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30 Slot Challenge: show off your Inns!

  • Watchdog
    ErinM31 wrote: »
    This is pretty standard, but is my first completed (or nearly so) inn room: Golden Griffon Garret, made to be a guestroom since my Altmer moved into the Alinor Townhouse. I believe I'm at 29 items and plan to add a cheese wedge to the fruit plate once I'm able to craft one. Hopefully it looks welcoming. :)

    Quite welcoming, indeed. I like it. It feels very cozy. B)

    Member of Alith Legion:
  • sueblue
    The lighting is so cozy!
    Awake/Asleep, I dream.
  • ErinM31
    Thank you both! :blush:
  • dagrdagaz_5912
    @ErinM31 and @Galen, your Golden Gryphon Garret's look good ! :)
    Although suffering from a to low max item limit :/

    My Rosy Lion Inn is almost done, shall post pictures then.

    My Golden Gryphon Garret is now a work in progress, becos i found a solution to what i hated most about this room :)
    And, the Candle Stand on the ceiling is temporary, to get an idea about lighting and reflection.
  • ErinM31
    @Galen Agreed! Those Elsweyr furnishings are lovely and that rug especially is gorgeous! :smiley:

    @dagrdagaz_5912 Very true and I do wish we could upgrade the larger inn rooms to apartments! Nice work with the Rosy Lion Inn! :) For my taste, I might leave out the tub and plant, to give a bit of breathing room and keep to the warm wood feel, but that's just me, and I'm sure the occupant would be grateful for a warm bath! ;)
  • ErinM31
    Here are some images of my work-in-progress Sugar Bowl Suite. It's the home of my wood elf who shares the khajiits' appreciation for the finer, sleeker things in life, but she's just starting out, so some furnishings are still rough or simple and one corner are good that were, er, "liberated" and on their way to new owners. ;)

    Her good friend Ezabi keeps an eye on things, as does her cat, Hircine (hit that level while doing that daily so it seemed fitting).

    I really like the effect of minimal lower lighting here -- I actually had more wall candles at one point but the ambiance wasn't what I wanted.

    A slightly older pic (no tapestry and basic bowls) at dinner. I really want to put up some drapery here, but the faded khajiit drapes didn't fit as I'd hoped. Still looking...

    Too tired to extinguish the candles... :lol:
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