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PTS Patch Notes v2.1

Community Manager

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited v2.1, our first DLC game pack: Imperial City! We have some really exciting content in store for you.

As previously mentioned in this blog article, the Imperial City DLC game pack will be available to purchase for 2,500 crowns in the Crown Store when it is released. However, for the purpose of thorough testing, all content will be available to test on the PTS. We will be supplying you with crowns at the beginning of the testing period to “purchase” Imperial City in the Crown Store – you will need to complete this step in order to have access to the DLC game pack.

Take a nostalgia trip as you wander through the Imperial City Districts and Sewers, though be on your guard – other players will be lurking around every corner trying to slay you for your Tel Var Stones. You can also gather a group and try to conquer the White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison; both are 4-player instanced dungeons. We’ve also added almost two dozen new item sets, a number of fun, new collectibles, and have introduced two new motifs: Xivkyn and Glass!

In addition to Imperial City, we have made many improvements to Cyrodiil, its campaigns, and rewards which you can read more about below.

Due to the Veteran Rank increase with this update, every dungeon will now scale to the maximum Veteran Rank - VR16 - and we have also added three new Undaunted Pledges for you to complete.

Along with all the new content and systems, we have made many improvements and fixes to existing content including combat, gameplay, crafting, dungeons, quests, game performance, and more. Due to the number of fixes in this update, all skill points will be refunded upon login.

We’ve copied all PC North American megaserver characters to the PTS, and we look forward to reading your feedback from this latest update!

Gina Bruno
Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Imperial City
    • You will occasionally not be able to interact with some objects, NPCs, or doors; this issue is inconsistent, but will be fixed before the update goes live.
    • You may run into an issue while fighting Dredaza the Ringmaster in the Arena District where you’re unable to attack her. The only current workaround is to die, and restart the battle.

    • When sending mail through your friends list, the UI from the Xbox One game console will unintentionally appear. You will be unable to utilize the hotkeys at the bottom of your screen, and will also be unable to attach gold.
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    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    • Improved audio for many abilities in the game.
    • Improved the timing for a number of conversations amongst NPCs.
    • Improved many locations where the sound and/or music didn’t quite fit the space or, in some cases, was missing entirely.
    • Improved the audio used by a number of monsters, critters, and objects in the world.
    • Improved many UI sounds.
    • Fixed a number mismatched or erroneous text/voice-over pairings throughout the game.
    • Added music to several dungeon boss encounters.
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    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Crown Store
    • You will now need to type DESTROY in the prompt window in order to destroy a Crown Store item.
    • Opening the Crown Store for the first time will now be a bit smoother and not flash the lock screen before displaying the Store.
    • Improved the emote animations for the Draugr Polymorph.
    • Improved the appearance of the Scamp Crown Store pet – the Daedric critter’s hair will no longer appear to float.
    • Fixed several clipping issues with the Crown Store Wedding Dress. This costume will now better conform to the shape of player characters that have larger-sized heads.
    • Fixed several clipping and gap issues with the Crown Store Jester costume. This costume will now have a much improved fit with beast heads and feet, and an overall improved appearance for all races.
    • Unarmed player characters wearing the Draugr Polymorph costume no longer stop running as if they were armed.
    • Fixed animation issues that would occur when previewing pets in Crown Store.
    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect animation would play for your mount after leaving the Crown Store.
    • Fixed an issue where your game could crash after previewing pets while jumping.
    • Upgrades purchased from the Crown Store will now display the text “Fully Upgraded” instead of “Purchased” if you can no longer purchase additional upgrades.
    Edited by ZOS_GinaBruno on July 27, 2015 9:13PM
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Dungeons & Group Content
    • Fixed a number of audio and visual defects within dungeons.
    • Fixed a number of world building and collision issues that could result in player characters or monsters getting stuck.
    • Fixed a number of containers in various dungeons that were not lootable, or were improperly marked as owned which would force you to steal.
    • The flame traps in Carzog's Demise will now always display their visual effects.
    • You can no longer use your mount in any of the following dungeons:
      • Bad Man's Hallows
      • Bonesnap Ruins
      • Hall of the Dead

