Alliance Lock Ruining PvP for Many

  • Mr_Walker
    mb10 wrote: »
    Seriously lack of loyalty in the alliance war before

    Now people actually like and want to fight for their faction even if they’re behind or being dominated in Cyrodiil.

    I love the change and zone chat is healthier

    PvP is even more dead outside prime time and any improvement in zone chat is in your head, it's still populated by trolls, idiots and the borderline ***.

    Keep cheering on as the nails get hammered into the PvP coffin. On the plus side, those who want a PvE Cyro are likely to get it, as Zos would be unlikely to let the assets go to waste.
  • Hyperion616
    I thought we were past this, then June 15, 2019 showed up and it was back.
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  • idk
    therift wrote: »
    idk wrote: »
    faction jumpers have ruined PvP for way more people

    Really easy to say and hard to back up. Considering the first reason Zos gave for brining back faction locks was people asked for it. If it was really that your "faction jumpers" were an issue it would have been irrelevant that people had asked for it and Zos would have had a very solid reason for bringing it back. That alone seems discredit your comment.

    In the release notes for Update 18, ZoS specifically stated that they were aware of the concerns about Alliance loyalty and would continue to monitor faction behavior. This developer comment was related to extensive threads regarding exploits made possible by faction change. Additionally, in some of the threads which documented the abuses, ZoS requested player reports on two specific 'faction-hop' behaviors. In that context, it is clearly understood that Zenimax has been monitoring specific behaviors and considering reintroduction of faction locks for more than a year.

    If Zos had truly come up with strong compelling evidence that thre was exploiting or a noticeable affect on the campaign outcome or similar actual issue they would have not lead off with that players had asked for this change when mentioning the reason.

    Yes, Zos did make a statement in the patch notes of May last year they would be monitoring the situation, but I have yet to see any thread actually "documenting" anything showing actual real issues.

    However, the most compelling evidence that Zos does not truly think their is a real issue is they left a campaign without faction lock. It would seem to me that would be complete negligence to leave a means for people tp pull their stunts if they truly felt there was a real issue, if they really had evidence.. It really is that simple.
  • IonicKai
    The best way to measure of people preferred faction lock or not would be to open 4 campaigns that are 30 day. 2 CP 2 Non CP and a split in each of those categories that is faction lock vs not. This would allow for players to populate the campaign of their preference and then the players could vote with their play time. As it stands there just isn't enough in it to justify playing the 7 day non faction locked campaign because the rewards are worse. I'm sure there are plenty of reasons why ZOS didn't go this route but much of the comments on here ignore one thing. Most players who play ESO are not on the forums so using forum posts as the means of deciding what was right would automatically be skewed by the vocal minority.

    Before anyone tries to jump at me for either side I honestly don't care that much if there is a faction lock or not however I do think it is important that something like this be a player driven choice (and not just the small percentage that get on the forums).

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  • Thogard
    Druid40 wrote: »
    What is with the anti-roleplayer rhetoric? I am fairly certain that a large swath of the PVP community asked for this change. Of course a small part of the community will be angry, but the wants of the many outweigh the wants of the few -- at least in this case.

    Objectively, if the desire for unlocked campaigns was great enough, the unlocked campaigns would be at maximum capacity for a large portion of the day.

    The downside to the “many” is not significant in any way. None of the issues they complained about have stopped happening.

    The downside to the “few” is extreme. We literally cannot play some of our characters or with some of our friends.

    If this many people really do support faction lock, I look forward to when we make shor the faction locked campaign and to seeing just how many of the faction loyalists move there.
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  • alainjbrennanb16_ESO
    faction locking while although a great idea which i luv, u can see in pvp at points one of the factions goes dead and a faction goes from lots on it to none while the other increase from very little on it to hordes on it. Ether this is down to the old alliance jump bug or peeps are logging to their second accounts, so it seems not much has changed
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  • EllieBlue
    AlnilamE wrote: »
    frostz417 wrote: »
    Faction lock was poorly implemented.
    They should’ve added it to the 7 day campaign instead of the 30 to see if its so popular. Because the 7 day was already dead before lock.

    No. Because sticking to your faction and helping it win the campaign is more relevant in the 30-day campaign.

    If faction lock is so unpopular, everyone who disagrees with it should go to the 7-day campaign and make it the busiest.

    💯% as said above. Pop lock is great. The positive changes since pop lock implementation can be seen in chat and quality of play/fight. 💯%
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  • ayu_fever
    not everyone can be on the winning team though.
    we glorious reds need clumsy blues and stinky yellows in cyrodiil to destroy, so thanks for making poor alliance decisions i guess???
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  • Vietfox
    ayu_fever wrote: »
    not everyone can be on the winning team though.
    we glorious reds need clumsy blues and stinky yellows in cyrodiil to destroy, so thanks for making poor alliance decisions i guess???

    Save some salt for Cyro dude :)
  • Zer0oo
    BrAiNsToRmInG the ZOS way:
    ZOS dev1: "Hey how making it impossible for some players to play all their chars in pvp?"
    ZOS dev2: "Sound good and it could solve the performance problem if more player quite the game"
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  • Emmagoldman
    Your problem seems odd.

    So the guild you run with is all yellow, which makes sense as most pvp groups stay with a faction.

    Either, they all had red toons that they played last month and all switched factions to hang out with you (this is insanely nice) or you had a yellow that you can jump on to join their AD ball group. All I am saying if they spent time playing a faction that is different than their mains, (a whole group playing alts) to bring you in, maybe you should have an alt to play with them?

  • Haquor
    Sounds like a L2P issue right here... why would you log in the game and say "hey even tho I play on yellow I'll make sure to log onto my red or blue toon and jump in pvp and make it my home campaign" lol honestly what an amazing idea that was good job kid

    'good job kid'... you came across as the kid.

    Some people have multiple characters across the factions and pvp on them all for the transmute crystal rewards. Myself included.

    I spend most of my time on my favourite character but still play many others for the rewards.

    I usually spend my time in the most populated 30 day campaign regardless of who is winning because that is where the action is. Its not about RP to me. Its about the battles and the kills. So yes im not about alliance loyalty and the long game.

    If i wasnt a regular reader of this cancerous forum then i could easily have made an innocent mistake of locking out two thirds of my account including my main from the most populated and appropriate campaign. As i feel the OP did.

    All it really means to me is i have to home my main first. So no biggie. but You guys act like everyone this effects is some devious game breaking 'faction hopper' destroying pvp for everyone else and you have taken it super personally.
  • Sylosi
    SirAxen wrote: »
    Kind of defeats the purpose of Alliance pride if you can just switch to the winning side every hour or so.

    True, on the other hand a game mode that is basically not meaningfully competitive anyway because of differences in population, coverage, experience, outlook, etc means that faction pride isn't worth anything to anyone who doesn't play in some state [snip] in the first place.

    [Edit for bait.]
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