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Who is your ESO character?

  • Crazyprophet
    In terms of my personal headcanon for my solo playthrough - Flavius Varus is an ex-Imperial-Legion soldier from Chorrol who fought for Varen Aquilarious during his brief reign, believing that Varen was a true Imperial Emperor, Dragonfires be damned. He disliked the daedra worship of the Longhouse Emperors intensely. Following Varen's apparent death, Flavius protested and stood against Mannimarco's regime and the soulburst, and for his efforts was executed, becoming Soul-Shriven.

    From there he came to align himself with the Daggerfall Covenant, seeing High King Emeric as the closest thing Tamriel had left to an Emperor - and thus a potentially good and noble candidate for the ruby throne. At this point it more or less follows the quest experience - but I've had fun with the character.

    I haven't actually RPed yet, in a big way, though I've been tempted to. From an RP perspective I'll obviously need to bring him down to earth a bit, but I'll keep the fundamentals the same. Instead of being killed for opposing Mannimarco he'll have simply deserted and crossed the border into Hammerfall, and from there High Rock seeing the Daggerfall Covenant as his homeland's best hope. He'll either get work in service to the Covenant or as a mercenary, depending on how RP goes. Fighting's all he really knows, especially spending most of his life in Cyrodiil during this period.
  • newtinmpls
    Wow, these are incredible!!
    Tenesi Faryon of Telvanni - Dunmer Sorceress who deliberately sought sacrifice into Cold Harbor to rescue her beloved.
    Hisa Ni Caemaire - Altmer Sorceress, member of the Order Draconis and Adept of the House of Dibella.
    Broken Branch Toothmaul - goblin (for my goblin characters, I use either orsimer or bosmer templates) Templar, member of the Order Draconis and persistently unskilled pickpocket
    Mol gro Durga - Orsimer Socerer/Battlemage who died the first time when the Nibenay Valley chapterhouse of the Order Draconis was destroyed, then went back to Cold Harbor to rescue his second/partner who was still captive. He overestimated his resistance to the hopelessness of Oblivion, about to give up, and looked up to see the golden glow of atherius surrounding a beautiful young woman who extended her hand to him and said "I can help you". He carried Fianna Kingsley out of Cold Harbor on his shoulder. He carried Alvard Stower under one arm. He also irritated the Prophet who had intended the portal for only Mol and Lyris.
    Order Draconis - well c'mon there has to be some explanation for all those dragon tattoos.
    House of Dibella - If you have ever seen or read "Memoirs of a Geisha" that's just the beginning...
    Nibenay Valley Chapterhouse - Where now stands only desolate ground and a dolmen there once was a thriving community supporting one of the major chapterhouses of the Order Draconis
  • stefan.gustavsonb16_ESO
    My name is Wimoweh.
    I was born in Wayrest in 2E550 (yes, I'm 32, there, I've said it) to low-born Breton parents who seemed nothing out of the ordinary to me when I was a little girl. My father's name was Kyle, and my mother's name was Selina. I say "was", because they are both dead. I'll get back to that.

    Wayrest is a prosperous and bustling city, and I grew up with lots of friends and lots to see and do. I went to a good school and learned to read and write. Bretons in general value culture and knowledge, and books are important to us. Some say that we are a little too focused on theory and forget about practice, but I have found that even in practice, theory and knowledge often gives you an advantage. A sharp blade is good in a fight, but knowing exactly where to stick it to do the most damage is just as important. And knowing a few foreign languages can help avoid misunderstandings and perhaps keep you out of fights altogether. But I digress.

    During my childhood, my parents were very good friends with a Khajiit couple next door. Many Bretons are stuck-up racist bigots, I'm well aware of that, but Wayrest is a city full of travellers, merchants and all sorts of foreign dignitaries, so I didn't really think there was anything strange with us being so close with our Khajiit neighbors. They baby-sat me quite a few times when I was very young, and once I went over to their place the next day, knocked on their door and asked if "Mister Kitty" could please finish the story he had started telling me the night before, because I had fallen asleep before the end.

    They had a good laugh over that one, but I got to hear the story, sitting by their kitchen table, sharing their sticky sweet morning tea and making sure not to miss one word. I remember it to this day: it was the story of the master thief Rajhin who stole the mantle of a trickster god, and it made a strong impression on me.

    Mister Kitty's actual name was Dro'Baghera, and Mrs. Kitty was named Dar'Magrat. They were a bit older than my parents, with no children of their own. They did have a nephew, though: Jo'Dasha, who visited them once. I remember him as extremely fit and agile, even for a Khajiit, very well dressed and with an impeccably groomed, shiny fur. I was fourteen at the time, and I must admit I was a bit smitten by his charm. He, of course, paid no attention whatsoever to the gangly adolescent Breton lass ogling him, and I never saw him again.

    I have spoken at length of my neighbors, but mentioned my parents only in passing. There is a reason for that. Like I said, they are dead, and they died when I was only seven years old. I remember them fondly, but it feels as if I never really knew them. I learned after they died that they lived a second life I never saw - a dangerous life of adventure and violence.

    Without my knowledge, my parents were in the service of the King. Not soldiers, at least not outright. Agents, if you like, but not the super secret kind of agents of legend, just agents, doing various low profile missions at irregular intervals while raising a child and leading a seemingly normal life in between their assignments.

    I have been told mother was an accomplished battlemage, and apparently father was proficient with a sword. I never saw them use or practice their skills, and I still wonder how they managed to hide it from me. Anyway, both were killed in a fight that was neither glorious nor very important. It wasn't even a proper battle, just a skirmish of some sort. They just died as a result of the ugly High Rock tradition of constantly making war with our neighbors for no particular reason. A letter from the King's administration told me that they had "fought well and died with honour", but I honestly don't think there is much honour in dying, and a fight where you lose is not really a good fight.

