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PC-EU Server Update - April 11

  • Gr00v3nburg3
    Well at least most of you can get in, me and a few other from that link I posted a while back can't even get in. "LOGIN FAILED Connection to server timed out. Please try again later." XBOX servers. Got in contact with support recently, was going great until recently where it is now stuck on waiting for representative or agent, been like it for 4 days now.
  • Sarousse
    EU serveur recap 26/05/19 :

    - PvE zones laggy. Loading times slow,
    - Cyrodiil overlaggy. 1 to 2 seconds on any skill. Gap closer failing (lol at the speed changes to fix the main problem : nothing changed), and even with factions NOT Locked,
    - IC loading times AWFUL. 4 to 5 times the normal time, even with the population to one bar,
    - loading screens in cyrodiil, ANYWHERE, even with 0 action around you.

    I mean seriously @ZOS_GinaBruno, what about we get a serious update from the lead team ?
    Edited by Sarousse on May 26, 2019 5:28PM
  • Wolfkeks
    ✭✭✭✭✭'s it going with the update? Didn't you guys say on the german forums around easter? At least before Elsweyr comes out? :neutral:
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  • LiraTaurwen
    Wolfkeks wrote: »'s it going with the update? Didn't you guys say on the german forums around easter? At least before Elsweyr comes out? :neutral:

    The "update" has supposedely happened already a few weeks ago, this is why they keep quiet now as if the problem has been solved lol.
  • Sanguinor2
    Our whole Group just got kicked out of yolnahkriin hardmode with boss at 2% Health so thank you very much for dealing with the Problems PC EU has.
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  • Verbal_Earthworm
    I saw this message on the Chicago Tribune website and it reminded me of ZOS' attitude to PC-EU server debacle:

    Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.
  • Banana
    Let it die and start again
  • Juhasow
    So what happened ZoS ?
  • KoultouraS
    Isn't it about time to conclude that they are just [email protected]!ting us from the very begining?
    Have u guys ever thought, that the game would be fixed if there was a way to be so?

    What ZOS is doing with this thread , is what ZOS is doing with every thread like that.
    Promises just to keep us warm. They are just addressing all this via loss management

    The truth is that for a game being released ~5 + years ago, seeing bugs originating from the beta,
    is enough to show whether the game's issues are indeed fixable or beyond that.

    Combat bug, lag and Dungeon finder issues
    are here since I can remember.
    These are hardcoded/core-game issues it seems and probably unsolvable, cuz otherwise how you can not address them?
    Either case , if hardcoded/core-game issues, then it means they will never be addressed
    ... why paying for a broken game?????
    if Developers are the epitomy of incompetence and since they are so and show no capacity to address the issues
    ...why paying for a broken game?????

    All in All, stop buying and paying.
    2 things can happen ,
    the pressure will make wonders
    the game will disappear.
    Either case will make me feel less frustrated (although I admitt , i prefer the 1st case scenario)
    Edited by KoultouraS on May 29, 2019 8:11PM
  • Zer0oo
    hey maybe we could get some updates on the matter
    Ice Furnace: This item set now grants Spell Damage, rather than Weapon Damage for the 4 piece bonus
    - Update 23
  • MikaHR
    Its great if you can just log into the game without getting tons of random errors first...
    Edited by MikaHR on May 29, 2019 8:47PM
  • Sp1dHQ
  • ynimma
    They speak only one language: money.
    I already have cancelled my sub and haven't bought Elsweyr since.
    Have you?

    They earn money with this quality right now.
    They earn money on all of us spending time here on the forums trying to figure out what language tone and words to use to reach out for them because they see we all care about ESO so that makes us cows to milk further. Regardless.
    They earn money on everything they do or don't do because there's always a reason for the addicted to log in and buy more crowns, renew the sub and so on.
    That's how easy to trap an average gamer through their psychology.
    And that trap is full of paying customers who have standards which don't mind whether the game is fit for purpose or not.
    While I was typing this, ZOS again have earned another pile of money.
    Why would they do anything?

    So mind your wallet or get even with the quality of service. Everything else is an illusion.
  • shaielzafine
    Lol they said to be fixed on 2 weeks on April. I'm just playing FFXIV while waiting for ZOS to fix their game performance and server problems
  • Svenja
    I feel rejected and ignored.
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  • Verbal_Earthworm
    It's 1pm on Friday afternoon and I am trying to play some pvp.

    But I am getting 10 minute loading screens in the middle of combat!?

    All I can do is Alt+F4 to get out of it and then I need to restart my computer just to relog.

    This is not what I pay for.

    Your silence speaks volumes.

  • KoultouraS
    It's 1pm on Friday afternoon and I am trying to play some pvp.

    But I am getting 10 minute loading screens in the middle of combat!?

    All I can do is Alt+F4 to get out of it and then I need to restart my computer just to relog.

    This is not what I pay for.

    Your silence speaks volumes.

    Sometimes even AltF4-ing is not enough, since ESO keeps runing on the Task Manager.
  • StarMightyMaster
    I like it when they said

    "A quick aside: these problems affect the PC EU more than the other megaservers because it has our highest peak concurrency of any of our six megaservers. The reason: the EU is a highly PC-centric gaming market"

    Like it news to everyone and they didn't know this was the case till they made ESO like it the first time it every happen to any game ever.

    Wait what EU has more players then NA and EU are on at the same time.

    It not like we should hold them to know that EU is bigger then NA and EU has like 2 time zone unlike NA that has like 4 we should not hold them to that they should of knew this be for like who would know this NO ONE
  • FierceSam
    To celebrate the imminent Launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, our first ESO Tavern of 2019 will occur on May 31 in Wiesbaden, Germany. Join us for a fun evening of food, drink, and conversation

    They're here.

    Now they know.
  • Waynerx8
    I hope everybody remembers in the future regarding this companies attitude towards it's player base, when they want to sell their new project, ZO$ will not improve anything in ESO now, it's just here to fund other projects and no doubt shareholders.

    I finally gave it up sometime ago and uninstalled, grew tired of the constant carrot dangling and RNG, but the arrogant dismissive attitude of this company beggars belief, so I would like to thank ZOS for one thing, and that's for making me see sense, and finally getting around to the souls/bloodborne series I have had sat around for ages, ESO not even close.

    I hope one day this kind of attitude gets what it deserves, be it via gaming press or lawsuit.

  • Cążki
    ZOS where are some dates about fixes in about to the issues ?
    Altmer skooma dealer.

  • Verbal_Earthworm
    @ZOS_MattFiror Hello? You still there? We are still staying tuned but you are not saying anything? Hello!? Matt!? Hey!? Matt!?
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