (whether it's just your character's attitude & style or a full backstory)? - Share your Character's Story! ◔ ⌣ ◔
    (And let us know 🔷What Kind of Roleplayer You Are🔷 - even if that only extends to choosing your race)

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  • Rye_puff
    I got lots! But I need to write their stories down. I use them in Skyrim too, sometimes with different titles or slightly different personalities, so they usually get muddled up in my head. :neutral:

    My main char is Speaks-In-Spells, she’s an Argonian who left her home in Murkmire (specifically she was with the Miredancers) to travel. She’s kind of a wandering healer, taking care of people on her journey. She’s very sweet but often feels guilty about leaving her family behind and thinks of them a lot. It surprised her egg-sister that she even left at all, because Speaks is usually a no-risk type of individual. Some call her weak-minded because she can’t stomach blood very well.
    She makes a lot of good choices and generally does not like Daedra. She’s very superstitious and nervous about involving with Daedra. Recently she’s taken up worshipping Mara. :smile:
  • jwthewolfman
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  • MaisonNaevius
    Most of my characters are related to the House Naevius of Cyrodiil. A family of the new imperial nobility and already declining for the needs of roleplay. House Naevius is both colovian and nibenese. There is a conflict between the two family branches.
    But I will not go into details. I am very bad in English and I think that a complete description would not have the same meaning as I have in mind.

    Sisters Magelys and Evadys
    Magelys was the first born in her family. Colovian from Anvil, she joined the Imperial Legion. She is strict and disciplined. To this day is dead.
    Evadys was the second and last born in her family. She inherited the wealth of her family and worked as an ally of the House Naevius of Colovia. Attractive but cold and distant, she is a woman of power and sectarian.

    Lycoris Naevius
    Lycoris is an member of the Legion of the West Weald. She started her career in the second Legion. She is a cold and disciplined woman, professional in her role. She was seriously injured during a battle in Vlastarus and did not participate in the Arenthia campaign.
    She come from Anvil.

    Aïsha Anna
    A toxic nibenese mercenary from Bravil. She expresses her joie de vivre and is clumsy. She seems to like skooma and is very attached to Lycoris, humiliating her when she sees her. She never seriously did her job as a mercenary.

    Gaea Naevius
    Daughter of the tyrannical patriarch Sulla Naevius. Her childhood and her humanity were stolen by her father who absolutely wanted to initiate him into necromancy and make her a weapon.
    When she realizes the crimes she has committed, she suddenly leaves her family and swears to take revenge one day. Her passage in a village will open her for the first time to the notions of humanity and friendship. Changing her for forever. (...)
    Despite her young age, the overuse of magic since her childhood caused her to experience a lot of exhaustion.
    She come from Bravil.

    Gladys Zucchini-Flower
    An unexplored bosmer that ended up in a pirate crew.
    > Wiki spécialisé sur la Légion impériale dans ESO <

    > Wiki sur les colonies et personnalités politiques impériales dans ESO <

    > Cyrodiil de l'Info <

    - Naevius-
  • AcadianPaladin
    Buffy is a magically inclined Bosmer. She travels intertwined with the spirit of an old ethereal paladin named Acadian who sometimes offers advice. Sometimes she listens.

    Though Buffy was trained initially as a mystic archer and illusionist, both she and her magicks have evolved over time. She has learned to harness both the destructive and healing powers of light as well as how to unravel the mysteries of time travel.