    According to my parents' wish, I spent the rest of my childhood with the Khajiit couple next door. I learned that they were former agents, retired from active service but with an advisory function to my parents and a few other agents in the city. So, they had been more than just friends of my parents, they had also been their colleagues.

    It sounds harsh, but the death of my parents didn't really leave me devastated. Of course I missed them, and I would have liked them to be around, but I was really quite happy to move in with Dro'Baghera and Dar'Magrat. I liked them a lot, and I had already spent a lot of time with them when my parents were away on missions (or "business trips", as they told me). I was fortunate to have them take care of me, and they were very good people. The King awarded me a handsome allowance after the death of my parents in his service, enough for me to keep the house, so the Khajiit couple moved in with me instead of the other way around. I think of them as my second set of parents. They are very much alive and well, still living in our old house in Wayrest. That place is still the place I call "home". I have never settled down anywhere else, at least not for long, although I lately found myself a quite comfortable place to stay in Alinor, sharing a rather large house with a few friends. I must say that Summerset is growing on me, and the Altmer society is not nearly as foreign as I feared before I came here. As a low-born Breton growing up in the royal city of Wayrest, I learned all about stuck-up nobility and how to avoid being bullied by them, and those skills have proven just as useful in Alinor. In fact, it feels a lot like home, only with cleaner streets and more impressive architecture. And taller people.

    Anyway, when I got to know my foster-parents better, I learned that they were not only retired agents of the King, but also former Baan Dar "cultists". It sounds ominous, but Baan Dar is nowhere near as scary or serious as a Daedric Prince or anything like that. It's not even much of a cult, just a sort-of religion with a very laid-back attitude, focusing on having fun and doing right by others rather than making offerings and letting priests do worship by proxy for you. The cult of Baan Dar is certainly less stuck-up than most traditional Breton worship.

    As you might know, a part of traditional Khajiit culture is a form of martial art combat they call the "Way of the Claw". My foster-parents were both quite skilled in it and used it as a form of shadow boxing to stay fit, and when I showed interest in their training sessions they taught me. I never really got the hang of it beyond the basics, partly because it requires a level of agility which few humans can hope to achieve, but also because the more effective moves make use of retractable claws. Still, I learned quite a lot about dodging, rolling, climbing and staying out of sight, and in hindsight I realize I must have been one of the more troublesome kids in Wayrest, as I was constantly climbing everything and sneaking into more or less forbidden places. I never stole anything, I just liked the thrill of staying hidden and going where I wasn't supposed to be. I persuaded my best friends and neighbors, twins named Sara and Gabrielle, to join me in all sorts of mischief, but we got away with it. Mostly. The few times we were caught, my Khajiit parents made sure to tell me off in public, but when we came home they were mostly curious to hear the details of my little adventures. I told them everything, every time, and they even gave me good advice on how not to get caught next time. Once they realized that I never stole anything, they actually seemed happy that I enjoyed climbing, sneaking and hiding, and told me jokingly that I would make a good Khajiit if I ever wanted to convert.

    In my early teens I showed considerable talent for magic, like many Bretons, and by the age of 17 I was sent to the College of Magic to study for quite a long time. I liked studying, I liked exploring magic, and I liked how even simple illusion spells could be used to complement my already honed sneaking skills. The college also offered courses in combat and weapons skills, and I was a quick study both with bladed weapons and bow and arrow. I also learned to wield a magic staff, of course. However, I didn't really want to take after my battlemage mother, particularly not the dying part, so I quit before I graduated. I made sure to drop out late enough to have all the skills, but early enough not to get my degree and risk being drafted for army service. I have learned a lot on my own since then, but in the official records, I am still not a properly licensed mage, just a Mages' College dropout.

    Incidentally, my childhood friends and neighbors, Sara and Gabrielle, went to the college at the same time. While I was more of a practitioner, focusing on spellcasting, combat skills and alchemy, they took an interest in all sorts of esoteric magic theories, and caught the interest of our instructors. They continued with some very advanced studies and found their calling as resident scholars in the Mages' guild. I hear they are quite high ranking members now. It would be nice to see them again some time. We were really close growing up. But once again, I digress.

    Since my non-graduation, I have taken up trade, or whatever you should call it, as a rogue nightblade mage and adventurer, making a good living on dungeon delving and bounty hunts. I make sure to stay alive by picking my fights wisely and thinking fast, sometimes running to fight another day instead of "dying with honour". I learned that from the Khajiit. Clever people, the Khajiit. Dying with honour is definitely not their idea of a successful career. I have also taken a few jobs to retrieve stolen items and bring them back to their rightful owners, but for every true victim seeking to get back stolen property there are ten others just trying to make me steal something for them, so those contracts are not exactly my favourite. Still, it gives me great satisfaction to pull off a nice and clean heist with no fighting and return a stolen heirloom before the thieves even notice it was taken back.

    I try to be nice to people I meet, partly because I don't want to make enemies for no good reason, but also because I like people. Sure, I try to avoid certain kinds of people, and I can usually spot those from far away and avoid unnecessary nasty situations. I do kill some really nasty people without hesitation and without remorse, but most people are actually nice, and I enjoy making new friends.

    I like to wear Khajiit style clothing, particularly their leather armor which is incredibly flexible and allows for acrobatic movements while still offering good protection. I also wear it for the good looks. Their traditional caps and helmets with "kitty ears" look kind of silly on a human, but I like silly. There is too much seriousness in the world, I think. My parents -- my Khajiit parents, that is -- taught me to enjoy even the small pleasures in life and not to worry too much about what other people might think. Besides, I do feel at least part Khajiit because of my upbringing, and I like it to show. The kitty ear helmet can even be an advantage in fights. Villains with a narrow-minded view of the world tend to ridicule me for it, and as a consequence they make the fatal mistake of taking some of their attention from the fight. I don't take any pleasure in killing as such, but I must admit that there are few more satisfying moments than when I get to make a racist, sexist, murderous thug regret his last words being "Here, kitty kitty".

