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PTS Patch Notes v3.2.1

Community Manager

The Elder Scrolls Online v3.2.1 is the first incremental patch on the PTS for Clockwork City, and fixes a number of issues with this new zone’s quests, audio, housing and furnishings, and the new Trial Asylum Sanctorium. We’ve also begun making adjustments to the sourcing of Transmute Crystals, and have made additional improvements to the supplied character template.

We fixed a handful of bugs involving player abilities and item sets; balance changes aren’t in this patch as we’re still in the process of collecting and considering feedback. Please make sure you log into the PTS and try any gameplay-related changes before submitting feedback! This is essential for proper testing so you can test the changes in the appropriate context amongst all other changes.

The size of this latest patch is 319MB. Thanks to everyone for all the feedback and bug reports so far. We sincerely appreciate you putting in the time and effort!

  • Character Template Updates
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Morrowind
    • DLC Game Packs
      • Clockwork City
      • Horns of the Reach
      • Imperial City
      • Orsinium
    • Combat & Gameplay
      • Combat Fixes & Improvements
      • Itemization Fixes & Improvements
    • Base Game Patch
      • Art & Animation
      • Crafting & Economy
      • Exploration & Itemization
      • Quests & Zones
      • UI
Gina Bruno
Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    • Added the following Trials item sets to the Character Template starting inventory:
      • Eternal Hunt
      • Infallible Mage
      • Lunar Bastion
      • Moondancer
      • Roar of Alkosh
      • Twilight Remedy
      • Vicious Serpent.

    Clockwork City Template
    • The Vampire and Werewolf skill lines will now be maxed out.
      • You will still need to unlock these skill lines, as the character will start with both skill lines locked.
    • Legerdemain is now unlocked and set to Rank 20.
      • Note: This only affects newly-made template characters.
    • This template will now include a Tester's Infinite Transmutation Geode. This Geode contains 50 Transmute Crystals, and also contains itself - allowing a PTS Template character to generate infinite Transmute Crystals for the purposes of testing.
    • You will now receive Transmute Crystals even if the account is not an ESO plus member.
    Edited by ZOS_GinaBruno on September 25, 2017 3:24PM
    Gina Bruno
    Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue where some Crazy King center screen messages would display in Domination games.
    • Fixed an issue where center screen messages would stop displaying in the middle of a Crazy King match.
    • Fixed a rare issue where you appeared to be awarded a 0 Leaderboard Score during a Crazy King match.
    Gina Bruno
    Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Animations for werewolf player characters will now display properly during the fight with group boss Ithoxis.

    • Fixed many text/VO mismatches, with more on the way.
    • Adjusted some issues with VO timing and people talking over one another.
    • The Imperfect world boss now has proper VO.

    • Wingless Brassilisks no longer slither through the air when sprinting.
    • The Profane Sacrifice ability has been reworked so bosses now visibly receive buffs from the boss that died, and buffed bosses now immediately receive the buff.
    • Wraith of Crows: Only one wraith of crows will be in-flight at a time. A lone boss cannot take flight.

    • Fixed an issue that caused certain Clockwork crafting stations to be usable from much further away than intended.

    Asylum Sanctorium Trial
    • Saints Olms will now grant Leaderboard Points when killed, which are awarded based on how many of the Saints are engaged with Olms.
    • Saint Llothis
      • The Imperfect Attendants will now do increased damage with the following abilities: 
        • Energy Arc and Energy Convergence
        • Expunge
        • Hydraulic Sweep
        • Pulse
        • Pulverize
      • Saint Llothis' Defiling Blast now does considerably more damage.
    • Saint Felms
      • Saint Felms will now use Shrapnel Storm more often when assisting Saint Olms.
      • Shrapnel Storm now displays a ring telegraph to better discern the area of effect.
    • Saint Olms
      • Saint Olms will now teleport player characters into the fight space who were unfortunate enough to be trapped outside when combat started.
      • Exhaustive Charges now does increased damage, and drains Magicka and Stamina at a higher rate.
      • Storm the Heavens now does increased damage.
      • Significantly increased the landing damage for Gust of Steam.
      • Gust of Steam's secondary eruptions will now do increased damage.
      • The Trial by Fire ability will now consistently do damage, and now applies a Damage over Time effect.

    • Corrected a typo in the Clockwork City Master Angler achievement which stated that 14 rare fish were needed instead of 12.