    Buffy and Acadian are inseparable, and freely cross planes between worlds together. Although Buffy considers Acadian a guide or mentor, it is unclear who learns more from whom.
    PC NA(no Steam), PvE, mostly solo
  • jkmooney
    Psilas Mohrn:

    A Dunmer possessing exceptional intellect and natural magicka abilities born to a family of great wealth and social status. While his talents easily qualified him for the best sorcery academies, his privilege often caused others to question if his family simply used their influence to secure his entry. As a result, he was constantly having to prove himself in the face of skepticism. Unknown to him at the time; his family's wealth was not as great as it appeared. Indeed, a series of increasingly risky....even desparate..."business ventures" by his father had left them nearly bankrupt. To hang on to their social standing, his parents hid this information as best they could. Eventually, they would do the unthinkable. While travelling by coach, they are overrun by thieves. In the ensuing struggle, their son, Psilas, is killed....or, rather, that is what is reported to the constables. A Dunmer slave can be quite the "status symbol" in some circles, which is why they fetch a very high price...enough capital for one last "business venture" that could yet restore the wealth of his family.
    In captivity, Psilas's intelligence served him well. He was able to elicit enough information from the crew to learn of his father's treachery. Before long, he'd learned to pick the lock of his cell and, with the help of an assassin met while being transported, effect his escape. He survives as a thief and assassin. He is polite, refined, intelligent, and utterly ruthless when he needs to be. There are three goals that drive him.

    1) Learn what magick he can, wherever and however he can.

    2) Amass wealth, status, and power to prove to the world the privilege he was born into was never a factor.

    3) Locate his family and exact revenge for what they did to him.
  • Aikoda
    Soul Shriven
    My first character I roleplayed was an Orc Nightblade named Nazara Gra-Grezog. Her clan, Grezogbur, was burned to the ground by Fildgor the Orcthane after her people would not bow to him. After Jorunn took in the survivors, Nazara sought to rebuild her clan and claim vengeance.
  • A_Twisted_Logic
    Name: Ava Vargaras
    Alias: Red Diamond
    Birthdate: 24th of Sun's Height (July)
    Age: 20
    Race: Breton
    Class: Sorcerer

    The child of a Breton (mother) and a Nord (father), Ava was born and raised on a small farm on the outskirts of Daggerfall. Due to her mum dying during childbirth, Ava's father had to raise her by himself. Because of this, the two of them were very close. From a very early age, Ava showed a great aptitude for magic, her specialty being Soul Magic, and joined the Mage's Guild when she was just 5, and was given her mum's red diamond tiara by her father to celebrate. She has worn it ever since, and is very rarely (if ever) seen not wearing it, as she very strongly believes that it contains her mother's spirit.

    Due to having to draw magical energy directly from the ground itself, Ava found that wearing shoes blocked her ability to use magic completely, and so had to resort to staying barefoot for the rest of her days. While she found this an inconvience at first, she soon began to embrace it (thanks in part to her father telling her that there were far worse things in this world than not being able to ever wear shoes) and even found that being able to feel the world beneath her was a nice little bonus to being able to cast magic.

    She is always dressed in light clothing she made herself to move about more freely in the heat of battle, and always wears special gloves she crafted and enchanted herself also, which channels her magic to become even powerful.

    During her time at the Mages Guild, Ava was the child prodigy of the guild, impressing even the most wise and powerful of the Arch-Mage's, and she viewed the guild as a second family. She very quickly rose the ranks, and even became Master Wizard at the age of 8. Because of her fondness of the colour red, likely due to her mother's red diamond tiara, she became known among her fellow guild members as 'Red Diamond', and was well known and well respected among the Mage's Guild as a whole.

    Unfortuntely, when she was just 10, her father was overcome by a sudden illness, and died just a few days later. Because she was so close to him, this affected her greatly, and she vowed to herself to prevent darkness from ever overcoming the light. She felt that failure to do so meant failing both her mother and father, and she couldn't let that happen at any cost.

    At the age of 12, she caught the attention of the Psijic Order, who, despite being very selective about who they let in, saw great potential in Ava and felt that she would be a very valuable member of the order. She immediately accepted their invitation, considering it the greatest of honors, and soon became a very well respected high member there too, impressing even the most hard to please elders of the order.

    Now 20, she trains those eager to become a Mage at the guild, and helps fight the forces of evil. In her downtime, she enjoys wandering the many cities of Tamriel, having some mead at the occasional inn, and tending to her vegetable garden at her house just outside Elden Tree.