    (Long read, collapsed for your scrolling convenience if you are not interested)
    (Edit: typo)
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  • EnjiroKitsune
    My first Char was "Okir Feuerherz" a Nord and Knight with strong shield to defend this friends and home against enemy attacks he used to be the leader of the Group.
    (Dragonknight Tank, Sword and Shield, Blacksmith)

    Then "Kelin Abendstern" (Breton) a Member of the Mages Guild.
    (Sorcerer DD, Destruction Staff, Enchanter)

    But my most played Char is M'Thenin Schneetatze (Snow-Paw) (Name will be changed to "M'Taani Schneetatze" due to it being the more lore-friendly naming as all following chars have lore-friendly names, too) he is a young Khajiit who grew up in Auridon and believes in the Eight. He went into service of the Queens Court, first for minor Tasks, then as Agent and finaly to be granted a place as an Eye of the Queen herself at the side of Razum-dar who he allways admired. Oh and he is also a sneaky thief robbing the chests of the rich people who realy could spare their wealth with the folks a bit more.
    (Nightblade Thief, two Daggers, Tailor)

    These three were my original Adventurer-Party and have met after being captured by Molag Bal they escaped due to their comnbined abilitys and are now at the task of claiming their souls back.

    Later they met her:

    "Azera gra-Teshaga", a young, female ork and daughter of a clans leader, she was sent to Wrothgar in order to prove herself worthy as a warrior-princess. At the side of the 3 adventurers, she hopes to fulfill her misson and show her father that what she is capable to learn and accomplish.
    (Templar DD, Double-handed Axe, Cook)

    that was in 2018, now 3 years later I picked up the game again and this addes these characters:

    Cyrelian L. Adaire (Middle name is "Lovimon" but as a High-Elf Necromancer he thinks that name doesn't sound quite fitting so he just uses the starting letter) He was the schoolar of a Necromancer who whorshiped Molag Bal and had plans to raise an Army of the Undead in his name. But Cyrelian didn't agree with that because the school of necromancy don't have just one way.
    (Necromancer Tank, Sword and Shield, Jewelry)

    Findriel Livan Nightwood, a teenage wood-elf, quite naive but kind hearted in his core. He is a warden and wants to live in peace with the wildness of nature.
    (Warden Animal DD, Bow, Woodwork)

    Singt-zum-Regen (Sings to the rain), the second female of the bunch and an argonian templar, she preaches the kindness of the hist.
    (Templar Healer, Heal-Staff, Alchemy)

    This is the second trio of Adventurers and also completes the crafts among my characters.

    Now the last 2 races remaining:

    Shalimar R`zamathil. This skull-painted dark elf is the former master of Cyrelian but after the rebellion of his student he was faced with him coming back (alongside all my other chars) to destroy the plans to aid Molag Bal and defeated him bit spared his life. As Shalimar saw that Molag Bal won't come to his aid, too, he recognized tht the Daedra does not respect him and does not see him as a valuable comrade to his side. So he also wen't against him and joined the cause of reclaiming Kalthafen ("cold port"? o.O) and to kill Molag Bal who has insulted his very pride.
    (Necromancer Spellcasting DD, Destruction-Staff)

    Baakar al Dune, a not very talkative Redguard those family lives in Dune and is well accepted among the Khajiit. He is a skilled fighter and the life guard of Shalimar.
    (Dragonknight DD, two Swords)
    Wan't a baked apple? It has just the right amount of sugar my Friend. Old Khajiit recipe of this ones Grandma, yes?
  • Ringing_Nirnroot
    I play a vampire blood mage/ assassin (high elf nightblade). He’s not necessarily evil or good
  • dowkkono
    18 characters all with back stories, so I’ll just showcase my main ~
    Dow Hunding - a Redguard Blood Assassin, Dark Brotherhood Silencer & descendant of Frandar & Divad Hunding; he was born in Stros M’Kai, Hammerfell. After years of rigorous sword training & devotion to the “Book of Circles” under the tutelage of his father Dwight Hunding, leader of the Cassava clan, Dow grew impatient for more adventure & the chance to foster his own reputation. Despite his father’s pleas to finish mastering their deadly bloodline technique, the ‘Hunding’s Rage’, which destabilizes one’s psyche in exchange for wielding their bloodlust as a source of power, Dow set off with his best friend, Pokkono, an Ash’abah shaman & joined the Daggerfall Covenant during the onset of the Alliance War.

    The two friends formed a trio with squad leader, Dottori, & carved a bloody path across Tamriel on numerous campaigns, earning praise amongst their comrades & disdain from their adversaries. However, the psychological effects of both the war & over using his ‘Hunding’s Rage’ technique had taken its toll on Dow.. he became darker, more apathetic & merciless, slaughtering anything in his path, including women, children & mudcrabs. He also became cynical of the war itself, questioning the motives of leaders from all three factions. With no more enthusiasm to fight for what he concluded was a senseless war, Dow bid farewell to his allies & set off once again. He was defamed as the ‘Fallen Hunding’ for having abandoned the covenant.

    Dow was eventually scouted by Astara, matron of the Gold Coast Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. Dow joined the family & proceeded to unleash the full terror of his immense bloodlust as he decimated his targets without a shred of remorse; his eerie red aura garnered him the alias, ‘Red Reaper’. Dow quickly advanced within the ranks, catching the interest of Speaker Terenus, who employed him as his Silencer. Dow & Terenus fostered a sort of student/teacher bond; Dow felt his assignments under Terenus were more impactful in thwarting the efforts of those who sought to bring about corruption & villainy in certain regions of Tamriel. Dow was convinced he’d finally found his niche.. that is, until he was blindsided by the tragic news of his father’s murder at the hands of the daedra..

