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Nos's "Infinite Sustain" MagSorc DPS (Dragon Bones DLC Ready)


03/22/2018 - Updated for Dragon Bones DLC

Special thanks to @Natvral for ele draining the dummy for me for an hour


Dunmer – best racial choice for this specific build because of the lightning damage bonus.

Attribute Distribution:

All in Magicka


Health and Magicka

Mundus Stone:


Champion Point Distribution:

Blue tree:

Master at Arms 56, Elemental Expert 64, Elfborn 56, Thaumaturge 31, Staff Expert 6, Spell Erosion 27

Red tree:

Halls of Fabrication 32 Hardy, 56 Elemental Defender, 66 Thick Skinned, 66 Ironclad, 10 Spellshield

Aetherian Archive 61 Ironclad, 33 Spellshield, 75 Elemental Defender, 61 Thick Skinned

Maw of Lorkhaj 61 Ironclad, 33 Spellshield, 75 Elemental Defender, 61 Thick Skinned

Hel Ra Citadel 56 Ironclad, 36 Spellshield, 49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 40 Thick Skinned

Sanctum Ophidia 64 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 61 Thick Skinned, 56 Ironclad

Asylum Santorium 53 Spellshield, 81 Ironclad, 75 Elemental Defender, 16 Bastion, 15 Quick Recovery

Green tree:

Warlord 51, Basing Focus 27, Arcanist 76, Tenacity 43, Tumbling 20, Shadow Ward 23

The Setup:


3 Moon Dancer Jewelry- Spell Damage Enchants

5 Divine Mechanical Acuity Armor - Magicka Enchants

2 Moondancer Armor Armor - Magicka Enchants

1 vMA Fire Infused Staff (Spell Damage Enchant) (Back Bar)

1 vAS Infused Fire Staff (Fire/Prismatic enchant) (Front Bar)

Bar Setup:

Main Bar (Moondancer Staff): Inner Light, Crystal Frags, Haunting Curse, Bound Aegis, Force Pulse. Ultimate: Shooting Star

Off bar (vMA Staff): Mage's Wrath, Inner Light (or Shield), Bound Aegis, Liquid Lightning, Elemental Blockade. Ultimate: Destro Ult


Step 1: Destro Ult>Liquid Lightning>LA>Elemental Blockade>Bar Swap

Step 2: LA>Haunting Curse>LA+FP x 6 with Frag casting on proc>Bar Swap

Restart at Step 1. Below 20% switch to just back bar DoTs and execute.

Restart from Step 1. Use 2 heavy attacks instead of Force Pulse/Frags to restore Magicka when you run low.

Reapply haunting on cooldown.

Rotation video:


1. What about sustain?

Use heavy attacks if you run low

2. Why not Ilambris?

It doesn't do much for you when compared with 5 moondancer. Between Minor slayer and the option to have crazy sustain and damage it always parsed better for me.

3. Why moondancer?

OP sustain when you need it, OP damage when you are full on Magicka.

4. Sample parse
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