  • A_Twisted_Logic
    Name: Tahlia Blackheart
    Aliases: Shadowblade, Silent Shadow
    Birthdate: Unknown
    Age: Mid teens (exact age unknown)
    Race: Nord
    Class: Nightblade

    Tahlia grew up among the Dark Brotherhood, not knowing of her real parents nor what happened to them. Because of this neither she nor anyone else knows her exact age, though she appears to be in her mid teens. Since she never knew her real name, she settled on the name Tahlia Blackheart.

    Being a fast learner, she quickly rose through the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood, and soon became known as names such as Shadowblade and Silent Shadow, a true force to be feared, and is a well respected member of the Brotherhood. She very rarely talks, mainly communicating through hand gestures and nods, as she views talking for the sake of talking as a sign of weakness, and saves her voice for the very few she deems truly worthy of her respect.

    Since she doesn't believe in wearing shoes, as they would greatly restrict her ability to move with speed and stealth, she remains forever barefoot. Her weapon of choice is a dagger, which she crafted and forged herself, dubbing it Sal (Sally for short), and is the only thing in all of Tamriel she trusts. She is never parted with it, and even sleeps with it under her pillow.

    She also completes contracts just as easily as she breaths, and even treats them as competition, finding new and impressive ways to kill her targets. In her free time she enjoys chugging down mead at the pub, sparring with her fellow brotherhood and listening to folk music.

  • A_Twisted_Logic
    Name: Za'kirr
    Alias: Quick Paws
    14th of Frost Fall (October)
    Age: 16
    Race: Kajitt
    Class: Nightblade

    Za'kirr grew up alone on the streets of Abah's Landing, not knowing of the fates of his parents. Because of this, he was forced to fend for himself and had to resort to thievery just to survive. His skills self taught, he quickly adapted to avoid getting caught, and became notorious, his nickname soon becoming 'Quick Paws'. This of course quickly caught the attention of the Thieves Guild, who immediately inducted him at the age of just 6 years old.

    Impressed with his already self taught skills, they helped him hone them, in an effort to have him join their heist team, to which he happily obliged, and became a very valuble asset to the team once he bcame trained. Disaster struck when he was 10, when they planned a heist against a werewolf (which was unbeknownst to them at the time), and somehow got tipped off, as said werewolf caught them. The team managed to just barely escape, but not before the werewolf mangaged to bite Za'kirr, thus becoming one himself. Over time, he managed to find a way to control it, becoming an even more valauble asset to the team, should they ever find themselves caught in another jam.


  • A_Twisted_Logic
    Name: Elwyn Oakvale
    Birthdate: 20th of Mid Year (June)
    Age: 80 (16 in elf years)
    Race: Wood Elf
    Class: Warden


    An extremely skilled archer (using a bow she crafted herself), Elwyn is an incredibly invaluble asset to have in a fight, and can hit her target from even the furtherest imaginable distance with impressive ease. She is extremly wise and intelligent among her ilk as well, but is incredibly kind and compassionate, and is well respected throughout the land, protecting it from those who would seek to inflict harm upon it.

    A lover of nature, she enjoys being around animals, understanding them completely, as if she can read their minds. She is very close with her parents who are extremley proud of her, and has always walked around barefoot her entire life, so she can remain in constant close contact with nature and the world around her, and also because she very strongly believes that shoes greatly damage the land and nature.

    Being a lover of animals, she sticks to a strict vegan diet believing that nature provides certain vegetation to be eaten and that animals deserve to live, and also exclusively drinks water as she strongly believes that alcohol posions the mind and clouds one's judgement.

    Due to her vegan diet, it caused a few problems initially with her fellow Bosmer. As she is a well respected archer though, they reached a compromise that she only eat imported fruit and veg, leaving the vegetation of Valenwood well enough alone, which she respectfully agreed to.

