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Upcoming siege changes in next major update

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Hey gang!

In the next major update we'll be adjusting damage and other effects from siege weapons. This will go in conjunction with other changes regarding repair kits and keep upgrades, but the changes noted here are specific to players effects (damage, snares, dots, etc.).

These changes are currently being tested internally and may change before they go to PTS/Live:
  • Damage across the board for all siege weapons has been increased roughly 30%, but we are considering increasing that more.
  • Snares have been normalized on all siege weapons that apply that debuff (ice treb, lightning ballista, oil catapult) to be a 50% snare, and last 6 seconds.
  • All side effects from siege weapons (snare, healing taken reduction, siege damage increase taken) are no longer purgable.
  • Oil Catapults will now also have a "Stamina damage" value added, which takes away roughly 5000 Stamina from enemy targets.
  • Lightning Ballista will now also have a "Magicka Damage" value added, which takes away roughly 5000 Magicka from enemy targets.
  • Ballista now turn faster and have their "scatter" variable removed, making them 100% accurate to your aimed location.
  • Scattershot now adds 20% damage taken from other siege weapons instead of 10%

Thanks for any feedback regarding these changes and again, these may or may not go up to PTS/Live exactly as stated here, but this is what we're currently testing =)
ESO PVP Lead & Combat Lead
Staff Post
  • HenryIvan
    Well this sounds interesting >:)
  • Love Wizard
    Love Wizard
    "All side effects from siege weapons (snare, healing taken reduction, siege damage increase taken) are no longer purgable."

    This is NOT the way to go at all... compare a group of 12 and a group of 24, guess three times which group gets affected the most from healing reduction.


    Im just curious to how they managed to come up with an idea to *** the pvp even more up after orsinium. Well done zemimax, you've amused me again.
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  • myrrrorb14_ESO
    No longer purgable.... ouch

    Some nice changes in the works
  • Orchish
    Very interesting changes. Can't wait to test it out.
  • Turelus
    Interesting and awesome...

    Thanks for getting this out early for some feedback and critic. :smiley:


    Okay I like the resources damage, this is going to be fantastic for hurting people who turtle up.

    Regarding purge not working on siege attacks I am a little worried about this because while purge was very strong it was the only real way to clear their effects. It seems we're going from one extreme (purge > all) to the other (siege > all).

    Also seeing as this change was made for purge any ideas about something for rapid menouvers as well as this is often the spammed skill to get inside a keep.
    Edited by Turelus on November 30, 2015 4:14PM
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  • Jhunn
    How can some of you be happy for these changes. Numbers -> power
    Gave up.
  • Kwivur
    Keeps just got harder to take.. lol
  • myrrrorb14_ESO
    It will be lovely to see all those DKs and templars stuck with no way to escape and no way to heal.


    Well at least you no longer need to run purge on our bars.
  • azoriangaming
    Really? All side effects from siege weapons (snare, healing taken reduction, siege damage increase taken) are no longer purgable.

    this is just going to make the zergs more stronger, smaller groups won't have a chance to anything.

    seriously who comes up with these ideas and thinks they'd be great because there is no thought into this at all you just haven't got a clue, you want to be splitting the zergs up not making them get bigger and win every time with a meatbag in this dumb down pvp because that's exactly what's going to happen.

    the underpopulated side will never take a keep if this goes through.
  • Sublime
    Does the Magicka/Stamina reduction take place with each hit or is it like the magelight -5%?
  • Sublime
    @Sublime The lightning hit is 2500 per tick of the lightning bolt damage. The stamina is one 5000 chunk when it hits.

    Thanks :)
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