    • Arx Corinium
      • Ganakton has gotten frustrated by his prey escaping. There is now a door that will unlock requiring Ganakton the Tempest to be defeated in order to progress.
      • The Drawbridge Switch can no longer be used until after Sliklenia the Songstress is dead.
      • Sliklenia the Songstress’ pet will now properly die when Sliklenia is defeated.
    • Banished Cells
      • Fixed an issue where spikes on the floor were preventing you from using area of effect abilities.
    • Blackheart Haven
      • Adjusted the positioning of Captain Blackheart’s allies.
    • Blessed Crucible
      • Fires of Battle: The map will now show an accurate pin for Talres Voren's location when you are on the first quest step "Speak with Talres Voren."
      • Grunt the Clever has become cleverer, and will now cast the ability Sweep.
    • Crypt of Hearts
      • Ilambris-Athor’s Cleaving Swing no longer has infinite range.
    • Darkshade Caverns
      • Dead Dwarven Spiders and Dwarven Spheres no long have an "Examine" prompt.
      • An Event Invite prompt will now appear when a group member accepts the quest Mine All Mine.
      • Your quest progress will no longer become blocked in the event Tervur Sadri gets stuck while following you.
    • Direfrost Keep
      • An Event Invite prompt will now properly appear when a group member accepts the quest Nobles' Rest.
    • Elden Hollow
      • Monsters will no longer be able to float in the air and attack you.
    • Fungal Grotto
      • Kings of the Grotto: A quest pin will now appear on the map for the quest step Mount the Head on a Spike.
    • Selene’s Web
      • Longclaw will now spawn the proper amount of Ghost Senches during combat.
      • The dungeon icon for Selene’s Web will no longer be visible on the map while you’re inside the dungeon.
    • Spindleclutch
      • Fixed an issue where you couldn't free At'avar from his web bindings.
    • Tempest Island
      • Valaran Stormcaller can no longer be skipped; you must face him!
      • The quest step “Talk to Battlereeve Alduril” now has quest pins on the map in addition to compass pins.
      • Commodore Ohmanil’s health bar will now display in the UI in all areas of the combat space.
    • Vaults of Madness
      • Achaeraizor will no longer become stuck underwater.
      • Fixed an issue where The Ancient One would pull you into combat at incorrect distances, which would prevent other group members from resurrecting.
      • Mind of Madness: Fixed an issue where Killing Ulguna Soul-Reaver would not progress the quest.
    • Volenfell
      • Fixed an issue where monsters would not return to their spawning area if you died.

    Veteran Dungeons
    • Veteran Banished Cells
      • To remedy cases where your quest progression could become blocked, bosses in this dungeon now reside behind locked doors, with the exception of Keeper Areldur (the first boss.) After you defeat him, a door will open, and each subsequent boss kill will open a new door.
        • You will no longer need to interact with the Binding Stones for the quest The Plan, as they now destroy themselves upon the death of the associated hostile encounter.
        • Keeper Cirion will no longer show up at the door to Banished Cells if you have progressed beyond the first mini-boss death.
      • High Kinlord Rilis' Levitate ability will no longer cause player characters with an active Dragon Blood effect to become invisible.
    • Veteran Crypt of Hearts
      • Renamed various damage components of Nerien'eth's Necrotic Swarm ability to help communicate which part of the ability dealt damage.
      • Adjusted Mezeluth's Fire Runes ability to only spawn fire patches underneath you, and not summoned pets.
      • Mezeluth's Fulminating Void ability no longer fails to levitate you if her initial target is a summoned pet.
    • Veteran Spindleclutch
      • You will no longer be able to advance the quest Blood Relations without killing Praxin.
    • Veteran Wayrest Sewers
      • The sick, kidnapped peasants are now arranged against the walls to prevent them from being trampled by the undead hordes. Get well soon, guys!
      • Yayif and Gedric will now no longer stand inside of each other's personal space as often.
      • You will no longer be able to interact with the daedric altars during the fight with Malubeth the Scourger when you are stunned. Your group members will need to interact with them for you.
      • No Second Chances: If Yahyif gets stuck before the fight with Malubeth, it will no longer block progression from the step to wait for Yahyif.

    • Blackheart Haven
      • Being killed by Atarus will no longer advance the Blackheart Haven Pledge or Blackheart Haven Vanquisher Achievement erroneously.

    Public Dungeons
    • Razak's Wheel
      • Monsters will no longer pass through closed doors in an attempt to get to you and your group members.
      • Jars, urns and pots in the final room of this dungeon will no longer disappear when you approach them.