    Dow hastily returned to Hammerfell, reuniting with his clan & best friend, Pokkono. After slaying the Xivilai warrior responsible, Dow reluctantly beseeched King Fahara’jad for leniency (as he was regarded a ‘deserter’ for abandoning the war effort). The king bargained with the assassin; Dow would be absolved of his crimes by the courts & in return would become the king’s personal envoy. Though Dow resented Fahara’jad for many reasons & wasn’t fond of being used as a tool to intimidate the king’s political opposition, he needed the king’s influences & resources to help protect Hammerfell from future threats & to atone for his absence. With Pokkono as his confidant, Dow surged with a renewed sense of resolve. He resumed meditation sessions to regulate his bloodlust & returned to studying his ancestor’s philosophies. The two sons of Hammerfell embarked on a cascade of quests (ESO ;P) to secure peace within the region & across Tamriel, befriending many vital allies along the way.
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  • cynicalbutterfly
    I have backstories for each of my characters. I don't necessarily roleplay as them but I do try to ask myself what would this one do during quest choices.

    Aki'noshi - high elven necromancer. His family sent him away at the first sign of necromancy when he was very little. He grew up somewhere in the Dominion with very distant relatives. He stays pretty silent on the topic. He has practiced necromancy most of his life. I'd describe him as a chaotic neutral type of person.

    Aki'noki - high elven warden. She grew up in the wilds of skyrim with her nord/reach father. Mother left as soon as she was born so there's no real connection between them. Father taught her all of her magic and skills up until his death (of old age). She began traveling the world after that. I'd describe her as chaotic neutral as well. However, she is more wild than my first one and probably more likely to kill you.

    Kaeve - dark elf vampire nightblade. This one isn't as dramatic as the others. He grew up in Morrowind with his typical dark elf family. They didn't keep slaves because they weren't rich or owned a lot of land. As a matter of fact, his parents are both still alive and living happily on the kwama farm. Kaeve, however, is a traitor to his homeland of his own volition. He is a thief, assassin, and quite frankly just likes getting into trouble. He joined up with the Covenant when he reached Daggerfall by accident. He honestly just went there because he heard there were treasure troves. Didn't become a vampire until then. Also by choice. Chaotic in all sense of the word.

    Tama'shi - high elf sorcerer. Her story is a happy one. Small trader family. Her father is a dark elf that met her mother during a trade expedition. They settled in Morrowind territory and opened a shop. Tama was taught magic by her parents and grew up quite happily. She's much more dainty than my other female elf. She's definitely neutral good on the scale.

    They're all cousins. Aki'noshi and Aki'noki are the closest related. Both mothers of each are sisters. Noshi found Noki digging through the old family archive of secrets. Tama'shi and Kaeve are second cousins through Tama's father. They knew each other growing up and continuely keep in touch. Tama's mother is distantly related to Noshi and Noki. Noshi found Tama looking up the family tree. He's the curious type.
  • sheesh1991
    Soul Shriven
    Sometimes, I just come up with characters and gradually work out details of their backstory. Sometimes, I don’t even create the character in game, this being one of them.
    This is a repost of the one I made in my WHO are YOU thread in the ESO discussion forums on Steam. The story of a character…from an alternate universe where things did not go exactly as they do in ESO.
    She was once known as the Queen that ruled over an alliance of Altmer, Khajiit and Bosmer. She was once the stoic Queen that friends and allies always turned to for guidance. She never backed down from a challenge either, even if it meant putting an end to her own kin. In another life, she would go on to defeat the Veiled Heritance with the help of one of her most trusted Eyes, The Vestige, and solidify her claim as Queen. She was once known by many in Tamriel as Queen Ayrenn.
    Although she defeated the Veiled Heritance, this would not be the story of Ayrenn the Humble's life. Her story diverged from what is most historically familiar when the one known as The Vestige...was gravely injured fending off Molag Bal's assault on the Three Alliances on the island of Stirk. It was there, that The Vestige was gravely injured and rendered comatose by the titan Sormorask, but only after defeating Ra'Lorka and Bitterwind.
    It was also on that unfortunate day that Ayrenn the Humble lost her closest friend, Razum-Dar...and her eyesight. Through the chaos of that day that Molag Bal sowed, the three alliances were united. But even so, things took a turn for the worse when the Planemeld became reality. Nirn and Oblivion...were made one.
    For three long years, Ayrenn the Humble, now blind but a powerful templar healer, has fought for survival alongside her two closest friends; Jorunn the Bulwark and Emeric the Steadfast. The three of them are also joined by the remaining leaders of their alliances; Bazrag the Bloody, Fahara'jad the Chivalrous, Khamira the Swift, Gwaering the Mighty, Vivec the Poet and Heita-Meen the Seer.
    Together, all nine lead the what is known among the denizens of Nirn as the Liberation Army of Nirn. With the help of Lyris Titanborn, Sai Sahan, Varen Aquilarios and Abnur Tharn, Ayrenn the Humble fights to preserve what little is left of the world she once knew. The resistance against Molag Bal and his alliance with Mehrunes Dagon, Clavicus Vile and Peyrite is strong, but the road to overthrowing the Daedric Princes is long and treacherous. No longer can the world of Nirn be completely saved, but Ayrenn the Humble dreams of the day she can rest easy knowing that she helped liberate the world of Daedric rule...and that her old friend The Vestige may one day awaken to a free and united world.
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    Eshunabari Rainar(main, also Ash Rain) was born in 2E562, her father Varon Rainar at that time was the heir of the small House Rainar, and her mother Tashpi Shashipal was from the Mabrigash tribe. Eshunabari has a twin sister, Dartashi Rainar(twink, second char also Flame Rain), who was born a couple of minutes later. Unfortunately, the birth was difficult and the girls' mother died. This upset Varon, he was burdened by the company of his daughters, preferring distant wanderings and exploration of the Dwemer ruins. This fact also influenced the relationship between the sisters, Eshunabari blamed the younger sister for the death of her mother and the detached behavior of her father, although she understood that no one was to blame. Dartashi, in turn, hated Eshunabari for such an unfair treatment.