    • Made a number of minor visual and furnishing adjustments to the Pariah’s Pinnacle and The Orbservatory Prior homes.
    • Removed hostile and dead creatures on the bridge leading to The Orbservatory Prior home.
    • The Pariah's Pinnacle home will now only appear in your collections when you own it, and not prior to acquiring it.
    • The ambient interior lighting in The Orbservatory Prior will no longer vary based on the time of day.
    • Fixed an issue that, in some cases, would allow players to exit the playable space associated with the Pariah’s Pinnacle home.
    • Both sides of the elevators associated with The Orbservatory Prior can now be interacted with successfully.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause you to see the health bar of group mates when present in separate instances of the same home.

    • Adjusted the naming, categories, and tooltip text on a number of furnishings to be more consistent and accurate.
    • Updated the searchable sorting themes for a number of new furnishings to be more accurate.
    • Adjusted the audio on a small number of new furnishing items.
    • The Active Fabrication Tank furnishing is now fully animated.
    • The data plaques for The Truth in Sequence no longer occasionally look like paper books when read.
    • Improved the behavior of Clockwork Illuminator furnishings. They will now dim correctly when turned off, and will no longer sometimes stop casting light.
    • The Skeleton Key Replica furnishing now has collision when placed in your home.
    • Updated the quality of the Fabricant Tree, Vibrant Cherry Blossom, from Superior to Epic. Its material components were also updated, according to its higher quality.
    • The "Soul Gem Module, Experimental" furnishing is now available on the purchase tab in the housing editor.
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Transmute Station furnishing from animating correctly.
    • Fixed an issue with the Precursor Target Dummy which could prevent some associated audio from playing as expected.

    • Fixed some incongruous journal and tracker goal text on quests.
    • Varuni Arvel can now witness crimes. 
    • The Congress of Skeevatons will no longer get stuck when they flee from the sight of curious players. They must never know what the skeevatons know. Ever.
    • A Factotum Santizer in the Brass Fortress will no longer hop over objects while it sweeps.
    • Purchasing Clockwork City now properly unlocks the Clockwork Crossroads default wayshrine.
      • By virtue of this fix, Asylum Sanctorium and Halls of Fabrication trials also unlock automatically when you have access to their DLC.

    • Blackfeather Court Dailies: The Bursar of Tributes is no longer visible until you complete the quest "Lost in the Gloam".
    • Deepening Shadows: Fixed an issue that cause some of Nocturnal's minions to spawn at a specific location every 30 seconds.
    • In Search of a Sponsor: Other players’ Kireths will no longer be audible to you.
    • Lost in the Gloam:
      • Reduced the number of crow swarms to help improve performance.
      • Fixed an issue where the Knight of Marrow was visible at inappropriate times.
    • The Most Complicated Machine: Bolin no longer wanders, and now acts more like other factotums.
    • Where Shadows Lie: Fixed some gray artifacting that was occurring in the final sequence when the darkness crawls in.

    • Corrected the spelling on a number of items and interactable objects for the local “delicacy” Nutriment Paste found and referenced throughout the Clockwork City.

    • Updated the map icon for the Transmute Station in the Brass Fortress to look like you Transmute there, rather than that of a shrine where you might marry or modify your abilities.
    Gina Bruno
    Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • The "Dreadhorn Style Master" and "Bloodforge Style Master" achievements are now in the Horns of the Reach category where they belong.
    Gina Bruno
    Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed a typo in the component text for the "Daedroth Dropper" achievement from Veteran White-Gold Tower. Dardroths are not a thing.
    Gina Bruno
    Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Moving out into the biting cold winds in Sorrow’s Peak will now pull you out of werewolf form.
    Gina Bruno
    Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Resurrecting another player immediately after roll dodging will now be more responsive.

    • Earthen Heart
      • Updated the morph effect tooltip text for Fossilize and Shattering Rocks to match their current functionality. 

    • Assassination
      • Relentless Focus (Grim Focus morph): Fixed an issue where this morph could not be cast while silenced.
    • Shadow
      • Aspect of Terror: Fixed an issue with this ability and its morphs where the visual effects would not appear if a target with CC-immunity was within the area of effect.

    • Dawn’s Wrath
      • Solar Barrage (Solar Flare morph):
        • Fixed an issue where the effect applied by this morph was being treated as a debuff instead of a buff.
        • Updated this ability's tooltip and morph effect tooltip to better describe its current function.
        • Solar Barrage can no longer be interrupted due to it being a melee ability.

    • Dual Wield
      • Lacerate: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs would not heal you for the damage caused if they were extended with the Chaotic Whirlwind Item Set. 

    Item Sets
    • Selene: Fixed an issue where the telegraph created by the proc of this Item Set would swivel toward its target.
    • Stinging Slashes: Fixed an issue where this Item Set's bonus was not applying to the final tick of Rending Slashes.
    • Unfathomable Darkness: Fixed an issue where this Item Set's proc could critically strike.
    Gina Bruno
    Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | Facebook | Twitter
    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Your character will now utilize the proper standing animations after crouching at a crafting station.
    • Fixed an issue that caused facial animations to not display correctly in areas outside of Clockwork City.
    • Fixed a visual issue with Wisp trails.