    • Aetherian Archive
      • Fixed an issue where killing Valariel’s clones would result in an effect getting stuck on you.
      • Valariel’s Combustion ability will now do the intended amount of damage.
    • Hel Ra Citadel
      • You will no longer see the ghost of the defeated Welwa Master within the gate he emerged from.
    • Sanctum Ophidia
      • Fixed an issue where the Serpent Celestial would fail to enter his Mantikora phase, which resulted in not receiving any loot.
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    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Justice System
    • Updated many objects in the world to more accurately reflect their ownership status.
    • Fixed a number of Justice NPCs that were a bit healthier than they should have been, causing you to attack them for longer than a regular NPC. These NPCs are now more in line with their neighboring NPCs in terms of health.
    • Fixed a handful of Justice NPCs that were respawning faster than intended.
    • Fixed an issue which caused certain doors to relock themselves after being picked and entered, instead of just resetting.
    • The following objects now have a chance to drop Justice valuables:
      • Owned baskets
      • Urns
      • Dwemer urns
      • Bosmer vases
      • Khajiit vases
      • Burnt crates
      • Burnt barrels
    • Slightly reduced the valid interaction range for safeboxes.

    • Glenumbra
      • The Lion's Guards near Farwatch Tower have been ordered to patrol the camp for criminal scum.
    • Malabal Tor
      • House and Home: Some militia members will no longer be attackable while they are fighting hostile monsters so you don't accidentally incur bounty.
      • The Orc Mog Gro-Yggrub has decided that he no longer wishes to fight with the other Drublog Orcs, or fight at all. He just wants to fish - and that's okay with us.
    • Shadowfen
      • Removed all pony guar previously marked as livestock from inside the dungeon segment of the Loriasel objective.
    • Stonefalls
      • Caravan Guar in Stonefalls can now be killed.
    Edited by ZOS_GinaBruno on July 27, 2015 9:15PM
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Quests & Zones
    • Fixed a number of typos in dialogue text.
    • Removed a number of interaction prompts that were erroneously applied to NPCs and corpses you were not intended to be able to interact with.
    • Fixed numerous incorrectly labeled interaction prompts with objects (books you could "talk" to, people you could "use," etc.)
    • Fixed a number of NPCs, objects, and corpses that were floating—they now obey the laws of gravity.
    • Patrolling and fleeing NPCs will no longer walk over low walls, through one another, or into objects.
    • When you open a book or scroll, the pages now correctly look like the written medium you’d expect (pages of a book for books, parchment pages for scrolls, etc.)
    • Quest-related disguises, costumes, and polymorphs will now always take priority over Crown Store Costumes and Bound Armor.
    • Fixed numerous issues with group-participation progress not being properly shared among all group members for dungeon champion achievements (boss and miniboss kills, etc.)

    Alik'r Desert
    • Imperial Incursion: Captured Imperial Sentries will no longer appear as though they will see through your disguise, should you still be wearing it.
    • Morwha's Curse: Satakal’s Blossoms now have a proper area quest pin.
    • The Initiation: King Xakhwan will no longer appear to stand up and become stunned after you kill Wraithmaster Venerien.

    • A Hostile Situation: Fixed an issue where a group member without this quest could interfere with your quest progression when requiring to run past the guards.
    • Blessings of the Eight: You will now be able to reliably walk through the doors inside the Torinaan Central Shrine.
    • Ensuring Security: There will no longer be three pins pointing to the same location on the quest step “Find the Deployment Plans.”
    • The Mallari-Mori: You can no longer use the magical barrier to stop a monster from walking. We also fixed an issue where logging out mid-quest could cause various NPCs to vanish and not be spoken to again.
    • The Veiled Choice: Rolancano will now kill Eranamo with an appropriately-aimed stab rather than by hacking at his knees.
    • Through the Ashes: Rescued citizens climbing out of rubble will no longer slide, jump, and/or shuffle around oddly.

    • Raiders at the Crossing: You will no longer encounter multiple copies of Crazy-Eye.
    • The Heart of the Beast: You will no longer turn away from Nyronie as you cut out her heart.

    Bleakrock Isle
    • Orkey's Hollow: Adjusted the camera so it is now correctly positioned toward the abandoned sword and the bedroll.
    • Sparking the Flame: Enemies that are setting fire to the village will now react to ranged attacks.

