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How's the decorating of Grand Psijic villia going?

Wasn't long ago many of us got this house at summerset event. Now question is how is it going witg it?

P.S Just a reminder free eso plus trial going on right now gives double housing slots so make sure to go shopping if you haven't already.
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  • ezio45
    Kinda stopped on it. Was having trouble getting mats for it. Finding furniture that I was unable to craft. Then murkimire came out and I really haven't been playing much.
  • Hippie4927
    Tryxus wrote: »
    Storage for my unwanted furniture

  • Danikat
    At the moment I'm using it for storage too. I've got no use for it as an actual house because it doesn't suit any of my characters and the layout is tricky to make into an actual house.

    At some point it's going to be my experimental space, for building weird things that wouldn't fit in my other houses, but I want to finish at least one house before I start on crazy projects.
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  • lientier
    PC-EU @lientier
  • Varana
    At the moment, furniture storage.

    Might try decorating it when they increase the limit. Before that, it's not worth the effort.
  • Bigevilpeter
    Just put 2 dummies one 3m and one 6m and put my merchant and banker all in the outer area near the entrance, really dont know why I should waste so much gold on a house that basically is there for test dummies most of the time
  • Cillion3117
    On hold. Not enough resources, and I dont want to spend money on crowns. I haven't even set foot in there in a long time.
  • ArcaneBlue
    haven’t touched it. for some reason I can’t get into housing stuff on eso :/
  • Zacuel
    Storage for me as well.

    Though I believe it could make a great guild hall for those who run decently sized guilds.

    Assuming they improve guild function someday.
  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    I decorated the hall (quite to my liking... a huge tree in the middle using a lot of the excess space) and a small bedroom, but basically I'm living between packing cases. I'll continue decorating the villa whenever I'll find some fitting pieces of furniture.
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  • Zathras
    I have 2 paintings in one of the side rooms. It sounds like a minimalist effort, but it is the beginning of a long term project.

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  • TheNuminous1
    I love altmer culture. I am a huge fan of the isles and artaeum especially. Been fantasizing about it for ages. Long before eso even existed I've wanted to live on artaeum.

    But the item cap is too small. And the manor is way to huge. For me to make it feel properly decorated.

    I've made some crazy amazing housing creations. And when I finally do the manor it will look fantastic. But until the item cap is raised I'll never be happy
  • Kikke
    truth be told, I gave up after I tried filling it with no prevail, ether the outside got completed or the inside =/

    So now it's a storage unit for all my unused furniture xD
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  • myskyrim26
    I still don't know what it should be. An art museum for all the pictures? A collection of exotic plants from all Tamriel? I always wanted a picture gallery, but Murkmire plants tempt me to make a conservatory... With some flying creatures...
    Edited by myskyrim26 on February 10, 2019 1:58PM
  • jainiadral
    I keep pretending I'm going to do something with it. I have a personal bedroom set up with a lame bed and a couple of cat toys on the floor. Plus some cats. I've hung up paintings that clutter up my personal inventory and bank space. I flopped some mushrooms down in the main room back when I thought I was going to let ESO+ lapse so I'd have bank space.

    I thought I was going to turn the mushrooms into an obstacle course for my kitty collection, but I keep putting it off for actually running the story and trying to finish the CP grind.

    I did put the cool Argonian calendar in a becoming space in the entry plaza. So that's something, I guess ;)
    Edited by jainiadral on February 10, 2019 2:02PM
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  • Mrsinister2
    It holds all the junk I don't want in my real house. It takes to long to get from portal to the actual house do I don't use it.
  • Tabbycat
    Pretty good actually. Have about 500 items in so far.

    I put in some walls to divide up the grand hall. Makes it easier to decorate.
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  • Tandor
    I have 3 Grand Psijic Villas, given that I have two accounts and play one of them on both EU and NA servers :wink: ! One of them is sparingly furnished, the others not furnished at all yet. Like ESO in general, they're long-term projects :smile: !
  • xxthir13enxx
    Haven’t been back since I got it...tbh
  • pod88kk
    M p t
  • moses1763
    lets just say it is a work in progress; like others have said 'it's a long time project'.

    would love some vids of others efforts just for ideas...
    Edited by moses1763 on February 10, 2019 2:27PM
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  • Alinhbo_Tyaka
    I've kind of stopped and have been removing some items to use in other houses. I have a couple of reasons for doing this. The first is just not having enough crafting recipes that fit the style and not wanting to go broke buying them. The other and more important of the two is no matter what I do large portions of the inside and outside just look empty. It is why I don't like any of the huge estates as the item limit is so low they never look complete. If they doubled it to 1400 items I might reconsider spending more time attempting decorate it but for now I will stick with house sizes where I can make them feel complete.
  • PhoenixElf
    I'm still working on filling it up with furniture. It's half empty.
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