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Show off your Necros!

  • jypcy
    ShadowProc wrote: »
    Valwyrn wrote: »

    Can you list what you used? Looks sick

    @ShadowProc @Matthew_Galvanus looks like:
    -light abah’s watch head, ski changer chest, and fang lair waist
    -medium worm cult shoulders
    -heavy ancient orc legs, worm cult hands and feet
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  • Danuviel
    My tribute to Fin Raziel - how I imagine she looked before she was transformed into a possum. If she hadn't been wearing the eyeband, she might have seen it coming! :D

    <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/spEavPs"><a href="//imgur.com/spEavPs"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  • Dottzgaming
    Edaphon wrote: »

    The scorpion is the most important part, of course. :p

    Looks awesome!! Whatre the motifs - specifically the chest/legs? :)
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  • Edaphon
    Edaphon wrote: »

    The scorpion is the most important part, of course. :p

    Looks awesome!! Whatre the motifs - specifically the chest/legs? :)


    The motifs are:
    Ra Gada Hat
    Worm Cult Robe
    Ebonshadow Arm Cops
    Mercenary Bracers
    Worm Cult Sash
    Mercenary Boots
    Worm Cult Bow

    The legs are hidden by the robe and the skin is the Decayed Zombie skin from the Scalecaller crates.
  • ShadowProc
    Thank you for response.

    Anyone know which shoulders have skulls on them?
  • Matthew_Galvanus
    Valwyrn wrote: »


    what outfit is this? i must know
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  • Freeman

    @DracoKaiser What sets are you using in that?
  • TrinityBreaker
    SkerKro wrote: »
    Time to Show off your Necromancers! Be it Tankro, Stamcro, Magcro, Hybricro, Healcro!

    The Velcro, I'm deceased.
    Ebonheart for life.
    Xbox NA
    I am Dog Star.

    Khajiit Stam Sorc - Ji'saad Ranajiradh AR 30
    Khajiit Mag DK - Kesjhad
    Khajiit Magblade - Ji'sava Ak'nir
    Fat Khajiit Stamplar - Dro'haniAk'nir - AR 36
    Khajiit Stam Dk - Diego Ri'jhad - AR 49
    Khajiit Magplar - Dro'nara Ak'nir
    Khajiit StamBlade - Ri'artharr Ak'nir
    Fat Khajiit Stamden - Dro'hani Warbreaker
    Argonian Stam DK - Tiberius Demetros
    Khajiit Stamplar - Diëgo Ri'jhad
    Fat Khajiit Stam DK - Drö'hani Ak'nir/Dances-With-Alkosh
    Khajiit Magden - Arctic Mayhem

  • Yvarhna
    Valwyrn wrote: »

    Damn if that ain't one mighty impressive looking Necro right there. Nice job!
  • Maotti

    Nord magcro here. :) I haven't outfitted the staff yet, not sure what to use really that fits his evil nature. :p
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    PC EU
  • ajm1946
    Only lvl 12 but loving (Dark Elf) Necro. Using 7 x Law of Julianos Light with Training Trait and Magicka enchant. 2 x Twice Born Star light Training Trait and Magicka enchant. 2 x TBS rings 1 x TBS Necklace all Arcane trait with Spell damage enchant. Torugs Pact Lightening staff Precise Trait and Shock damage enchant. Running both Shadow and Apprentice Mundus.
  • DracoKaiser
    Freeman wrote: »

    @DracoKaiser What sets are you using in that?

    It's a Costume! 😉 Telvanni Master Wizard!
    Btw in this moment nothing!
    Edited by DracoKaiser on May 21, 2019 11:20PM
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