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Show off your Necros!

Time to Show off your Necromancers! Be it Tankro, Stamcro, Magcro, Hybricro, Healcro, Velcro! Doesn't matter if Costume or Outfit/Motif.


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  • driosketch
    I made my first stamcro last night, Khala the Corpse Caller. If you want to see a pic of her, just look up Khamira from the trailer and preview quest and imagine her with blue-white eyes instead. I spent so much time picking out fur patterns and coat coloring only to realize my inherent lack of originality after the fact. :neutral:
    Main: Drio Azul ~ DC, Redguard, Healer/Magicka Templar ~ NA-PC
    ●The Psijic Order●The Sidekick Order●Great House Hlaalu●Bal-Busters●
  • Icy_Waffles
    I have two weeks (PS4) but already have my necro idea planned. I am currently farming daily bgs trying to find a very elusive style page to complete one of my looks. It is a little tedious.
  • Paazhahdrimaak
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  • Knootewoot
    Wish i could share my necro. But i haven't created it because i can't decide:

    - male or female
    - stamina or magicka
    - and can't choose a race

    What is more fun? Stam or Mag?
    "I am a nightblade. Blending the disciplines of the stealthy agent and subtle wizard, I move unseen and undetected, foil locks and traps, and teleport to safety when threatened, or strike like a viper from ambush. The College of Illusion hides me and fuddles or pacifies my opponents. The College of Mysticism detects my object, reflects and dispels enemy spells, and makes good my escape. The key to a nightblade's success is avoidance, by spell or by stealth; with these skills, all things are possible."
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