    In her spare time she enjoys reading, spending time in the company of animals and nature, exploring the world of Tamriel and socialisng with fellow adventurers and friendly people alike.

  • storm105
    Name: Wildur at-Hel Ra
    Birthday: 28th of Sun's height (July)
    Age: 25
    Race: Redguard
    Alias: Jackal
    Class: Nightblade

    Wildur was born on Stros m'kai to a crown family of Redguard. The at-Hel ra family were once nobles from Hegathe, but in the recent decades had lost nearly all their wealth and status. In an effort regain some of their honor, at age 5 Wildur was sent to train with his uncle in hopes that he would become a hero like the Ansei of old. He spent the next 11 years traveling all over Hammerfell with his uncle learning swordsmanship. Unfortunately his uncle would be murdered by bandits when he was 16. Stranded with me to no money Wildur spent the next few years doing different jobs as a mercenary and occasionally work as a pirate. One day he finally made it back to Stros m'kai to find it had been taken over by pirates and murderers. Rethinking his life choices. Wildur decided he would go around helping people fight off pirates and bandits whenever he could so things like this wouldn't happen again. He know travels around as an adventurer hoping to become a hero to his people like his family had hoped.
  • Dovakhan
    Name: Hyltirr Brondolf
    Birthday: 02 of Sun's Dusk (November)
    Age: 22
    Race: Nord
    Class: Various (Tank & DD)
    Alliance: NONE (but Pact in reality, but only because it's mandatory to belong to one)
    Factions: Brondolf Clan, Imperial Legion, Psijic Order
    Favored gods: Shor/Kyne, Stendarr, Azura (secondary)
    Skills: Very high physical prowess, moderate magical prowess, with some unique magic abilities, Provisioning, Alchemy, Enchanting
    Personality: Military-type, serious, laconic, takes a while to gain his trust but very warm with his friends afterwards, extremely dedicated to the Legion, very proud of being a True Nord, very protective of his people and home
    Likes: Mead, to eat well, naps, to fight, the sea, to take strolls (especially across Windhelm, Senchal and Orsinium), to punch someone in the face
    Hates: Dark Brotherhood, Morag Tong, Reachmen, Worm Cult, Traitors to the Legion
    Parents: Alive and well. Father is an Imperial Legion officer, mother is a Legion healer, both Nords. They had Hyltirr early in life (both were 20 when he was born).
    Other family: 3 younger sisters, all living in Solstheim. Other misc assortment of family.

    Those hoping for a childhood story full of drama will get dissapointed: Hyltirr was born in Solstheim as the son of two nobles from that region, and under the Brondolf Clan banner, which were known for their higher-than-usual magical capabilities (for Nord standarts, that is), and their enigmatic excellence in Mysticism and teleportation magic, talents which would even eventually grant Hyltirr membership in the famed Psijic Order. But despite being born on that island, he spent all of his childhood in Windhelm, where he was raised lovingly by his parents, and had a normal and happy childhood. At age 16 however, he joined the Imperial Legion's garrison in Skyrim as a promising officer, following his father, grandfather's, etc, footsteps, and where he adquired the rank of Lieutenant after 5 years of hard training in various combat and magic disciplines. In the meantime, his parents returned to Solstheim, giving the Windhelm's house to Hyltirr, where he still currently lives.

    The Planemeld began soon after Hyltirr obtained his rank. As with all the Legions in Tamriel, he and his unit were recalled to the Imperial City. Once there, they fought bravely for a time, but Hyltirr's unit were ambushed by both Daedra, and a bunch of crazed Alliance sellswords. Hyltirr made a last stand alone when all of his unit fell, but eventually he was knocked unconscious and left for dead.

