1500 crowns per outfit slot (1 slot) just under $1200 for every slot

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    ...Their price even on sale (750cr) is far too high to buy them for more characters. Besides it's literally illogical. Outfit change at crafting station can be done with a single click using an addon. And it costs on average less than 4k gold. 4k gold is an equivalent of 10 crowns at this moment. This means that buying an outfit slot is an equivalent of 75 or 150 changes at outfit station... changes between only two outfits. And we all know that no one sticks to only two outfits forever. We change them more or less often.

    If the Outfit Slot Upgrade was for an entire account (all chars) then I would gladly buy one or even two more because I have an addon that changes outfits depending on what build I am using.

    Exactly this. If Outfit Slots unlocks were 750 Crowns per account-wide purchase, I would probably but at least two. But I love the ESO Outfit system, so by the time I was done playing with it... I'd probably have bought somewhere around seventeen. Yes, I have ideas for at least 17 outfits... just on my main.

    My son plays ESO with my wife and I. But he also loves Star Wars, so he's started playing SWTOR with me in since December. He's already created three characters (in addition to the two bank alts I had made for him).

    Spending as much time in SWTOR as in ESO and jumping between my main, some mid-level characters, and some newly created ones, it made me realise that in SWTOR I have bought 4 account-wide outfit tab unlocks and 1-5 additional single character unlocks per character. And they're all used. Some were bought with in-game money, some with Cartel Coins (crowns).

    An account-wide outfit tab unlock in SWTOR costs 20k for the first up to 500k for the 10th-15th (about 4.5mil total), but if you buy it with cash, it's about 240 crowns each. So for the equivalent of 3,600 crowns, you would have all 16 Outfit Tabs unlocked on all characters (existing or future), that's 24 characters on each of the 5 servers without buying any additional character slots. So if you bought all the Outfit Tabs with cash, played on only one server, and only had one of each of the 16 advanced classes, it would cost you 3,600 crowns for 240 slots. Meaning the per-character cost would be about 15 crowns.

    The character limit is 100 characters per server, so that's a potential limit of 500 characters across the five servers, making for a potential of 7,500 paid Outfit Tabs unlocked. But that's insane. I don't know of anyone who has done this yet... I have spent that much or on other things, even single items, in the SWTOR cash shop but not that... I have one character each on the French and German servers, at least nine on each of the English servers.

    As a sub, only gives me 500 Cartel Coins each month, while ESO gives me 1500 Crowns. And I do feel you can get more for your money, normally, for your crowns than for your cartel coins. But the gap between the prices is just too much sticker shock.

    Not to mention that if something changes and you decide delete the character, you loose the outfit slot.

    So, if the prices were reasonable, I would have bought as many as I could have afforded on day one. And more since then.

    Instead, I have bought zero.
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    Outfit slots are disgustingly expensive.
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    SgtSilock wrote: »
    ZOS_MikaS wrote: »
    We have recently removed a few non-constructive posts.Please be sure to keep this discussion civil and respectful.

    I haven't been here long, fairly new, but I am already sick and tired of seeing players with legitimate issues or valid criticisms, and seeing you have responded, but that response is only to tell people to be nice to each other or that you have removed a few posts.

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TALK TO YOUR COMMUNITY!! They want to help you make this a better game, and all you can do is watch the forums and delete posts.
    You're right, but it couldn't be more obvious from a nearly year old post with 35 pages that they only care about money, not where it comes from, and making reasonable choices to make more of it.


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