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Combat Update in U21 - A New Approach

  • todokete
    Fix weaving
  • LonePirate
    Fewer changes to the combat system seems like a good idea. Reviewing/fixing racial passives seems like a solid approach for the next update. Please proceed.
  • Rake
    Race buffs > Race nerfs
  • CosmicChaos
    I just hope this means making racial passives have more an impact and not nerfing the existing ones to be as bad as others. With what was said it definitely sounds like a good move, but I have been fooled before. And they need to offer one free race change token once the changes are made.
  • Hearts_Wake
    idk wrote: »
    No offense, but considering the seemingly lack of direction Zos has had with these changes, leading to heavy handed changes, I do not see that the message offered in this thread offers anything meaningful.

    I think we all know we can expect more heavy handed changes from a group that is challenged playing their own game just as we say a month ago and multiple times this past year and before.

    As long as Zos lacks a vision yet uses the word loosely this will not change. Real change starts with the leadership. Zos needs some.

    This is absolutely, 100%, true.
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to U21.
    PC EU
  • macsmooth
    Also I would like to add that I am very disappointed in the fact that the race card was used here, there is enough issues in the world today without more racial issues being thrown about

    Guess the next class to this game will be the trump class
  • Minno
    Defilted wrote: »
    "When selecting a race, players should have multiple effective options for any given gameplay role."

    Maybe you have in mind what you are doing already, but as it has been suggested in the past is there any consideration to opening all racial passives and allowing each player to pick the passives they want within reason.

    1 Stat bonus
    1 recovering bonus
    1 damage or mitigation bonus
    1 non stat bonus like sneak speed or pickpocketing

    This would allow players to choose the race they want for looks , but the passives they want for the class the are building. I am sure this would also allow more min/maxing of racial abilities and certain groups would require specific racials for this or that group type but this kind of behavior is already happening.

    I am also sure this has the potential for abuse, but would allow you to balance the racials independently from each other.

    Some of the races already have this in a way.

    1 Stat: max mag
    1 recov: cost reduction
    1 dmg/mit: spell resists
    1 non stat: AP gain + light armor experience gain

    1 Stat: max health
    1 recov: pot passive
    1 dmg/mit: increased healing (10% self with 5% others) and poison + disease resistance (immune to poison and diseased from status effect procs)
    1 non stat: resto staff experience + swim speed

    1 Stat: massive stam+health
    1 recov: n/a
    1 dmg/mit: 10% heal on melee attacks but that's it.
    1 non stat: gold gain + snb experience.

    1 Stat: health+stamina
    1 recov: health recovery (missing stamina recovery)
    1 dmg/mit: 8% mit + frost resistance
    1 non stat: two hand experience + drink duration

    1 Stat: health and stam
    1 recov: health recovery
    1 dmg/mit: sprint speed + melee damage+healing received
    1 non stat: crafting inspiration + sprint cost reduction

    1 Stat: stam
    1 recov: stam recovery and recovery via melee attacks
    1 dmg/mit: (missing other dmg or mit )
    1 non stat: food buff (missing other buff )

    high elf:
    1 Stat: max mag
    1 recov: mag rec
    1 dmg/mit: only elemental damage, but no mitigation
    1 non stat: experience gain + destro experience

    wood elf
    1 Stat: max stam
    1 recov: stam rev
    1 dmg/mit: poison and disease resistance/immune to poison and disease status
    1 non stat: less fall dmg

    dark elf:
    1 Stat: stam + mag
    1 recov:
    1 dmg/mit: immune to burning, fire+ice/lighting dmg
    1 non stat: lava dmg reduction + dw experience

    1 Stat: (missing stats entirely)
    1 recov: health+stam recov
    1 dmg/mit: stealth damage+weapon critical
    1 non stat: pickpocket+medium armor experience+reduces detection area

    Seems balanced except bold is missing based on that lineup. Great comment!
    Minno - DC - Forum-plar Extraordinaire
    - Guild-lead for MV
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  • Irylia
    Goblin Race please
  • weedgenius
    dpencil1 wrote: »
    The fact that there hasn't been a long-term goal in place, at least since Morrowind, is really concerning. It certainly lends validity to the complaints that changes have been too heavy-handed and lacking a comprehensive understanding of their effects and side-effects. I'm glad the discussion is finally being had, but it's a big ask to expect us to wait a year (which is likely how long it will take) to really see the fruits of any large-scale combat overhauls...and to hold out hope that the changes would actually be for the best.

    Could not have said it better myself. This is an appreciated effort and I thank Rob for sharing the insight, but can you really be serious that no explicit long-term internal strategy for combat currently exists? This is essentially confirmation of the feeling many players have expressed frustration with: everything revolves around a heavy push for the new content update with no concept of how it impacts a bigger picture. Nearing four years since the game was released, it seems a bit late for the combat team to start figuring out what that "big picture" is.

    PS4 NA
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  • Minno
    Turelus wrote: »
    Whilst looking at racial balancing can you please go and take a look at the Orc Craftsman skill. Whilst it's awesome for new characters it's the only racial passive which doesn't remain useful throughout the game (once you've leveled all crafting skills it's useless).
    The Combat team is focusing specifically on the combat-related passive abilities. We currently don't have any changes planned for the non-combat racial passives.

    wait, they don't decide those passives? Interesting, would be good to see a chart of who controls what!
    Minno - DC - Forum-plar Extraordinaire
    - Guild-lead for MV
    - Filthy Casual
  • Jake1576
    you guys need to also take a look at how much time it takes for console player's to get a patch for bugs you introduce into the game after each update it's ridiculous we have to wait weeks or months for a fix for such game breaking bugs you guys cause
    Edited by Jake1576 on November 13, 2018 9:40PM
  • wildbear247
    The U21 forecast sounds promising. Always appreciated when you (ZOS) take the time to interact with the players, thank you very much for that.

    Overall my main concern with future updates is there doesn't seem to be a mechanism in place for ZOS to identify the top concerns of players. I know you get a lot of feedback from players to sort through, and you must balance this with your vision of the game. But neither forum posts or class reps allow top concerns of ALL players ( including those that don't come to these forums) to bubble up to the surface.
    PC NA
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    MY #1 ESO REQUEST: An overhauled way in which ZOS gathers, assesses, responds to, and incorporates player feedback on the current and future state of the game.
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