    Hyltirr then awoke in about the last place he thought he'd wake up: in an Khajiiti Adeptorium called "Star Haven", in Northern Elsweyr, with an official writ containing his new duties (left by some high-ranking Legion officer before being sent to the Adeptorium): to stay there, recover, and help the local population in the meantime, orders which Hyltirr begrudgingly acknowledged, as his heart was with his fellow legionnaires still fighting in the Imperial City. He never thought highly of Elsweyr before, but during his time serving there he grew to like the land and the people there, which is reflected in much of his house's decor. He eventually made his way to Southern Elsweyr and joined the 13th Legion under General Renmus' command. Once the situation on that region was solved, and feeling that he'd be wasted doing petty tasks and being stuck on Elsweyr, General Renmus started giving Hyltirr various deployments all around the other provinces as an Imperial Legion representative (starting with Pact ones), in order to try to restore law and order wherever he went and to try to gain back the Legion's fame and influence, eventually even returning to the Imperial City for a few tours and helping his fellow legionnaires there.

    But Hyltirr's luck failed him once again when soon after leaving Elsweyr he was captured and "killed" in Davon's Watch by the Worm Cult, but it all ended up in his favor when he escaped Coldharbour, recovered his soul, helped defeat Molag Bal in his own turf, and made a deal with both Queen Ayrenn and High King Emeric in Stirk: that he'd help taking care of their respective region's problems in exchange for a gradual cease of hostilities and an eventual end of the Alliance War. Hyltirr already convinced King Jorunn in that regard when he saved his life not long ago.

    PSA: I don't really care about any possible temporal incoherencies. I just always ignore them. Also, Hyltirr's backstory requires two TES III: Morrowind mods to be fully undertood: "Solstheim Castle", and "White Wolf of Lokken" (amazing mods, check them out if you can), which is where Hyltirr's nobility comes from. Any other liberties that I could possibly take are there as befits my own headcannon.

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  • azjuwelz
    It took me a long time to develop a head Canon for my main character in this game because I was clueless at first about the different story lines. I began playing after Summerset came out but only had the Morrowind chapter. My character was well into the Morrowind story line and level 28 before I realized I hadn't even started the main quest, and I had to Google to learn how to get to it!

    Since then I did complete the main quest and the AD zones but then did other things out of order as whim took me. I'm thankful for the Psyjic questline because it finally offered an explanation for my character on why things were so jumbled and out of order. Now she believes that the Psyjics chose her to repair the time rifts because they knew she was entangled in all of them. (Why? Maybe Meridia, maybe Alkosh or some other Divinity. She's also convinced either Lorkhan or Sithis had a hand in her thread of fate.)

    At some point maybe I'll try to write all of it down, though it'll be from memory since I now have Cadwell's Gold on her and most the major quest lines completed. Haven't yet completed the Summerset main quest because my girl is stalling--she doesn't want to see any more close friends die. (no joke---she rage-killed 4 dragons after Southern Elsweyr without dying once)

    So anyways, this is Ylandra Silverthorn:


    Age: ??
    Race. Bosmer
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace: Imperial City
    Titles: Too many to count, suspected member of the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild, member of the Mages Guild although she insists she isn't a mage, Fighter's Guild, rumored to have dealings with the Psyjics

    Self Bio:

    If you want my story for some book on a musty old shelf, you can all toss off. First, I want it stated plainly, that my name is Ylandra. Not Vestige, not Champion or Walker or any other thing you want to call me. I don't really know how I got mixed up in all these events, but I think Sotha Sil said it best, that I am who I am because of events that shaped me, and I must choose according to my heart, thereby consigning myself to Fate. I've done a lot of thinking since my chat with him in Clockwork City, and I think I have more respect for that "Living God" than anyone else I've met in my travels. It is indeed a luxury to have uncertainty.

    My background, you ask? I'm afraid I don't remember a lot of it. It might have been when Mannimarco killed me, but I think I lost my memory long before that, maybe during the Soulburst when daedra overran the city. I dimly recall my parents--my mother with red hair like me, my father with brown hair and a calm smile. They were traders, but we were poor. I'd run around the city, finding pockets to pick, shelves to steal from. It kept us alive. I don't remember where I came across stories of the Morag Tong, but I idolized them. I wanted to be one, in fact.

