What do you wish crown store sold... but doesn't?

  • Tylos001
    A flying eagle pet 😁
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  • Thannazzar
    A token that hides all whining PVP Balance posts from General Chat in the forums and resigns then to the PVP thread channel.
  • Mintaka5

    Play style. Style of play. Play with style!

    PC/NA - Altmer MagSorc DPS
  • Wildberryjack
    Sanguine's Black Goat. Really want that creature.
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  • Banana
    A 100 ping
  • Beardimus
    1. Mannequins for houses to save CP, gear, Skills onto for fast swap

    2. Guild bank / store Access via banker

    3. Guild bank / store via house

    4 made those ice / fire / shock gauntlets have function and act like MagDW. Destro passives up but no staves in hands
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  • gepe87
    Refabricated Style
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  • EphemeraCrawford
    Hairstyles and personalities. Reusable dye stamps (can have an application cost). Better, more detailed skin textures and makeup (made by someone with expertise in avatar customization)
  • Cillion3117
    More horses. Nothing glowing or magical. Just horses with cool saddles.
  • yooqi
    Soul Shriven
    Brassy Assassin personality :'( or just more personalities in general.
  • Runs
    An assistant that takes my survey maps and either gives me mats right away or mails them to me, after he collects the nodes.
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  • karthrag_inak
    Fake Khajiit tail, so my mag toon khajiit wannabes can look the part even more.
  • tactx
    - Weapon effects that can be bought and applied to any weapon motif.
    - Mount effects (1 per mount) that can make a mount amphibious, reduced aggro range, faster, etc.
    - Repair upgrade for personal merchant.
    - Permanent character memento effects like the wild growth effect that wears off quickly.
    - Account-wide outfit slots.
    - Face masks that can be applied separately so you can wear a hood and then apply a mask.
    - Wayshrine for house (maybe only for notables?)
    - Emperor costume because it's amazing.
    - Daggers in the monster weapon packs.
    - Longer beards for wizards.
    - An account upgrade that allows you to hide armor slots completely.
    - Upgrade that also allows removal of hip flaps.
    - Increased transmute crystal storage.

    I can go on and on...
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  • Morgul667
    Hide vampirism

  • Morgul667
    Account wide outfit slots, for reasonable price (say 1500 crowns xD)
  • Reistr_the_Unbroken
    Vampire lord polymorph, or a vampire house

    Better yet: Storm Atro Crates
  • richo262
    1) Class change token. WIth the theme of adding a new class every 2nd chapter, it needs to happen.

    2) Armories for Arena weapons that you can store unlimited amounts of that particular Arenas weapons (like a chest, unlimited capacity but highly restrictive in what you can put in them, limited only to the weapons found in that particular arena).

    Edit; 3)
    The same as 2) but for undaunted monster sets. Can only store 1 each set in each trait and med/light/heavy config.
    Edited by richo262 on January 13, 2019 12:12PM
  • notimetocare
    class change (we can change nearly everything else anyway)
    more character slots (enough that even the most crazy people would hesitate to buy them all)
    craft bag (without eso+ requirement)
    map and scroll bag for my surveys, maps, etc
    furnishing bag
    siege bag
    bank increase (would prefer in game options as well)

    I'm glad none of these are in. I could give into more character slots... but come on how many are really needed... I have 15, play maybe 3 lol
  • Atallanta
    Runs wrote: »
    An assistant that takes my survey maps and either gives me mats right away or mails them to me, after he collects the nodes.

    OMG this!!! :-D
  • NormaCenva
    A chub loon :smile:
  • Sparr0w
    Addons. Class changes. More character slots.
    @Sparr0w so I get the notification
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  • Didaco
    More hairstyles, more beards, more accessories, skins that look more "normal" and less "lava lamp bukkake", outfit PARTS and more hats.

    Heck, can we please stop for a second and realize there are more mounts than hairstyles?

