Favorite Class and why

options added in the same order that they are listed in game

so do you have a favorite class and why?

love at first sight of a skill or something? particle effects pretty? abilities? gameplay archetype?

please vote and comment on why below!

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Favorite Class and why 269 votes

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  • TheMaster
    Nightblade Vampire and Templar. Although recently, I've found playing a sorcerer with the destruction Staff skills to be quite entertaining. Warden sucks. Too slow and boring, though I think the theme is great for Bosmer characters. Dragonknight is just meh for me.
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  • Ajintse
    I'm a Magicka Nightblade Vampire. It just fit my playstyle :)
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  • Hippie4927
    I love playing my vampire magplar. I like the skills and she seems to survive better than my other characters.
  • Runefang
    Nightblade just has fun skillz.
    Marine - Stam Sorcerer DPS
    Marathon - Nightblade Healer/DPS
    Martyr - Templar Healer
    Marshall - Dragonknight Tank
    Martial - PvP Stam Warden
  • Wrecking_Blow_Spam
    I don't have a favourite, I've played and got 1 of each class spec (stam and mag) and had a lot of fun on all of them.
    From tank DK, healer Templar, ganking nb, mag sorc etc I've played them all.

    Actually not played Magden yet.

    Think in Pvp I have most fun on stamblade.

    PVE is hard to say for me personally which class I like the most.
    Xbox one EU
    8 Flawless conquerors on all class specs (4 stam, 4 magicka)
    Doesn't stand in red
  • SoLooney
    love my dw magplar and stamplar. they both do a lot of single target and aoe damage and love their playstyle
  • Wing
    Ajintse wrote: »
    I'm a Magicka Nightblade Vampire. It just fit my playstyle :)

    I think this has got to be some of the most fun you can have in ESO with your pants on.

    the sheer amount of sneaky, mobility, and tricky CC you have access to just makes it such a fun time.
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  • Calysis
    Nightblade is my favorite for a couple of reasons. It was my first class I made. Also, I just like stealthy characters in general, and I find the Nightblade's skill set far more fun and satisfying to use than any other class, especially magblade.
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    Daggerfall Covenant
  • Tannus15
    Dragon Knight.
    Because dragons.
    And Knights.

    That said, I spend more time on my StamSorc because they are OP solo
  • Valkyn_Eltrys
    Stibby stabby stab stab stab
    @Blackbird_V - EU PC
    Valkyn Eltrys - DD Magicka Templar / Breton
    Henrik Lassnr - DD Stamina Templar / Imperial
    Ryker Eltrys - DD Stamina Sorc / Imperial
    Yannick Eltrys - DD/Chainer Magicka Dragonknight / Breton
    Zhaj'Vassa - DD Stamina Templar / Khajiit

    Breton & Imperial master race!
  • Judas Helviaryn
    Judas Helviaryn
    :D :D :D
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  • Asared
    Glorious Masterra.. err, i mean Class.

    Glorious Dragonknights

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    Varagor - Magicka DK

  • Enslaved
    DK. Nuff said.
    "I used to be PvPer like you, but than I took proc to the knee"
  • Phinix1
    TheMaster wrote: »
    Nightblade Vampire and Templar. Although recently, I've found playing a sorcerer with the destruction Staff skills to be quite entertaining. Warden sucks. Too slow and boring, though I think the theme is great for Bosmer characters. Dragonknight is just meh for me.

    They sort of gimped the visual Warden style (which is otherwise pretty cool) with that unnatural-looking laser beam connecting you to your Betty (WORST VISUAL EFFECT EVER).

    With some tweaks to animations and particle effects though (make the Betty effect like a softer arcane leaf swirl glow around you and keep the effect strength on the Betty more or less but LOSE THE BEAM) I could enjoy playing a Warden.

    I'm sure some clever way to buff Magicka Warden DPS and some general bug fixes (Maturation passive, etc.) are incoming.

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  • Flameheart
    From a PvE point of view:

    Nightblade, closely followed by my DK. I have a Stamblade and a Magblade. My Magblade I even play as a tank and sometimes as a healer (full Worm + SPC) in 4-man-stuff.

    Most versatile class for PvE (group- and soloplay) and PvP in my eyes. The only difference after Morrowind is now, that I damned enjoy to play my stamblade as DD. Stamina DD is such a fun now and imho it's the only playstyle where you still experience the so called "fast paced combat" in ESO.