    When the girls were 10 years old, their grandfather, Mils Rainar, went to war with the Tsaesci invading Morrowind. His sons, Varon and Sedam, went with him. Before leaving, the grandfather gave the girls nyx-hound puppies and demanded that the granddaughters train them. Ash named her puppy Fly, and Dartashi her Dagot. However, due to hostility between the sisters, the attitude towards the puppies was different, Ash took up the whole training, and the Dartashi puppy soon disappeared. Years later, the younger sister confessed that she had killed the puppy by mistake, she thought it was Ash's gift.

    Mils and Sedam Rainar were killed in the war and Varon Rainar became the head of the House. Due to his duties as head of the House, he was forced to abandon his wanderings and take up more closely to the upbringing of his daughters. He hired teachers, among whom were masters of witchcraft and magic of destruction. The sisters learned quickly, but at the same time, the spirit of competition was added to the mutual hostility. At one of the lessons on the magic of destruction, there was a quarrel and Ash, in a rage, set fire to her younger sister, she survived, but she had terrible burn scars on the left side of her body. Since then, Dartashi has not spoken to her older sister.

    Varon realized that the sisters could not get along together and separated them. Eshunabari remained at the Redridge family estate in Narsis, while Dartashi went to Skyrim to visit a family friend. While traveling through the Rift, Dartashi caught a Noxiphilic sanguine and eventually became a vampire.

    After the Pact of Ebonheart entered the war for Cyrodiil, Varona Rainar, as a veteran of the Tsaeascus war, was called upon to lead a small detachment provided by House Hlaalu to participate in the Cyrodiil military campaign. After a while, Eshunabari decided to join her father. Taking an Argonian named Truth-Is-Out-There(twink, third char) as a guide, she united with her father on the outskirts of Cheydinhal, where she showed her military talents and received the nickname "Ash Rain".

    During his stay in Cyrodiil, Varon Rainar managed to marry a second time to a local Dunmer woman named Andaline Falvani, who gave birth to a son, Bratus. Ash reacted with dislike to her stepmother, although she tried to hide her dissatisfaction with her father's act. Knowing the eldest daughter's fiery temper, in order to protect his newborn son and wife, Varon sent Eshunabari back to Narsis. On the way Home Ash and met a mysterious figure in a hood.

    As a Dunmer to the core, Eshunabari displays racial traits and is suspicious of members of other races (the only exception is Truth-Is-Out-There, an Argonian with whom she fought side by side in Cyrodiil). As a half Ashlander, Ash is proud of her ancestry, believing that Ashlander blood is closest to that of the ancient Chimeri, she is respectful of the "good" Daedra and somewhat dismissive of the Tribunal.
    By nature, Ash is active, hot-tempered, with a heightened sense of justice, in battle she prefers fire magic and swords, her favorite sword is the Akaviri katana "Ash Guard", a trophy taken by his father during the defense of Stonefalls.
    She has no preferences in food and drinks, although at the request of her father, when she mastered the crafts, she passed the certification of a supplier, does not like to cook and considers it a despicable occupation. In clothing, he prefers traditional Dunmer style, armor - Akaviri.
    After she found out that her father had married a second time, she repented of her attitude towards her sister and, by all means, decided to find her and beg forgiveness.
    Жизнь, я тебя люблю! Хочешь, я ради тебя, всех их убью? Я бы сделала что-то еще, но я не умею... © Death
    Small House Rainar
  • Tacit_Knowledge
    Soul Shriven
    I roleplay as a Khajiit that I named Taltherra. She is in the Ebonheart Pact. Taltherra didn't care all that much for the Aldmeri Dominion and she disliked how easily the other Khajiit agreed to an alliance with the high elves. She decided to travel to a different territory to get away from high elf culture. She ended up finding herself in Ebonheart territory and joined their alliance for food and supplies. Teltherra does not care much for any of the alliances, she only chose the Ebonheart Pact because she was interested in Nordic culture and only cared for showing off her combat skills to anyone in the alliance who questioned her. She also has a small wolf puppy as her companion. She found it while fighting a pack of wolves and couldn't bring herself to kill the puppy. The khajiit always feared wolves/dogs, and she remembered when she was younger how her family would always speak badly of wolves. But when she found that puppy, she refused to believe what other Khajiit thought of wolves. She only fights wolves when attacked first, and she still keeps her puppy safe and warm in her house.
  • Ringing_Nirnroot
    I play a high elf vampire who was formally part of some long forgotten vampire clan who grew tired of their customs. He left and became an assassin for the dark brotherhood.

