PTS Patch Notes v2.3.0

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Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited v2.3.0 and our third DLC game pack: Thieves Guild! We know you’ve been anxiously waiting to join this iconic guild, and have some great content in store for you.

Thieves Guild, similar to our previous updates, will come in two parts—the DLC game pack, and the base game patch. The base game patch will be available to everyone who owns The Elder Scrolls Online and the DLC game pack will automatically download with it, allowing you instant access to the new content when you purchase it, or activate an ESO Plus membership.

Anyone who owns ESO and has an active ESO Plus membership will also automatically have access to the Thieves Guild DLC game pack. If your ESO Plus membership ends or lapses, you will no longer have access to the Thieves Guild DLC game pack content and areas, but you will still have any items you earned while you had access. You will also keep any acquired skills from the Thieves Guild skill line up to the rank that you earned while you were in the Guild, even if you respec. If you do not have an active ESO Plus membership you can purchase the DLC game pack for 2,000 crowns via the in-game Crown Store.

Join the Thieves Guild of Abah’s Landing to become the newest recruit in their organization of pickpockets, burglars, robbers, and thieves. Aside from hours of new story content, two new delves and group bosses, this update introduces a new Larceny System and various criminal activities. You’ll also gain access to a new passive skill line exclusive to Thieves Guild members. If you’re looking for a true challenge, visit our new 12-player Trial - the Maw of Lorkhaj - available in both Normal and Veteran versions where you can get powerful new gear.

The base game patch also features a plethora of new features including Scrolling Combat Text (SCT), improvements to animation priorities during combat, new crafting motifs, and a revamped Grouping Tool. We’ve also added the 64-bit client for Mac (don’t worry, PC is coming in a future incremental patch) and a new Vitality Bonus system for Trials.

In addition to all the new features and major updates, we have made many fixes and improvements to the content in Orsinium, Cyrodiil and its campaigns, overall combat and gameplay, and more.

We hope you enjoy our latest update, which will be approximately 10-11GB in size, and look forward to reading your feedback about Thieves Guild!

  • DLC Game Pack
    • Thieves Guild
    • Larceny System
    • New Criminal Activities
    • New Passive Skill Line: Thieves Guild
    • Maw of Lorkhaj
    • New Collection Category: Assistants
    • New and Updated Item Sets
    • Saving Progress in Veteran Maelstrom Arena
    • DLC Quests from Collectibles
    • Loyalty Rewards
  • Base Game Patch
    • Grouping Tool Improvements
    • Scrolling Combat Text (SCT)
    • Prioritization of Animations During Combat
    • Soul Reservoir and Vitality Bonus
    • 64-bit Client
    • DirectX 11 Upgrade
    • Mac OpenGL 4.1
    • Cyrodiil Updates
    • Champion System Improvements
    • New Crafting Motifs
    • Crown Mimic Stone
    • New Collection Category: Mementos
    • Provisioning Update



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  • Vaktus
    Sixteen-year-old on a quest for world domination. Watch out!
  • DangerMan
    Yay finally!
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  • Alucardo
    Non-VR16 player characters can no longer purchase items from the Greater Tel Var Lockbox vendor as they couldn’t be opened until reaching VR16. You may still securely store your Tel Var stones in the bank, if you’d prefer to stockpile them for the day you reach Veteran Rank 16!

  • petraeus1
    These are now in the IC base game patch part, but should be in Orsinium I think @ZOS_GinaBruno :

    Briarheart Resurrection now has a 2 minute cooldown. Individual hagravens no longer resurrect the same Reachman multiple times.
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    Divine Leap will no longer take the Priest of Trinimac into locations that would cause him to despawn.
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  • KriHavok
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Do the loyalty awards (vanity pets) only apply to those who have purchased the DLC pack separately or are ESO Plus members also applicable for the awards? Also, out of interest, is there a reason behind the Imperial City not having a vanity pet associated with it, or will a pet for it be added in a future update? Great job on the patch notes by the way! :)
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  • Niaver
    "Going forward, each DLC game pack will include some sort of reward for those that purchase or have access to it."

    Hm... Imperial City reward?
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