    Most boring class to play -> magSorc. If magicka builds wouldn't have the advantage to play all three roles at least for 4-man-stuff by just changing gear with a click for Dressing Room (and playing sorctank and healer is some kind of fun sometimes and shortens queue times for pledges in the lfg tool by a large amount), I would have converted my Altmer MagSorc to a Redguard StamSorc months ago.

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    Sometimes the prey turns and nips us... it's a small thing.

    So let the snow flakes and unicorns dance alone until they melt or vanish from existence, we will finish up with those smart enough to stay in the glowing circle of love.

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    Suldreni - CP 1k+ Dunmer Magicka Dragonknight (Ebonheart Pact)
    Sulhelka - CP 1k+ Altmer Magicka Sorcerer (Ebonheart Pact)
    Sylundine - CP 1k+ Breton Magicka Warden (Ebonheart Pact)

  • Stannum
    I wonder, where is an Orc choise in the poll?
    Blood for the Pact!
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    Abyr Valg sOrc WW 2H/DW/bow/SS PvE DPS, PvP
    Bogdan le Sta Templar Breton resto/destro/SS PvE any role
    Tuirill Biccreo Sorc Breton destro/resto PvE shock DPS
    Emiel Regis Rohellec T-G NB Breton Vampire SS/resto PvP/PvE tank
    Qara Telvanni DK Dunmer destro/dw PvE fire DPS
    Dino Lucci NB WW Redguard 2H/DW/SS/bow PvP gunker
    Spinner Electronia Templar WW Bosmer 2H/SS/DW/bow PvE DPS, PvP
    Tarja Turunen Cabuli Warden Nord bow/destro DPSing tank, PvE/PvP
    Elsa the Iceheart Warden Altmer destro DPS
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  • Pele
    NB because NB skills + DW/Bow are a fun combo and excellent for melting stuff.
    Stannum wrote: »
    I wonder, where is an Orc choise in the poll?
    Orc isn't a class.
  • Doctordarkspawn
    I choose none.

    Warden is too offensively neutered for my tastes.

    Templar has been amputated for the sake of PVP balance. So has nightblade.

    DK has also been neutered. Sorc, while not being exactly great at tanking, remains fairly good in a blocktank capacity.

    Thing is? I hate -all- these options. God forbid we have a blood-knight equivilent with a active rotation.

    Therefor I simply dont play. I tried to get back into the game with warden, but it's ZOS attempting to bend even healtanks to the blocktank mold.
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  • PurpleDrank
    Nightblade for sure. I like thief/stealth classes in other games so its a good fit for me.
  • FloppyTouch
  • Runschei
    Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting
    Those kids were fast as lightning
    In fact, it was a little bit frightening
    But they fought with expert timing
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  • RaddlemanNumber7
    I love the solitude of invisibility.

    And ganking.

  • Bombashaman
  • randomkeyhits
    Stamblade of course

    dual wielding, bow sniping, ninja ambushing, classy finishing. whats not to love.

    plus its a bit stronger than it had been when I started (first class love???)

    Now if I could only just get the look right.
    EU PS4
  • tunepunk
    I find it pretty hard to choose really.

    My main stamsorc is kind of nice, but I don't like the sorcerer skills except for streak and surge. There's pretty much no good stamina morphs on the sorc so you're left with what other skill lines have to offer, which kind of sucks.

    I like the playstyle of my Magplar, but currently in the process of respeccing it to stamplar, to try that out as well, as I really don't like to play light armored. Because you're sloooooow as hell, low stamina pool, and can sprint for like 2 seconds. And i don't like mounts, so you just feel sluggish moving around as light armored, and can roll dodge or block once or then you're out of stamina.

    All I know is that I like good mobility, so movement speed, and charge skills is a must. But havn't really found my perfect setup yet, but the stamsorc comes pretty close.

    DK and NB i recently just started to level, so I can't really say anything until i hit max level and tried all the abilities.

    Warden i never played though.
  • Rupz_Koomar
    Warden because of my bear companion as a lone wolf.
    Plus it suits well with my Nord character along with winter abilities .
    Also I can be a stam-healer if I want to :P
    I know there is no meta for Warden RN but I play for fun rather than Glory haha
    I make games for Glory.
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  • RedFireDisco
    I love my tankplar. I can heal all day, take a ton of damage and dish out a fair bit. Great for PVE.

    For PVP, I love magblade. A lot of people choose stamblades which will be reflected in this poll, but magblade is the hardest class/version to play and the most rewarding when you survive and rez your team.

    I barely come across any magblades in Cyrodil because literally every other class/version is easier to play.

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