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What do you wish crown store sold... but doesn't?

Is there something you wish you could buy in store but it's not offered or no longer offered?
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  • Aurelle1
    Grand Topal Hideaway!
  • idk
    Field respect shrine so we could change skills, et all, without going to one of the specific places required.
    Really, idk
  • Fortunatto
    Alinor dresses :cry: and more character slots, a lot more
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  • dwemer_paleologist
    1) small underground 1 room (small room) for me and wife with 1 bed
    and a hidden door to it in bushes.
    (for us thief / stealther types.

    2) hirelings that i can spawn in groups to help me clear out dungeons.
    please increase sneak speeds.
    playing since beta 2013
    PC NA

  • Zorrin
    Dapple Grey Palfrey
    Grey Yokudan Charger
    Witch Knight Charger
    Pretty much everything everyone above has mentioned

    ..... Storm Atronach crates ;)
  • degarmo_ESO
    CP configuration saves so I can switch easily between PvP and PvE CP allocations.

    EDIT: Just realized I should look and see if there was an addon, and there was ;)
    Edited by degarmo_ESO on January 10, 2019 5:50AM
  • TankinatorFR
    More small and medium houses. And original and unusual ones, like caves, boats, Empty terrains in the forest, ponds...
    Big at max. There is just too much giant houses impossible to furnish.

    But, more than everything else, I want theses hairs :
    I am waiting for this hairstyle since it was available on test server during the hairstyle system test... But it never happened, with the exception of an ugly tinted version in dwarven crates.
    Edited by TankinatorFR on January 10, 2019 6:03AM
  • Sharee
    The stuff PvE players want but can only get in PvP.

    The stuff PvP players want but can only get in PvE.

    I would totally buy NOT having to grind the undaunted passives on yet another toon...
  • SydneyGrey
    Zorrin wrote: »
    Dapple Grey Palfrey
    Grey Yokudan Charger
    Yes, thank you. Those were the two I was thinking of. I've been playing for two years now and they've NEVER been available in all that time.
  • wenchmore420b14_ESO
    Maybe the "Chefs Outfit" from a few years ago.... :)
    Or more Housing Slots so I can do a proper Guild Hall for my guildies.... (Huzzah Conclave!)...

    But TBH, I wish they would do away with / or stop focusing on the Crown Store / Crates so much.
    Rather than focusing on loading up with new, more, etc, focus on quality of game, not quantity of "stuff"...
    Just my 2 drakes... :wink:
    Huzzah my fellow Tamrielians....
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  • vermillion2077
    More hairstyles and personalities.
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  • AlienSlof
    heaven13 wrote: »
    Honestly, I wish ZoS would stop pulling stuff from the regular selections. Stop making everything limited time only and shelving the rest to later become filler in crown crates.

    Hair and skin color packs, like the existing hair style and adornments. Let my Altmer have black hair or my Imperial be a true pale, redhead.

    Mounts and tack sold separately. Stop sticking ugly or intricate armor/adornments on mounts without an option to toggle it off or at least to just basic saddle. Ideally, tack could be sold separately and interchangeable like outfits for characters.

    ^ So very much ALL this! ^
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  • Emma_Overload
  • Mixith
    I've wished for the longest time that they sold the craft bag seperately too but i doubt it will ever happen
  • xMovingTarget
    Mixith wrote: »
    I've wished for the longest time that they sold the craft bag seperately too but i doubt it will ever happen

    They do sell it seperatly. 12.99 per month.
  • NeroBad
    1. Class Change Token
    2. Inventory space upgrade (to 250)

    +. Craft bag would be good (but what would be the price considering it is the main reason for subscribe?)
  • GaunterODim
    Radiant apex mounts for 800 gems each
    and I support the black hair altmer changes.
    Edited by GaunterODim on January 10, 2019 10:28AM
  • Spark
    I would buy additional item slots for my house.
  • Spark
    Oh yeah and hair dyes to change character hair color. We can already change the style!
  • Danikat
    Dapple Grey Palfrey.

    I didn't get it when it was available because it was one of the first crown store items and there was no indication any of them were temporary. I got the White Mane first, thinking I'd get this one later, then missed it when it was put on the count down to be removed (if there was a count down? I can't remember now).
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  • WuffyCerulei
    Class and faction changes. The faction changes with a long timer on em though. So people don’t hop from faction to faction on one toon.
    I will kick everyone's butt, even my own.

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    Tsalli-ko - Khajiit Stamina Sorcerer
    Sings-to-Starlight - Argonian Magicka Warden
  • lagrue
    Aurelle1 wrote: »
    Grand Topal Hideaway!

    It really does come down to this for me too...

    Nothing made me more upset than them announcing it was only going to be part of the Dungeons event at the end of the 2018... I would have gladly threw the ~$100 at them to buy it.

    To be honest I think outside of seasonal stuff like the Snow Globe home, all the houses should be in the store, I don't see what the point is of limited timing them - it doesn't really do a good job of pressuring people to buy and it just keeps otherwise welcomed content out of people's hands. (and money out of their pockets)
    Edited by lagrue on January 10, 2019 1:33PM
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