    (His backstory is way too long and complicated to write here lol)
  • thoueris_apophis
    Soul Shriven
    My characters are sisters of an extended clan / family of an ancient of tribe of nomadic pastoralists and traders who regularly season in the mountain passes around the Reach and the Viridian plateau around Bankorai. As such, they have close ties to the Daggerfall network.
    Their origin stories tell of eviction and subsequent banishment from most regions across Tamriel, formally attributed to their mixed heritage (Mer and Man intermarriage) but principally their adherence to the ‘Old Ways’ (including correspondence, trade, and training for selected youths with Hagraevens ) and their matrilineal traditions: bloodlines and property are traced through The Mother: ‘we know this with clear evidence: who is The Mother’ .
    As nomadic pastoralists, they developed an extended network of craft and knowledge sharing alliances with other clans and trading centres across Tamriel, from the shores of the Alik’r Desert and the sea lanes that supplied Valenwood and Blackwood to the slave traders on the Telvanni Peninsula to the fjords of Eastmarch.
    The Clan Mother proposes and agrees not so much to marriages, as to familial alliances through Motherhood: she agrees to perpetuate / share her magical lineage to solidify Tribal / Clan ties. As a result, the Clan bloodline is an extended mish-mash of Mer and Men: Bretons with Bosmer with Redguard with Dunmer with Nord. However, Clan Mother was never and is not the leader, merely the recognized hereditary heir to the First Mother, the first offspring from a forgotten Man and Mer.
    They are Healer-scholars first and always. As such, they are proficient alchemists, enchanters, and provisioners.
    All Clan members are given a choice to become Werewolf during their upbringing, to be used as their primary defense. Clan legend traces this practice to the First Mother hence their name: The Daughters of Hirçine.
    The current Clan Mother is Ferrum-Cællo, the Warden daughter of a WoodElf/Imperial orphan bought (and subsequently married) by the previous clan Mother in the slave markets of Stonefalls, before boarding ships to spend the season with her Ashlander kin in Vvardenfell.
    Her half-sisters include the assassin/thief Ashlander twins, nightblade Nocte-Colubrumm and necromancer Königintod. In a cruel act, before she could choose to join her sister as a werewolf, a Telvanni trader who hated the Clan hired a vagabond vampire to attack Königintod in the market, thinking the werewolf Clan Mother would abandon her vampire offspring. Instead, Clan Mother opened correspondence with Rivenspire to identify, recruit, and retain scholars to train her vampiric daughter to constructively channel her abilities and unfamiliar gifts.
    I have couple others with similar backstories at various stages of development: her Redguard Warden ‘daughter’ who makes flowers grow and snow fly in the desert; her the daughters with a dead Akaviri leader, his Dragonknight namesake Wairuha-ahi and his beloved ‘Baumküchen’.
    All were raised by the Clan and nurtured in the old ways until age 8, when they were sent to be raised in the traditions and teaching and lore of an allied Tribe / Clan other than their own parentage. Thus, Ashlander would raise WoodElf, Dunmer would raise Nord, and so on. The Akaviri girls were enslaved during the sack of their city and after a period of maltreatment, left on the roadside. They were rescued and by nurtured to health by Argonian Restoration slave from one of the trailing companies of Dunmer, who raised them in the traditions of the Hist, whilst keeping their true identities hidden from their Dunmer masters.
    (tried to upload / attach character piccys without success) :/
    Edited by thoueris_apophis on January 16, 2022 3:19AM
  • CookieHunter199
    Soul Shriven
    My three main characters:
    Minerva Ruelle (age 25, she/her) - Breton sorcerer, and the eldest of three sisters born to a pair of guild mages in eastern Stormhaven. A spell-casting prodigy from childhood, Minerva studied magic first with her parents and then with a private tutor associated with the Direnni. She was especially skilled at conjuration and had a fascination with the Daedra and with Oblivion in general, and she was known for having excellent control over her summons.
    However, strictly scholarly pursuits tended to bore her, so she spent more time wandering Tamriel as an adventurer than she did studying in a guildhall. While searching for artifacts in northern Cyrodiil, Minerva was waylaid by the Worm Cult when one of their sorcerers turned her own summons against her. She's gotten by well enough since then; her new life isn't that different than her old one, but she really would like her soul back.

    Kasari-daro (age 23, she/her) - Khajiit nightblade, born in Southern Elsweyr to parents who died of the Knahaten Flu when she was just a cub. She was raised by her uncle, a travelling alchemist who also happened to be a thief and a con artist, and spent most of her childhood travelling around Elsweyr and Valenwood learning alchemy and larceny in equal measure. When her uncle ended up in a Valenwood prison, Kasari set out on her own, eventually joining a crew of privateers in an effort to see more of the world while also doing her own less-than-legitimate work whenever the crew made port. One of her solo jobs involved robbing a house in Daggerfall that happened to be owned by a necromancer associated with the Worm can probably guess what happened next. Perhaps not as put off as she should be by losing her soul, Kasari is happy enough to follow the Dominion and do what they want her too - there's plenty of fun to be had.

    Alaru Gatlis (age 29, she/her) - Dunmer warden, born in House Dres land to the owners of a shein brewery. She was a halfway decent brewer who often found herself distracted from her work by her love of nature; she much preferred being outside to being stuck in a brewery. Her appreciation for nature lead her to leave her family's home to study the flora and fauna of Tamriel, and while she wasn't much of a fighter, she was competent enough to learn some nature based healing magic and some ice spells. Not that she used them very often; it's hard to study a beast's habits and mannerisms when they're dead. Of course, her lack of combat ability came back to bite her when she was waylaid by the Worm Cult on the road. Thrust into a war she never really wanted to be a part of, Alaru has had to do a lot of adjusting, and however much doubt and pain she feels, she won't give up or back down from a challenge.
    Edited by CookieHunter199 on January 19, 2022 1:17PM
  • freqsyncub17_ESO
    Clash Victor Titan(beta) ,I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XV, XVI, XVII, XX
    Science experiment
    Cloned overtime into other racial models
    Trained in most modes of combat defense

    If you do find that one is amidst multiple encounters at once please allow the science to render itself inoperable the condition of Clash Victor Titan is continously adding to the clones knowledge during even that time. They are no longer viable to be controlled and are on autonomous. This Freqsync has no use or reason to link them to a purpose. Deletion of their protocols tied to my network has begun. . . . .The guild Chambered Revenge is in no longer responsible for damage or involvement of their being in Tamriel.
  • tinythinker
    newtinmpls wrote: »
    Wow, these are incredible!!

