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How's the decorating of Grand Psijic villia going?

  • Tryxus
    Ashryn wrote: »
    I prefer small to medium-sized homes with big outdoor spaces. Although beautiful, Psijic Villa isn't as close to a wayshrine as I like. You also have to go through too many loading screens just to get outside. My main home of heart is the Exorcised Witches home which I've made cozy, warm, and abundantly verdant with blossoming trees & plants. Especially nice is that you don't have a loading screen going inside the house and back out!

    The Psijic villa is great to visit every now and then to meditate in its beauty & views. Otherwise...its storage.

    Same here :) I got the Witches Cottage as my main (and only) house and pretty much filled it up with Conservatory pieces to make a huge garden

    I tried moving it to the Villa, but I ended up with a garden that was so spread out it didn't have that cozy and foresty feeling that it had at the Cottage while the interior of the Villa felt so empty

    So I moved back and improved the placement of my furnishings, got a lovely garden again :) And my Villa's now relegated to storage.
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  • Sylvermynx
    Very slowly. I'm pretty cheap when it comes to buying plans.... and of course mostly the plans etc. I find around aren't what I'm looking for....
  • BretonMage
    I spent a couple of days trying to furnish it and it still looks empty. I'll make a few more attempts some time in the future, but right now I'm far more comfortable in my cosy Cliffshade.

    Still, it's very nice to have, and I'm glad to finally have a space for the Vvardenfell Scale Model.
  • Starlock
    I haven’t been playing much lately, so that house is still being worked on. The one room that’s mostly done is the dwemer/clockwork room.
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  • yodased
    Tl;dr really weigh the fun you have in game vs the business practices you are supporting.
  • lillybit
    I haven't touched it. I really want to make it my primary but four loadscreens between a house and a wayshrine is just too awkward. I know there are alternatives like travelling to a guild member, but I don't want to rely on a hit or miss system to get where I'm going
    PS4 EU
  • G1Countdown
    I turned mine into a 'The First Tamriel Church of God' I finished the inside, but I only have about 70 slots left to make the outside feel full. Kind of stumped on it.
  • JamieAubrey
    I put some monster masks on the fountain out front and thats about it, I dont visit or have items to do it up,
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  • russelmmendoza
    I cant put all my pets, mounts and trophies in there.
    I quit bothering with it.
  • MartiniDaniels
    I am morrowind guy, so I'm trying to make it as bizarre as possible, it starts with guar farm and then I place there all mushrooms i found. Also I hang in the air all extra paintings I find, so it will look like Salvador Dali museum in few years.
  • PocketNova
    I turned mine into Hogwarts a while back. Haven't really touched it since.

    It's far too big with such a limited furnishing limit that there's not a whole lot you can do with it to make it feel homey.
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  • M_Volsung
    It makes for a most excellent warehouse for things I don't want and don't want to get rid off.
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  • klowdy1
    Tasear wrote: »
    Wasn't long ago many of us got this house at summerset event. Now question is how is it going witg it?

    P.S Just a reminder free eso plus trial going on right now gives double housing slots so make sure to go shopping if you haven't already.

    I have been gone for a while, since a month or so after Summerset launch. I didn't even realize I had this house until last week.

    So far, I've placed a bunch of mounts outside, all of my undaunted busts in just inside the front door, and a bed and my storage chest in one of the back rooms. I'll more than likely just turn the main hall into a test dummy room eventually. It might come together from there, or not.

    I'm not much for housing in games, but sometimes I feel the itch to do some. I have a nice house in SWtOR, and had a pretty nice one in wildstar, but we know how that ended.
  • Varana
    yodased wrote: »

    At 2:21, where are those statues from? (The two flanking the main entrance, inside.)
  • MornaBaine
    Varana wrote: »
    yodased wrote: »

    At 2:21, where are those statues from? (The two flanking the main entrance, inside.)

    Those are crown store undercroft furnishings I believe. Not sure if they are still available individually but they were originally in one of the Redguard furnishing collections.
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  • KingofAnnwn
    I started to decorate mine, but then got bored of doing it and due to its large size, I'll never make/collect the furnishings to fill it.
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  • Inarre
    Mine looks like a garbage dump after a tornado went through.
    Edited by Inarre on February 11, 2019 11:27PM
  • Wintergreen
    Finally managed to get some time to take some decent screenshots. Who wouldn't want such a cozy little home?

    The entrance

    Main hall

    Conservatory / Lab


    Undercroft Entry

    Gallery (Beast Races)

    Master Bath
  • xAk_MoRRoWiNdx

    One day I hope it will look like this, but I'll never have the money or friends to be able to achieve this :(
    New to forums and stuff so I 99.9 percent probably won't see your response and such, so use the at symbol at me I guess? IDK :/. This BBCode stuff is really cool!! :D.
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  • Dojohoda
    I'm still working on it. So far, I've got lots of stuff in mine, 10 or 11 precursors (need more), skeletons and other dummies. I have one naughty plant.



    I have a few mundus stones, mostly mag-based since I have a gob of magblades.



    Nothing to see here. :#



    (the loot is on the way)






    If you ever visit @Dojohoda climb up to the log cabin. It's safe! I promise! :* BUT you have to walk the plank and jump into the water as a Monkey.


    Edited by Dojohoda on February 12, 2019 7:01AM
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  • Gariele
    Since it is to big to go all out with decorating and lots of detail we turned it into a multi guild Guild Hall
    Winter Rose
  • Ryath_Waylander
    I did start on it but never got past the main hall. I don't like the multiple loading screens to access and leave the house, I suffer from long loading screens. The killer for me was constant daylight slanting across the hall. So I've abandoned the effort and am using my time to save up the millions and millions of gold I'll need to buy crowns for one of the lovely notable homes that are locked behind a stupid Real life money price of crowns only :/
  • Gythral
    oh that blip off the map on Arteam - haven't been there since it was added
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  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    Okay, the villa is still sparsely furnished, but at least it's kind of decorated:

    Great Hall - entry side
    Great Hall - other side
    'Ursus arctos arctos' translates to 'Bear bear bear'.

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  • Tasear


    What are those black rocks?
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  • sedi
    I just use the spawn area with the water feature. Never bothered with the inside as the outside bit is perfect anyway.
  • Uryel
    So far I made a pretty cool library inside one of the small circular room. My wife made a pretty cool shrine to Sheogorath with a ton of vegetation in the spa area at the back, in her own villa.

    Yeah, so far so good. When I get more ideas for it I'll get going. Should be finished around the summer of 2023.

    My Aldmeri Grotto looks gorgeous, though B)

    Jokes aside, 700 items with ESO+ is ridiculously low for such large houses. 1000 should be a minimum.
    max_only wrote: »
    Bosmers sneaking past all the dangers in the woods. Come upon a cultist doing a ritual? Sneak past. Come upon a brigand ambush? Sneak past. Come upon a mighty beast? Sneak past. The feeling of “yesssss” when you can squeeze by in tight spaces unnoticed. Sometimes I’m able to take what I need from right under their noses.
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