    Then the Soulburst happened. Daedroths and imps, spilling out of portals, and cruel dark warriors killing everyone in their path. The fires. The explosions.

    I don't remember how my parents died, but I'm certain they didn't survive. I ran, and fled the city, heading towards Morrowind.

    And with that, I'll probably start another thread. Maybe, lol. She's a Nightblade, obviously, and of very fiery temperament.
    Guildmaster of Nightmothers Deadly Deals

    PVE/PVP Stamblade: Ylandra Silverthorn
    PVE Magwarden healer: Raw'zl Dah Zel
    PVE DK Tank: Greta Feuerwerk
    PVP StamDK: Helga Feuerwerk
    PVP Necro Healer: Dratha Helbain
    PVE Magcro: Dorian Fey
    PVE Magblade: Arivssa Thaoral
    PVE Magsorc: Eldara Birchwood
  • Athan1

    Name: Athanasios Aldmeri of Skywatch (Athan)
    Race: Altmer (High Elf)
    Ancestors: High Kinlady Estre & Prince Naemon (parents), King Hidellith & Kinlady Tuinden (grandparents), Syrabane (alleged ancestor)
    Origin: Skywatch, Summerset Isles
    Birthday: Midnight between 31st First Seed & 1st Rain's Hand 2E; hence blessing of the Lord & the Mage constellations (health and magicka affinity)
    Education: Mages Guild & Psijic Order (magicka), Temple of Auri-El & Temple of the Divines in Alinor (religion), Sect of Harmonious Masters of Lillandril (Templar), private tutors in Skywatch and Alinor (Altmer propriety)

    Social Class: High Kinlord of Skywatch
    Aldmeri Dominion Role: Thalmor Emissary & Eye of the Queen (his aunt)
    Magick Class: Templar of Stendarr & Auri-El
    Weapon of Choice: Aedric Spear
    Personality: Proud about his Aldmeri/ Aedric descent; supremacist, calm, logical, knowledgable, modest, religious, open-minded and compassionate towards the lesser races
    Likes: Service to the AD and Skywatch, prayers, meditation, travels around the Summerset Isles, crafting
    Dislikes: The 4 Abominations (Daedra, undead, vampires, werewolves) and any enemy to the AD
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    Athan Atticus Imperial Templar of Shezarr
  • LadyLethalla
    My main, Anora, is a happy go lucky mercenary who's not afraid to get her hands dirty and doesn't mind hard work. She has several adopted siblings including 2 Khajiit and an Argonian, all of whom are pretty lazy and only work when they want to. Anora feels obligated to keep them all fed and housed and often brings them gifts such as weapons and armour - sometimes gifting them houses.
    She also has quite a thing for Fennorian of House Ravenwatch... (ref my fanfic in this forum category) so she likes to see him whenever she happens to be in the vicinity of the Solitude Mages Guild or sometimes in Unhallowed Grave.

    x-TallyCat-x // PS4 EU DC - For the Covenant! // Max level CP since idk when. // ESO Platinum trophy - 16th May 2017

    Proud member of the Aetherium Alliance.
    Melbourne Australia - the land of Potato Internet.

    Looking for PS4 EU Oceanic players
  • ArcaneScientius
    Hello all. My main is Larag gro-Khazgur.
    Age: late 30s
    Profession: wandering alchemist/hedge wizard. Retains the orcish tendency to hit things and general happy-go-lucky. Does not understand how you can successfully sneak in creaky leather. Has a good knowledge of lore.
    My motto is: I will try to tank. ... With varying degrees of success.

    I am an old Elder Scrolls fan, new to ESO, and was part of an RP guild on an RP-PvP server in AoC many moons ago. I have had good interactions on ESO, although not much RP so far. I used to play a Khajiit sneaky spellsword until I met the College librarian in Skyrim. I had to immediately make an orc wizard (again, spellsword) and the character has since stuck. I play PC-EU.