    • Adjusted the tassets, bolt-ons, and pauldrons to reflect their original location, size and height on the following assets: 
      • Akaviri Rawhide Armor
      • Golden Saint Armor
      • Imperial Chancellor Costume

    • Fixed an issue where you’d receive Hireling mails each time you changed zones.
    • Fixed an issue with the "shoes, hat, and sash" version of Clothier writs preventing them from being able to be turned in. You can now turn them in as you’d expect.

    Developer Comments:
    The goal of Transmutation is to provide you with a way to acquire your ideal traits in a way which is less dependent on RNG, without trivializing changing equipment traits or making it incredibly time consuming. The primary sources of Transmute Crystals are guaranteed drops from content you're likely already doing to collect your gear, such as Pledges, the group finder daily random Dungeon, Trial weekly quests, Veteran arena completions, and end of campaign PvP rewards.

    We made a number of changes in this patch to make the sourcing more inclusive for a wider level range of players. First, we added Geode sourcing to the normal mode difficulty final Dungeon bosses, as well as Normal Trial weekly quest rewards. Further, the rate at which these will drop from Veteran bosses has been significantly increased. Dungeon and Trial final bosses will also now drop Unidentified Transmutation Geodes, which provides at least one Transmute Crystal with the possibility of multiples up to 10. Additionally, completing Veteran Dragonstar Arena now provides a Transmute Crystal. Due to all the Transmute Crystal sourcing improvements, we have increased the cost to Transmutate from 40 to 50 Crystals.

    We are still working on the sourcing and acquisition rates of Transmute Crystals; the changes in this patch are only a start. We will continue to tune things over the next few PTS patches, so please continue to test and provide constructive feedback.
    • Increased the drop rates of Unidentified Transmutation Geodes.
      • Unidentified Transmutation Geodes will now occasionally drop from the final bosses of all Normal and Veteran Dungeons, rather than the Transmute Crystals dropping directly.
      • Veteran mode bosses are significantly more likely to drop a Geode than in Normal mode dungeons.
    • You will now receive a Transmute Crystal for completing Dragonstar Arena on Veteran mode, just as you would for completing Maelstrom Arena.
    • Transmute Crystals will now also be granted from the weekly Trial quests, your first-in-a-day Random Dungeon, or subsequent random Dungeons, regardless of whether you do those activities on Veteran mode or Normal mode. Previously, they were available only from Veteran mode.
    • Increased the cost of Transmutation from 40 to 50 Crystals.
    • Fixed an issue where some AvA Leaderboard mails were granting multiple Transmutation Geodes.
    • Fixed an issue where Cyrodiil Leaderboards were not granting the proper amount of Transmute Crystals.
      • 30-Day campaign Leaderboards now grant 40 Transmute Crystals each, and 7-Day campaign Leaderboards now grant 4 Transmute Crystals each.
    • Transmutation Geodes will no longer stack, which was causing an issue where using multiple Transmutation Geodes in quick succession would cause you not to get any Transmute Crystals.
    • Fixed an issue where Transmute Crystals would not appear properly in the Loot window when added to your account.
      • Note: This was a display-only issue; the Crystals were still properly added to your account.
    • Added a tooltip to the Transmute Crystal currency icon shown on the Transmute Station.

    • Marbruk: Eralgor no longer walks up onto walls in his sweeping fervor. Tone it down, man. You're at an 11. We need you at a 6.

    Reaper’s March
    • The Rawl'kha Outlaw's Refuge now has appropriately-placed map pins telling you where the services are.

    • Fell's Run: Beaunois Edette no longer steps over tables and chairs to get to where he's told. Sit down and sober up, buddy.

    • Added and adjusted a number of icons for achievements, housing, maps, help, furnishings and general itemization.
    • Fixed an issue where currencies were not properly capitalized in the loot window.
    • Fixed an issue where your game could crash when navigating various menus.
    • Updated the privacy policy to reflect the switch of our privacy compliance provider from TRUSTe to ESRB.
    • Fixed an issue where some Memento icons would appear distorted when dragging them to your quickslot wheel.

    • Fixed an issue where the improvement chance for an item would display with an extraneous .0 on the end, such as "60.0%".

    Crown Store
    • The ESO Plus Benefits page on the Crown Store now includes that the Transmute Crystal cap is doubled for ESO Plus members.
    • Fixed an issue where purchasing an item from the Crown Store would reset the list back to the top.