    Yeah, a lot of creativity here. Great to see the different ways people not only have of conceiving their characters but how they describe and express those visions.
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  • Kesstryl
    I have stories for all my characters. Some of them develop through game play as I go through quests. In my head cannon, there is a multiverse of Nirns, and the Elder Scrolls are basically events that are destined to happen in all of them no matter who the hero is or heroes are. In my universe, Nirn had more than one Vestige. Right now I'm at 14 of them. All were needed at different places, kind of like Nirn was protecting itself from multiple fronts of attack.

    I'm using spoiler because there are quest spoilers in their stories for those who haven't played some of the Chapters and DLC.
    Kesstryl - Bosmer Stam Warden - she is the Vestige that defeats Molag Bal. She was raised on the edge of the Green Pact between Malabol Tor and Reaper's March, so she is not a purist when it comes to the Green Pact and will only follow it in Green Pact territory. Razum Dar is her best friend. My alt Aereldil, who is a half Breton half Altmer - Breton Mag DK - is her husband. His own story is his Altmer father disowned him for being a half blood, and he struggled to make a name for himself on Summerset. Kesstryl met him when following Razum Dar to Summerset to help the Queen. They still work for the Queen, but they also investigate Daedric dangers coming from outside of Nirn, and do travel beyond the Dominion to follow leads that might unearth possible threats. They will meet up with Razum Dar whenever they come back home.

    While in Coldharbor, Kesstryl met and helped other vestiges to escape. In fact, Kesstryl herself was rescued by Varla - Dunmer Mag Templar - who had an affinity for the Aedra that made her an outcast among her Telvanni society. She's also an albino Dunmer, and that doesn't help with her social problems. When Kesstryl took up the cause against Molag Bal, Varla returned to Morrowind where she helped repel Covenant forces in Bal Foyen. Revus Demnavanni is an old friend and she has a crush on him, so she returned to home to find out he was exhiled to Gnisis, and she followed him there. His interest in Dwemer things lead her to Clockwork City where she saved Sotha Sil. She lives just outside of Gnisis and helps Revus with his Dwemer investigations and bumbling experiments.

    Kesstryl also rescued Thorundir - Nord Sorc Tank - who returned to Eastern Skyrim to help the King save the Ebonheart pact. He's a blacksmith, so he traveled Tamriel to find pure sources of metals, and he found his way to Rivenspire where he helped Count Ravenwatch save Rivenspire. He has a grand Nord Hall in Western Skyrim (Antiquarian house). He travels a lot so he was not there in Western Skyrim when the Greyhost rose, that story belongs to my Nord Warden Tank Reynild. She would have been a scholar had she not ended up in Coldharbor, but she was raised with a sword in hand as a proper daughter of Skyrim, and she returned to abandon her studies and become a warrior to fight Molag Bal and everything that threatened Nirn. While traveling to Western Skyrim to investigate the Ice Coven for King Jorunn, she woke up in a prison with Fennorian and eventually became the first non-vampire member of House Ravenwatch. She sticks around The Reach watching over Verandis and the Dark Heart for them, studies the texts in the Arkthzand Library, and writes to Fennorian all the time. She waits for the Ravenwatch to call on her for their next crusade.

    Gabrien - Breton Necromancer Tank - fell into necromancy after he, his wife, and daughter were killed by Worm cultists. He was also rescued from Coldharbor, and he learned necromancy to bring his family back from the dead. When his party of necromancers threatened a Khajiit father, and the father begged him to not kill his family, Gabrien came to his senses and turned on his own kind. He joined the Khajiit to fight the dragons in Elsweyr and end the necromancer threat. Part of his penance was trying to find a way to undo the necromantic power at work within him, and he sought the Psijics to help him. He still struggles with the darkness he unleashed in himself, but he's trying to do the right things.

    Luceya - Breton Templar Healer - she is a Breton noble who helped wounded Covenant soldiers in the Three Banners War. She is devoted to Stendarr, and does a lot of charity and aid. After coming back from Coldharbor, she was even more resolved to do the work of Stendarr against Molag Bal, and she traveled beyond the borders of the Covenant to help all people. I think I'm going to make her aspire to join the new Society of the Steadfast from High Isle as that would fit her character.

    Ronon - Imperial Stam Sorc - he's an ex soldier who abandoned the Three Banners War after returning from Coldharbor because dying and returning made him feel war was pointless. He feels everything is pointless. He's trying to find his place in the world, but he's not sure the world is really worth saving at the moment. Dying can be traumatic, and for him it certainly was. He frequents taverns and heads recklessly into fights.

    Malatunir - Altmer Mag Warden - a descendant of Direnni and Ayleids. After he was rescued from Coldharbor, he continued his quest to explore Ayleid ruins to learn more about the fate of his ancestors. This lead him to Shadowfen and eventually Murkmire where he righted the wrongs of his ancestors. He helped Eveli find the Ambitions, defeated Mehrunes Dagon, and considers Lyranth a frenemy of sorts. He doesn't trust her, but ends up helping her in other places in Tamriel after she disappears with the power of Mehrunes Dagon. He's still trying to figure out what her game plan is.

    I have more, but this is already long, and these are the alts I play the most.

    Edited by Kesstryl on May 1, 2022 9:52PM
    I don't care about achievements; I do care about the game world continuing on like it always did before Update 33 for my alts.

