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Old vs New Intro Cinematics


Edited by Ffastyl on June 5, 2016 6:15PM
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Old vs New Intro Cinematics

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Old vs New Intro Cinematics 93 votes

Prefer Old
KalfisGidorickAcrolasEpiphanySentinelTekynJahoelzdkazzKendaricFaulgorYulsTryxusAimoraDhukathVriendaEnodocXabienKharnisNebthet78b92303008rwb17_ESO 77 votes
Prefer New
AektannAlex_LexMoonscytheolsborgSorisTicussEshelmenAmpnodeKramUzibraVoxicityValkascraybestFLuFFyxMuFFiNEryasC0wrexRamiroCruzo 16 votes
  • WardenofArcherus
    Prefer Old
    Ffastyl wrote: »
    While the new is prettier, the old intro contained a key scene to the main story: your sacrifice by Mannimarco's hand.


    Everytime I watch the new intro, I am reminded that the Warden class doesn't exist. :'(
  • Strider_Roshin
    Prefer Old
    No contest. It gave you goose bumps, and it was informing. The new one is just "cool".
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  • Vrienda
    Prefer Old
    Ffastyl wrote: »
    While the new is prettier, the old intro contained a key scene to the main story: your sacrifice by Mannimarco's hand.

    This. So much this. They should have at least kept the sacrifice in game!

    The old one just fit so seamlessly into the game. I was sad to see they removed it.
    Edited by Vrienda on June 5, 2016 7:04PM
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  • Moonscythe
    Prefer New
    I like both actually. The old is a better intro to the real game world but the cinematic movie is so good that it seems a shame not to use it.
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  • Bulljoker
    Prefer Old
    No contest. It gave you goose bumps, and it was informing. The new one is just "cool".

    exactly, getting goose bumbs everytime i am watching it
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  • vyndral13preub18_ESO
    Prefer Old
    The problem I have with the new is they aren't new. They are recycled bits of the cinematic they made. And when you have watched them As much as I have to see them cut up and rearranged sucks. And since I know what they were, and how nice they are at full length to see them smashed down to try to make them fit that intro role makes me sad.

    Edits here is the full 3 they made before they chopped them up for the intro if you have never seen them.

    Edited by vyndral13preub18_ESO on June 5, 2016 7:39PM
  • craybest
    Prefer New
    we should have both, one as the intro before the title, and the other as an intro when creating a new character.
  • Night_Watch
    Add another option!
    No preference! (please tell why).

    I like both the old and the new cinematics.

    The first appeals to me as it draws me into the story off the game and this is great as, for reasons not needed to show here, I play PVE with some social interaction, some teaming to get things done and a focus mainly on what I can achieve solo.

    The second is, as has been noted, cool! It would also appeal to me if I was dead set on multiple interaction with others in game or had a wish to play in a style that focused mainly on group efforts to complete given goals.

    Game play style is, as some may say, "horses for courses"! Those responsible for the cinematics know this and use them accordingly to make the game appealing to given markets as they see fit. For the player, we can pick a preference for sure. We can also just simply enjoy both.
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  • Xabien
    Prefer Old
    The original for sure. The voice over matches it for starters, and it also explains your beginning in the story more too.
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  • Korah_Eaglecry
    Prefer Old
    I like both of them but the old one does give you your reason for what it is youre doing. You get to see the person that youre chasing after in the Main Story. And if you play it without that cinematic. Mannimarco just seems like some distant bad guy youre being told to fight, rather than having that urge to go after him.
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  • theroyalestpythonnub18_ESO
    Prefer Old
    Prophet: Slowly, now. You've been through an ordeal.

    Me: Eh, sure I'll take your word for it.
  • Gidorick
    Prefer Old
    Mostly because *nostalgia*
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  • FerrumnCutem
    I never had an intro at the start of the game. First time I see any of these....
  • Kalfis
    Prefer Old
    Absolutely the old one. The new one has like zero story involved, it doesn't even show you why you're in Coldharbour, it's dreadful.
  • phobossion
    Prefer Old
    The new one is just the previous cinematic trailers edited together in something that gives little context to the game's beginning... Plus the Prophet's voice has a weird pitch to it in there...
  • Eshelmen
    Prefer New
    If I'm watching a cinematic trailer, I want it to be epic. Watching the old one just made me miss watching the second one.

    I don't need lore to make a trailer look good.
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  • Tekyn
    Prefer Old
    Old intro - Set the stage for the main story, used in-game assets which gives a feel for the game itself.

    New intro - Oooo, look at the (recycled) CGI! No, don't look at the game content, just look at the pretty pictures!

    I never got the cinematic with the group fighting the giant demon and using the environment against it... There isn't anything even remotely like that in the game. As someone that followed the game before release it seemed to serve no purpose whatsoever.
  • Vaoh
    Prefer Old
    I've NEVER seen the old intro!

    It was extremely well done and 100% Elder Scrolls styled. Why didn't they use this!? :/
  • mechsauc3
    Prefer Old
    New one is also good, but no story/feel to it, unlike the old one..
  • Ra'Shtar
    Prefer Old
    What is the name of the music score used on the end of the first video!?
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  • theroyalestpythonnub18_ESO
    Prefer Old
    Eshelmen wrote: »
    If I'm watching a cinematic trailer, I want it to be epic. Watching the old one just made me miss watching the second one.

    I don't need lore to make a trailer look good.
    It's not a trailer though. It's the first introduction to the game and its story.
  • OGLezard
    If only combat was like that.....the trailer needs to show more lag and alot more animation canceling seizures
  • dsalter
    Prefer Old
    the old one was amazing, really put me into the mood of playing when i first loaded it up after doing the beta, man i was stoked when it played. new ones just.... misleading
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  • Enodoc
    Community Ambassador
    Prefer Old
    craybest wrote: »
    we should have both, one as the intro before the title, and the other as an intro when creating a new character.
    Completely agree with this. Creating a new character should definitely get the original intro, as it is an 'introduction'. The other one should still be available somewhere, as it's pretty good, but it's a trailer, not an introduction.
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  • ninjaguyman
    Prefer Old
    As said before, the new cinematic looks cooler, but the old one actually introduces you to your story, which is what an intro should kinda do... Maybe they could have revamped the old intro with graphics like the new one, but then again, there isn't too much fighting that would put those awesome graphics to good use. Maybe they could stay true to the general idea of the original intro where you get sacrificed, but maybe add in a part that focuses on Lyris going to break you out. In a way expanding on the fighting going on outside of your cell near the end of the original intro. All of that remade with similar graphics to the new intro of course :). It would be cool to see Lyris in some fight scenes similar to the Nord hero. Or maybe not... Some might like that the original intro contained graphics of the game itself.
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  • SantaOrc
    Prefer Old
    The new one is a chopped trailer, not an intro. If you see it, you miss the full trailer as well as the intro.
  • Fischblut
    Prefer Old
    I absolutely love old one! It was already removed when I bought the game, so I had no idea it existed... Bad new into was the reason why I wasn't paying attention to main story quest - it didn't feel personal from the beginning :/
  • nudel
    Prefer Old
    A friend I introduced to the game in April asked me if there was a story to ESO. I directed him to watch the cinematic because it explained the story. He watched it and was no more enlightened than he'd been beforehand. Shortly after, I clicked on the cinematic by accident, saw it had been replaced with a trailer rather than exposition, and understood his confusion.

    This was a silly change imo.
  • Bearded_Gorilla
    Prefer Old
    The new looks better and brings the PvP in more but the old one has the 'first' time feeling there.
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