    Alts: My alts are my scarred, but still beautiful wood elf night blade Cylaeupta (pronounced Sila-yoopta, or Sila for short), and Morga gra-Ushkal, my warden orcina. I also have a dark elf necro, but she has not "clicked" yet. I am considering making her a vampire and playing as an evil villainess.

    I really enjoy the stories in ESO and I think the amazing lore is, mainly, handled very well. I think the Argonians and their lore were fleshed out and really well done and Murkmire is very good. I have heard similar praise for the work ZOS did to realise the Khajiiti, but I have not progressed at all with the Elsweyr zones.

    Language: I imagine that my chars have to learn at least some of the native tongues; it does not make sense to me to walk through e.g. Murkmire and hear locals talking in common/Cyrodilic/etc. I love the Jel (argonian language) in the dialogue. (I think you are unlikely to hear e.g. English rumours while walking in Bangkok/Rio de Janeiro/Rome. But if you know a moderate amount of the local language, you can mostly get by.)

    The decisions in game are very interesting and makes you think quite a bit and agonise about what to do.

    Setting and message: It is illuminating for me to be on the receiving end of racism in-game, as an orc. (Spoiler: it doesn't make me feel great.) But it is very loreful, well done and builds on the work of Skyrim.

    Like the Nord scout swearing at pig-faced orcs (sure the Malak Maw orcs kidnapped her, and killed and then boiled the heads of the local tribunal priests) but I was helping and, in any case, they were working on the orders of the dumbest orc in existence named Kurog. Him hiring a necromancer just further drove home the point that he is not fit to rule the orcs.

    So, long story short: I am enjoying it and hope to have more RP interactions. P.S. I did find the eso rp forums, but I am just lurking there at the moment.
    Nothing leads to more death than the need for certainty. - Xukas
    In balance with this life, this death - W.B. Yeats
    Soul Shriven

    Age: 16

    Species: Bosmer

    Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion

    Class: Sorcerer

    Education: Mages guild

    Pet: Bristleneck War Boar, named Hendrix. Rescued from band of Nordic scavengers, Hendrix was treated poorly but upon a run-in with Strazlo, Hendrix took a liking to him and a lifelong bond of friendship was formed.

    Homeland: Birthparents from Valenwood, adoptive parents from Elsweyr. A child of two worlds.

    Gods: Jone, Jode, ja-Kha'jay

    Orphaned at age 2 when parents Meldor (Father) a renound Silvenar and Cyldra (mother) had traveled to Skyrim to oversee an investigation into Nord/Bosmer relations pertaining to trade and social outreach when a meeting between them and several high officials was attacked by a group of mysterious vampires. Whether this was a random attack or attempted assasination is still a mystery. They survived the attack, but were pursued and arrested. Strazlo's parents were convicted of the gruesome slaughter by a local fanatical Nord extremist (General Rorik) who believed them to be cannibals, pertaining to rumors he had heard of the Green Pact. While being pursued, Strazlo's parents sought refuge at a nearby camp where they met a pair of young traveling Khajiit mages named Jo'Ziri and Ko'do. Reluctantly the two mages agreed to watch over Strazlo, believing he would be back with his parents soon after. Once the news of Strazlo's parents death reached them, they decided to travel to Valenwood to return Strazlo to his people. During the long journey, however, the young couple bonded with little Strazlo and decided to raise him as their own In Elsweyr. At age 12, Jo'ziri and Ko'do decided it was time for Strazlo to see his ancestral home and learn of his heritage, so they traveled to Arenthia to study with the Mages guild there. By age 15, he showed remarkable skill in magic and was sent to further his studies with the mages guild chapter in Summerset and was caught up in his first adventure, saving all of Nirn from a siege on the crystal tower from a Daedric threat. Now at age 16, Strazlo embarks out into the world to face his destiny, forge his own story, and hone his sorcerer skills taught to him by his 2 loving Khajiit fathers, and seek adventure throughout Tamriel.