    Gamepad Mode
    • Fixed a UI error in the Transmutation UI when selecting to get help for an item.
    • A message will now appear when you go to the Attach Items screen in the Trade Window and you don’t have any items, rather than it being blank.

    • When loading permissions from another house, the dropdown menu will now scroll instead of extending off the screen.

    • Fixed an issue where improving a retraited item at a crafting station would show the old trait of the item instead of the retraited one.
    • When Transmutating a Bind on Equip item, the confirmation dialog will now inform you that performing the trait change will bind the item to your account.

    Tutorials & Help Menus
    • Added a Help menu for Transmutation.
    • Added details about the Crazy King Battleground and associated medals to the Help section.
    Edited by ZOS_GinaBruno on September 25, 2017 3:32PM
    Gina Bruno
    Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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  • Machete
    Still nothing to Warden improvment, huh? Figures. I'll wait.
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    Cristella Everren- Mag High Elf Sorc, AD
    Monarch Wíntervine- Stam Wood Elf Warden, AD
    Laural Evaire- Mag High Elf Warden, AD
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    Kneighbors wrote: »
    Turelus wrote: »
    Increased the cost of Transmutation from 40 to 50 Crystals.
    HAHAHA! OMG this is going to be the subject of the week for sure.

    But from what I understand the drop rate was improved. So it's actually possible that this is a buff :smiley:
    Let's see how many others work that one out. :smirk:
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  • MissBizz
    Community Ambassador
    Transmute Crystals will now also be granted from the weekly Trial quests, your first-in-a-day Random Dungeon, or subsequent random Dungeons, regardless of whether you do those activities on Veteran mode or Normal mode. Previously, they were available only from Veteran mode.

    Looking for some clarification please.. as of last patch, it was (supposed to at least - was bugged) guarantee a drop from a vet random dungeon via group finder. You mention first per day, plus subsequent. Is your first (normal or vet) random dungeon guaranteed to drop a crystal still? Are subsequent random dungeons via GF guaranteed, or just possible?

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  • Checkmath
    Class Representative
    Lot of points are missing here....
    actually only some bug fixing and not much more.
    but ZoS already surprised us with huge late changes (never said they were good), so lets be patient and wait for another bit.
    Guild-Lead Dolche des Königs PC EU
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  • Minno
    Sandman929 wrote: »
    Minno wrote: »
    Sandman929 wrote: »

    At least barrage is no longer interupted lol.

    It's a lot of work to see that silver lining. So this is the work that's been done, ZOS? You guys....you're really on top of stuff.

    In their defense, only the solar barrage was listed in the official bug thread for combat abilities and probably easy to code/fix compared to completely redoing total dark/unstable core.

    I just added unstable core not applying the aoe DMG on cc immunity enemies and a link to my video showing the mag drain on a Mammoth to that bug thread.
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  • Fuxo
    No update on templar's eclipse? Do you need more feedback? Is the feedback going to change anything?
  • ak_pvp
    I am guessing its the usual one week fixes, 2 week balance?
    Best Housing MDK PC/EU.

    Please buff forsaken stronkhold.
  • ak_pvp
    Kilandros wrote: »
    @ZOS_GinaBruno can we please have more of a back and forth on class balance changes? Every single patch it feels like players work hard to test and leave valuable feedback, and every single patch it feels like the Developers are largely disinterested in the feedback. Maybe I'm completely wrong and they do value our feedback, but without communication (and, to be clear, there is none) our feedback feels wasted. You guys have weighed in on the Transmutation system, on the new trial, but there hasn't been a single Developer or CM response in a class feedback thread. Think about that for a moment, there hasn't been a single staff comment (other than a moderator comment removing posts from the Sorcerer thread) in ANY of the class feedback threads since Clockwork City hit the PTS. Not a single staff comment.

    Can we please open some lines of communication within each Class Feedback thread? For example, you guys could tell us (A) where you think the class is in terms of balance in both PvE and PvP as DD, Tanks, Healers; (B) where you think the class ought to be in terms of the above balance, and (C) what you're thinking about changing to achieve balance.

    Right now I think class balance is totally non-existent. Some classes cannot compete in end-game PvE damage roles (e.g., Magplar and Warden) and other classes are completely out of the meta in competitive PvP groups (e.g., mDK).

    After last week's fairly light balance changes, I was hoping that that was just phase 1 of several and that more balance changes (and not just tweaks on last's week changes) were coming. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

    At this point I am legitimately concerned about the state of class balance and the pigeonhole effect it's having on players. ESO players did not get into this game because they liked having defined roles based on class. Quite the opposite.

    Open up the lines of communication. Please.

    I had a post on that, smaller teams have constant updates, ZOS leaves us in the dark.
    Best Housing MDK PC/EU.

    Please buff forsaken stronkhold.
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