    On the "not quite possible" part of the wish list:

    -Alternative skill animations

    -Weapon stances: always wanted to hold my greatsword on the shoulder, or have a reverse hold style for dual swords or daggers, or look more savage with a pair of axes, or hold my staff with telekinesis... Ofc, LA and HA animations would change accordingly

    -Alternative jumping, sprint and dodge animations (flick flock, stepping a la Bloodborne, levitating stepping for mage characters, obviously each one would have the same timing/duraton of the current dodge animation etc.)

    There's more I'd like to see but I'll stop here xD

    Edit: I meant flic flac there, I'll leave it be.
    Edited by Didaco on January 14, 2019 3:41PM
  • paulsimonps
    Faction change token. Sucks that my wife's main is on a different faction, we can't play cyrodiil on it together, make it priced Right and give it a solid long cool down and there is no harm to changing factions, don't see people spending a *** ton of money to abuse that, and it's not like there is a super high use for it other than what I for example need it for. And no remaking a four year old plus main character is not a good substitute. The time and effort into a character like that can not easily be redone. It would take years, something we would be happy to pay to not have to do. For now we PvP on alts, which is not as fun.
  • AngelaWasp
    Bone Dragon Construct. I started playing ESO after it was discontinued and I never got it in the undaunted boxes, even though I did the event every day.... hoping.... but it never happened and I've always been quite fixated on the Bone Dragon Construct.
  • Jayne_Doe
    Danikat wrote: »
    Dapple Grey Palfrey.

    I didn't get it when it was available because it was one of the first crown store items and there was no indication any of them were temporary. I got the White Mane first, thinking I'd get this one later, then missed it when it was put on the count down to be removed (if there was a count down? I can't remember now).

    @Danikat Yes, there was a countdown on these and they were even 50% off. Here's the Crown Store Showcase article that announced the sale and removal. I'm sorry that you missed the announcement and the sale. I have both horses and still use them. I also got all the other items that were removed (for 50% off!) - chef outfit, blacksmith outfit, and guar pet.

    As for items I'd like to see - more assistants. Give us a writ courier NPC who would bring us the writs and then take the completed items to turn in. Or, it could just be a writ board/turn-in box. Just give me a reason to use my nicely decorated crafting areas in my homes.

    I would also like to see them add full functionality to the banker and merchant while they are in your home. If they won't do that, then offer a guild assistant for guild bank/store access. I don't care about armor repairs, since I have tons of repair kits from crafting writs and haven't paid for repairs in years, but I know others do. So, they could also add an armorer assistant (though I really think that would be pretty expensive to buy an assistant just for that - it should really be part of an expanded functionality of the merchant while in a home).

    I'd love to get a hair dye pack, as others have already mentioned. These would be the basic dyes available in character creation. Then, they could sell more dyes like they do the costume dyes, for new colors.
    Edited by Jayne_Doe on January 14, 2019 7:17PM
  • BretonMage
    Solo mode.
    Mired in nerfs
  • RavenEye
    The elven hero and Naryu's costumes :)
  • Feric51
    lagrue wrote: »
    Aurelle1 wrote: »
    Grand Topal Hideaway!

    It really does come down to this for me too...

    Nothing made me more upset than them announcing it was only going to be part of the Dungeons event at the end of the 2018... I would have gladly threw the ~$100 at them to buy it.

    To be honest I think outside of seasonal stuff like the Snow Globe home, all the houses should be in the store, I don't see what the point is of limited timing them - it doesn't really do a good job of pressuring people to buy and it just keeps otherwise welcomed content out of people's hands. (and money out of their pockets)

    @Aurelle1 @lagrue

    If you email customer support they will most likely let you purchase the completely unfurnished version with crowns at any time.

    I had a guildmate do this in September/October of last year. Took him a week or so of back and forth emailing to get it done, but he bought the crowns necessary and they awarded it to him.

    Note* This was the completely stripped down version - ZERO (0) furnishings at all, including environmental furnishings that would normally be there in the "unfurnished" preview. Though I will say, in his case he got a mail from ZOS shortly thereafter with a "furnishing pack" that included some trees, rocks, etc. that might have been those items.

    Bottom line, if you want this house and have the crowns to buy it, send them an email! They want your money, and they're known to make "limited time" items available through private requests.
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