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How's the decorating of Grand Psijic villia going?

  • Shawn_PT
    Mine is almost full with stuff because I use it for storage, and even the 1/3rd or so of the outside space I've used to dump all my furniture feels so empty and wide. 700 items for such a huge house is absurd.
  • Kiralyn2000
    I've only done a bit with it so far, mostly outside. Seven storage boxes by the pillars near the entrance, plenty of trees added to the gardens, the nicer lamp-posts I've gotten around the walkways, and some of the blue glowing Ayleid crystals from the luxury vendor a couple weeks ago embedded in the central pool/waterfall for that Magical Glow.

    Inside.... honestly, the walls are so detailed & fiddly that I haven't been able to figure out good ways to put decor on them yet. I've put in a few rugs & lights, mostly.
  • AlienSlof
    About 2/3 done. Got all my stations in, torture chamber up and running and a sizeable 'corpse garden'. Still need to finish the interior.
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  • ValeofAryan
  • fred4
    My parkour guild event is almost complete. 682 items used.
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  • Facefister
    I can't unsee the windows, they should fix those.
  • MehrunesFlagon
    We need a ton more space.
  • Korah_Eaglecry
    Slowly, I was hoping for a Gold Coast open air house in the same vein as the Coldharbor house. But Ive decided to finally turn my Artaeum home into a Temple to Diabella.

    Probably a mistake since its such an odd location to put a temple to a divine.
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  • Fiktius
    I'm aware that Psijic Villa does not have enough item slots and even if I try to decorate it, it would turn out to be either half empty or very dark. So far my Villa is completely empty.
  • bearbelly
    I was planning on turning it into a huge haunted castle type-thing, but I haven't ever seen the sun go down in Artaeum.
    That kills the mood for me, so right now it's acting as a storage warehouse for furniture I don't have a spot for at any of my other homes.
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  • emilyhyoyeon
    Mine is still pretty empty because I want to decorate it with mostly alinor furniture and it's still overpriced in guild traders ftmp
    PC EU
  • thedude33
    I can't put my finger on it, but I haven't really bought in to housing. Which I don't understand because I used to love my house when I played DAOC. I spent hours decorating it and rearranging things. Was very proud of both the inside and outside. It looked and felt like an actual home.

    I don't get that feeling with ESO housing. Like many others, it's just a storage area for me
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  • Shadow_Akula
    Eh, not done a lot with mine yet, I’ve had other projects going on, though I did take a vid of what I’ve done in the psijic villa so far last night, editing it tonight and I’ll post it in a topic under the housing section once the editing is done.

    Not happy with some of what I’ve done so far though. Just trying to figure out ways to improve a few areas before I do anything further to it.

    Update here’s the vid:
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  • Jaimeh
    Storage for furniture; although I have played around with some structures on the PTS, I'm not planning to decorate it for the time being.

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  • Nebthet78
    I've used up all my furniture slots in it. I do wish they would give us 100-150 more slots for large houses like this. I would like to finish decorating the interior, (about 50 slots needed), and then put a whole lot of trees around the outside.
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  • yodased
    Mine's coming a long pretty well. I'll get some video
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  • WitchyWarrior
    After going into it thinking I'm really going to give this housing thing a try, since I have so much stuff banked, I now put everything I have taking up room in my bank in front of the house.
    I did try. I put up all the monster trophies I have on the walls. But I think the Villa is just TOO big. It makes all my things look small and weird.
    Maybe someday I'll try again if we ever get another free house. Maybe one not so big. But the Villa is very beautiful! Even without anything in or around it.
  • BomblePants
    Wow check out your mounts @Fischblut!!!

    I haven’t dared get into housing cause I just know I won’t be able to afford it....
  • Xerikten
    stopped after spending more gold than I can now earn. at 600 items I really could use double that to make what I have envisioned.

    still look on and off for a few recipes I need trying to get a deal. what really hurt was all the events afterwards dumping the prices on many items I easily farmed.
  • Ashryn
    I prefer small to medium-sized homes with big outdoor spaces. Although beautiful, Psijic Villa isn't as close to a wayshrine as I like. You also have to go through too many loading screens just to get outside. My main home of heart is the Exorcised Witches home which I've made cozy, warm, and abundantly verdant with blossoming trees & plants. Especially nice is that you don't have a loading screen going inside the house and back out!

    The Psijic villa is great to visit every now and then to meditate in its beauty & views. Otherwise...its storage.
  • Osteos
    I decided to make mine part of the Psjic Order. It is a College for the study of Daedric Princes. It is still a work in progress though :)
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  • Wintergreen
    I'm nearly done, though I could do much more with more slots, of course. I (think) I've managed to break up the larger spaces into more manageable and imo, downright cozy spaces. With the two upper galleries displays of artifacts from different (non-Altmer) cultures. Will try to get some pics posted later.
  • Knootewoot
    Tryxus wrote: »
    Storage for my unwanted furniture

    Same haha 😁
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  • stojekarcub18_ESO
    entered once, got frustrated that the max limit of things you can put in it is so low, haven't been back.
  • stojekarcub18_ESO
    Tabbycat wrote: »
    Pretty good actually. Have about 500 items in so far.

    I put in some walls to divide up the grand hall. Makes it easier to decorate.

    I must be doing something wrong, it cut me off at less than half that many items.
  • Saucy_Jack
    My Psijic Villa is literally engorged with furniture.

    My guildies can verify this.
  • TheValkyn
    Fischblut wrote: »
    I only have 10 items in that house - mounts... Decorating has stopped cause I can't fit any more mounts :'( :D


    There's probably $1,000+ in that screenshot.
  • MornaBaine
    I knew with the item limit I'd never he happy trying to make it a proper home. So, I have two. The one on my main account I have turned into a haunted cathedral/mausoleum with crypts running down both sides of the main hall and "special" ones in the 2 round flanking rooms. Urns and flickering candles in all the wall niches. I've used EHT to give it some darkness and gloom and some spooky lights. The outside I've put a lot of pretty Summerset trees and graves out. One of the side rooms is a black market for necromancers which I am just getting started on. I think I'll barely have enough item slots to do it justice. The design concept calls for a lot of open space so the low item count of 700 isn't impossible to work with.

    The second one I made into a "summer palace" for High King Emeric's Queen, Maraya. This meant ignoring the rooms behind doors in order to create a proper court in the main hall. The two round rooms are a library and a conference room with the large round (ok octagonal) Redguard table. Again, lots of pretty trees outside. No EHT gloom.

    Neither project will ever be what I REALLY want because the item count would have to be doubled.
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