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  • Terry_Arquett
    Before Coldharbor he was a simple mercenary, adventurer, and scientist from Glenumbra.
    But in order to defeat Molag Bal, he had to make an alliance with Meridia. Meridia gave him her Power of Light. For this, he had to become one of her Auroran knights.
    He was not the only one who made an alliance with the Lady of Light and was deceived. Now he must carry the light of the Goddess to the darkest places of Tamriel until the end of time. In addition, in secret from Meridia, he continues to seek a way to rescue his friend from the Colored Rooms.
  • redsaaryn
    My first and only character is:

    A khajiit that grew out of elsweyr. Being a born slave, while slavers were delivering it to skyrim, managed to escape thanks to bandits who slaughtered the elf slavers (cause nobody likes the telvanni or thalmor) with no other way of surviving the cold region this grew in the forest raised by wolves until it's family was slaughtered by hunters. Without a family and discovered being a wild child with wolf behavior this was brought to society and learned to speak and read. When it was an adult this was a kind khajiit who wanted to hurt no one, sadly that way of thinking can't save one from werewolves when one sacrifices oneself to give time so others can escape. Werewolves glared and stopped as they noticed the lack of bloody scent most khajiit or humans have they let the khajiit live and soon shared the gift given to them. After receiving the gift the once innocent khajiit went on a bloody rampage to complete the ritual, a mammoth was taken down. As regret filled the khajiit this realized one couldn't just stay completely innocent to the world's corruption, so it decided to leave the werewolves and use it's blessing to help others.

    Tales of a peculiar khajiit wandering the monster filled forest could be heard in taverns. People telling how out of nowhere a werewolf sometimes dark and fierce would charge toward a bandit boss or world boss, other times this would be white as snow followed by the spirit of its supposed adoptive family would jump to shield caravans and travelers then attack the monsters and criminals to protect them. Both stories share the same ending, after the innocents are safe the werewolf would turn into a white khajiit with black stripes then run away to not be seen again. People often wondered about it's name but other decided to call it for it's most common feature, a blood stained wolf, Red. Others speculate it's a survivor of the saaryn house...the mysterious khajiit was known as the Red Saaryn...
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  • wolfbone
    tobias rex, a breton whowas in a relationship with a werewolf breton, til he was murdered by vigilants of stendar. now tobias seeks vengance against stendaar, and also meridia for taking his freind, darien away from him.
  • InaMoonlight
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    Edit = Typos ... as usual. <;D
  • Eirinin
    Olivia of Fell's Run. Breton, child of two Mages. She spent a lot of time in her early years at a private girl's school in Wayrest. She was trained in magecraft by her father, in alchemy by her mother. Her passion is a focus on preservation of artifacts, and artwork. A happy artist, but not talented enough to make her living painting, she shifted her focus towards helping find and preserve/repair old illuminated books and art.

    Her parents recently died, and she has come home to Rivenspire to claim her inheritance. A moderate sized, but beautiful home and it's many contents, along with a small amount of gold are hers now. She means to finance her future with alchemy and locating artifacts and treasure for the Antiquarian Society, a group her father both admired and assisted.

  • wolfbone
    Before Coldharbor he was a simple mercenary, adventurer, and scientist from Glenumbra.
    But in order to defeat Molag Bal, he had to make an alliance with Meridia. Meridia gave him her Power of Light. For this, he had to become one of her Auroran knights.
    He was not the only one who made an alliance with the Lady of Light and was deceived. Now he must carry the light of the Goddess to the darkest places of Tamriel until the end of time. In addition, in secret from Meridia, he continues to seek a way to rescue his friend from the Colored Rooms.

    my apoligies. meridia is evil. there is no redemtion for any that are willing to make a deal with her black heart
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