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DPS Que As Tanks

I find it irritating that DPS que as tanks for faster que. If you want the tank que - be a tank then. Yes no doubt there are a goodly number of dungeons easily do-able without a tank. I played another mmo where there was a pop up option to either wait que for tank or que without a tank. At least then people are choosing and not falsely cheating the system by lying about be a tank.

My 2 cents anyway.

  • GoodFella146
    Yeah well most dungeons don't even need a tank so too bad
  • Dysprosium
    I said that in my post already.
  • GoodFella146
    Then what's the problem? DPS is better anyway so you can quickly gtfo
  • freespirit
    Cadbury wrote: »
    What's even worse is when a tank queues as a DPS.

    So true :)
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  • GoodFella146
    Yeah well some ppl may prefer to have 4 dps and finish quickly, not waste time with two players doing unnecessary things like tanking and healing. idk why it's such a big deal in easy dungeons
  • GoodFella146
    Yeah well maybe your "standard" party should be a choice for your party preference in dungeon finder. Honestly the standard IS four DPS these days with experienced players.

    Ain't nobody want to waste time with the Blood Spawn for the 436743760949764397th time. Fortunately transmog is coming so we won't have to deal with this silliness eventually.
  • GoodFella146
    RT_Frank wrote: »
    Yeah well some ppl may prefer to have 4 dps and finish quickly, not waste time with two players doing unnecessary things like tanking and healing. idk why it's such a big deal in easy dungeons

    Yeah well it's a big deal in harder dungeons. OP is talking about how dps cheat the system is wrong. Sure, if you get an easy dungeon no problem. But if you get like vet CoA2 or any vet dlc you just screwed the group or made their run 10x harder. Therefore, dps should adhere to the system by either being patient or rolling a tank. If you want to finish a dungeon quickly, either form a pre-made group or solo it and don't potentially waste anyone else's time.

    Yeah well those ppl likely know better and wouldn't queue for those anyway. DPS that queue as a healer or a tank aren't doing anything wrong in almost all cases. The reality is you're wasting ppl's time by being a healer or tank for the majority of dungeons, yet someone y'all feel entitled to cry about a DPS not tanking the Blood Spawn (not you specifically, ppl in general when making similar complaints).

    Moral of the story, stop bringing it up unless it's a hard dungeon. This has been coming up way too much lately and it's totally unnecessary.
  • Sixty5
    Vet dungeons I definitely agree. It isn't hard to do most of them without a tank or healer if you are good enough, but you can't put that burden on the three others you are grouped with.

    Normal dungeons on the other hand are pretty laughable, so it isn't as much of an issue.
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  • GoodFella146
    Dysprosium wrote: »
    Do you think people are bringing it up for the fun of it? If there were no issues arising from this then people wouldn't be bringing this forward as a problem.

    Bring it up when it's a problem. Usually it isn't. If you need both a tank and healer for the Blood Spawn that's a learn to play issue and nothing more
  • Xoelarasizerer
    On the easiest dungeons, meh. WE DANCE THROUGH DEM!

    When in dungeons where the bosses aggro can almost 1 shot anyone else with moves the tank should be soaking (instead of uppercutting non stop with a 2h) well that usually only ever happens to me when i'm the healer, so everyone else falls apart after I get outed by a move the that was meant for a tank! (a person that actually tries to dungeon getting punished because of someone that isn't is never fun...)

    If it's DLC dungeon/Veteran, I go full on Bishop Bullwinkle or run for my life (i'll take the 15 mins over how dat ALWAYS ends!)
    Edited by Xoelarasizerer on October 26, 2017 3:39AM
  • FloppyTouch
    As long as the dps that que tank is good with great dps and does not die at all I have no issue. Faster fun is better for all. If it’s a low lvl that has horrible dps and is dead all the time then that’s a kick.
    Edited by FloppyTouch on October 26, 2017 3:39AM
  • NyassaV
    Honestly you can tank with anything if you are good enough and know mechanics so what you say is a tank is different then what others. You may not be a 'tank' but you can tank
    i am stronk woman
    can Dunmer have more fire resist than Breton plz?
    I record thingies for fun and for info
  • DocFrost72
    Edited by DocFrost72 on October 26, 2017 5:23AM
    Just a bit further
    You're really close

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  • Flameheart
    I don't care if an instance would be playable without a tank. As long as the pseudotank might do his job I may tolerate it, but whenever I watch you taking too much damage, moving mobs out of my ground dots or loosing taunts, imidiate kick is incoming (and to be honest in 98% of all cases this will happen).

    When l actually have to choose between a 3 dd 1 healer or a 3 dd 1 tank group, iI would take the 3 dd 1 tank group anydays.

    Edited by Flameheart on October 26, 2017 7:23AM
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  • Nahtal
    Yeah well most dungeons don't even need a tank so too bad

    Disagree: do we talk normal or vet? Anyway you need always a Tank in dungeons.
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  • Robby94
    Personally, i think at the higher cps most dds can survive on their own and dont really need a tank or healer to help them(unless mechanics require it) so a 4dd group is more optimal for faster run.

    I feel the problem is with mid to low cp groups that are still learning that are being affected by false roles. Saying that id rather a high cp lier who knows they can survive than a low cp who wants to be carried.
  • TheUndeadAmulet
    People are allowed to queue as tanks when they are DPS for the dungeons that don't require a tank.

    If the dungeon requires a tank and the tank is a DPS then I will curse them to the pits of oblivion.
    Then wait for vote kick :wink:
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  • Pele
  • Olupajmibanan
    Can cause problems in veteran dungeons, I agree. You must specificate if we are talking about veterans or normals.

    In normals, you don't need tank. You don't need even healer or other dps. I always queue as all three roles for random normals because I can solo it faster than struggling on my tank and still doing more dmg than these low lvl dpses I am placed with.
    Edited by Olupajmibanan on October 26, 2017 6:30AM
  • Pele
    Speaking of an all DPS group, there should be a queue for DPS only groups (4 DPS. No tank. No heals. Pure brute force beauty.).
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