    HEARTHLIGHT - A guild for housing enthusiasts! Contact @Kesstryl in-game to join.

  • Bluedog164
    My Nord is a noble who was not happy with the events of the Dark Heart of Skyrim and
    the fact that his king was a vampire.
    He would later go and join the Ebonheart Pact and join the war between the other two factions and his faction

    He would later go on after some time have a family, have a daughter and a son; the son being the heir to his family.
    Edited by Bluedog164 on May 23, 2022 4:15AM
  • Heydan_Seegil
    My name is Heydan Seegil and I hail from the Imperial city. I was in art school at the college on Summerset studying the history of our great cutlure on Tamriel when the city of my birth was destroyed by invading Daedra and my family slaughtered. As I contemplated what I should do a more immediate threat on Summerset became apparent. The Altmer were becoming increasingly fascist and racist towards all non-Elves. Many students had already gone missing and so I knew I had to flee or I would undoubtedly meet the same fate.

    Before it got too bad I ran for the docks and hitched a ride to Daggerfall where I was waylaid by some cult. I must have died then because when I awoke I was in Cold Harbor. I never saw myself as a fighter. Heck all I ever wanted to do was play music and write about the history of the art on Tamriel. Next thing I knew I was thrust into battle and fighting for my life. It was however a profession I took to well and over the course of time I became battle hardened. I was unfortunately without a soul, but I turned this deficiency into a boon by learning a few spells by watching the Necromancers in Cold Harbor. Nothing nasty mind you I never cast anything criminal but I did learn how to make myself and my friends nearly unkillable. It was about this time Lyris Titanborn bailed me out by exchanging places with this Prophet. Later I would learn he was the reason for everything, but I had promised to help him set everything right in exchange for my soul.

    Several battles later we thought we had defeated Molag Bal and rescued everyone from his Planemeld. Unfortunately the Prophet's sacrifice was in vain as we learned that Molag Bal had caused a dragon break meaning that even though I had defeated him several other souls were destined to do or at least try to do the same over and over. Utterly defeated and exhausted I returned to my normal life. Only thing is there was now a political war on Tamriel due to the collapse of the Empire so now I was forced to make a choice. Obviously I sided with the Daggerfall Covenant because their King actually had it together. While the Altmeri Dominion and Ebonheart Pact were splintered by Civil War and backstabbing the Covenant was well managed and swiftly united against this Daedric threat.

    I settled in Daggerfall and found a room at the Rosey Lion that I purchased with my saving making me a land owner. Then by chance I was able to save the King from an assassination attempt and through this was awarded a second plot in the city as well as noble title. Certainly I was on the road to recovery here and so I continued my work for the King. As I crossed Tamriel in their service I would make sure to recover and document all the art work I found and often I am able to book gigs as a musician at local inns and taverns. Life has seemed to become more normal, but at times I am still surprised to have not only become a warrior in full plate but formed The House of Seegil upon obtaining nobility. Now if I can just find Servants to manage the upkeep of my art collection while I am away....
  • MJ202


    Alexis was raised from infancy under the banner of the Daggerfall Covenant, growing up in a well-to-do Breton merchant family in the province of Glenumbra. She only recently discovered she is in fact an orphaned war refugee from Skyrim. Seeking to learn more about her true Nord heritage she travelled to Skyrim and the Nord lands of the Ebonheart Pact.

    As she travelled from town to town, seeking any information she could find about wars that occurred about the time she was born, and perhaps find information which could lead to knowledge of her true family, she came to learn of Lyris Titanborn. What intrigued her were the repeated comments from older Nords that she resembled a youthful Lyris Titanborn, and questions if she was possibly related. Taking this as a possible clue as to her true Nord family, Alexis began to focus her search and questions on Lyris Titanborn, in an effort to perhaps learn of Lyris’ whereabouts.


    This emphases on searching for Lyris is probably what bought Alexis to the attention of the “hooded stranger” and subsequently falling victim to Mannamarco’s nefarious plot. The upside to Mannamarco’s plot is it actually led Alexis to finding Lyris Titanborn. In response to Alexis’ questions, Lyris spoke of what she knew of her own family, specifically of her mother and father. Lyris was unable to confirm if either her mother or father had brothers or sisters, as Lyris’ father never spoke of other family members.

    After the conclusion of their battle with Molag Bal, Lyris and Sai returned to the Abby of Blades, while Alexis continued to travel the Nord lands in search of her true heritage and possibly finding her Nord family.
    Edited by MJ202 on May 26, 2022 9:51PM
  • StormBlade512
    I have like, three characters I created backgrounds for.

    My main, Ra'kiir Stormblade, the Severed.
    A Khajiit Templar, and if I could have a subclass I'd choose necromancer. The Severed because he was stillborn and returned to a half-life, leaving him untethered from his own soul. Also allowed him to astral project. Loyal to the Imperial Eight, and rejects anything Khajiiti. Extremely kind-hearted and compassionate.

    Zha'arius Stormborn, the Darkmoon witch, khajiit Sorceress. Is searching for a path into Namira's darkness. Was born a prince, became a witch of her own choosing. Aligns with the Void and rejects Azura's designs and that of the ja'khajay. Pragmatic, but not at all evil.

    Lastly, Edgar Charnis, Breton necromancer, who is just some dude. Dropped on his head at birth. Was a Worm Cultist but has since reseigned. He still wears the robes because they're the only clothes that fit him properly (he has a weird body, no ass because I forgot to push the slider to the right during character creation.) Despite everything just a really nice dude.

    Edited by StormBlade512 on August 4, 2022 10:13PM
  • tinythinker
    Anyone working on the description and backstory for a new Arcanist character?

    (Other characters always welcome, but given the announcement this week some of you may already have some ideas percolating in advance of the Necrom chapter launch.)
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