    • An Unusual Circumstance: Fixed an issue where you could not use the wisps on certain stages of this quest.
    • Court of Contempt: Fixed a treasure chest in this area that would appear and disappear as you got closer to it.
    • The Army of Meridia: Fixed an issue where you could see duplicate versions of some NPCs in the Fighters Guild standing on top of one another.
    • The Everfull Flagon: One of the Kyne's Tear flowers will no longer float above its pot.
    • Truth, Lies, and Prisoners: Overseer Aruz no longer changes his appearance and name upon death.

    • Snakes in Loth'Na Caverns will no longer appear angled strangely.
    • Iron Orc Nirncrux Mine: The buff gained from the infusion is now properly tagged as "Physical Resistance" instead of "Armor.”
    • The Serpent's Fang: Updated the quest tracker text to clarify that Armorer Uthik and Runescriber Kulth must also have their guards killed in order to receive credit.

    • Vision Quest:
      • Abandoning this quest while in the jail cell will now properly despawn Valeyn's Familiar.
      • Fast-traveling to another player character while in the jail cell will no longer break the quest.
      • Lena’s Wand of Finding can now only be used on chickens, as was intended.

    • A Friend in Mead: Fixed an issue where you could repeatedly fail this quest by walking outside the quest area.
    • Merriment and Mystery: Grouped player characters on this quest will no longer see multiple copies of Valding the Bard standing atop one another.
    • On a Dare: Nivene, Jofarr, and Borald will now despawn after a set amount of time after completing the quest.
    • Our Poor Town: Fixed an issue where you would encounter a large number of compass pins on the quest step “Collect Torchbug Wings.”
    • Songs of Sovngarde: Fixed an issue where there would be duplicate members of the delegation if you meandered off during the finale theater scene, and later came back.
    • The Better of Two Evils: Majorn is no longer subject to knockbacks that can get him stuck on his throne.
    • The Pride of a Prince: Fixed an issue where there were excess map pins during the quest step to collect Dunmer Wine.
    • The War Council: Naryu will now properly face Lord Vurlop when she stabs him in the face. We sure do a lot of face-stabbing, don't we?

    Fighters Guild
    • The Dangerous Past:
      • Sees-All-Colors’s dialogue will now be contextually relevant during this quest.
      • The Dwarven Crystals placed in the stands are once again red, as intended.
      • The Guild Blade NPCs are no longer vampires.
    • Proving the Deed: Aelif will now always engage in combat, even if you decide to leave and immediately re-enter the instance before engaging the Auroran in Ragnthar. Also, you will no longer become blocked if you leave the crystal-destroying area while the sequence is in progress.

    Khenarthi's Roost
    • Storm on the Horizon: Fixed some issues with the way Sergeant Firion might appear if you run up and down the road between her spawn points.

    • Blood and the Crescent Moon: Fixed an issue where Giblets could get stuck and despawn in certain situations.
    • Champion of the Guardians: The Guardians’ appearance will now be consistent throughout this quest and in their other appearances throughout Glenumbra.
    • Reclaiming the Elements: The Guardian of the Earth’s visual textures will now properly display.
    • The Miners' Lament: You will now be directed to the exit after you kill the Foreman in Crosswych Mine.
    • The Nameless Soldier: Fixed an issue where Faolchu would occasionally not revert to his human form.
    • The Soul-Meld Mage: Fixed an issue where Gadris would reappear after completing this quest.
    • Wicked Trade: You will now be required to get closer to the Captivity Stone to destroy it.
    • Wolves in the Fold: Dead werewolf-refugees will no longer despawn rapidly, which was preventing them from being looted.

    • Bosmer Insight: Fixed an issue where the Spriggan Spirit could disappear in the middle of a conversation with her.
    • Nindaeril's Perch: Nindaeril the Monsoon and Bavura the Blizzard will now aid each other if attacked separately.
    • Redfur Trading Post: This area now has a proper map key.
    • Southpoint: Mayor Aulus’s knockback attack will no longer leave a red telegraph circle on the ground if you dodge the effect.

    • Frighten the Fearsome: Chieftain Thragdosh will no longer rapidly respawn after being killed.
    • Pelidil's End: The ballista bolts you fire during this quest will now properly display their visual effect when you use the ballista.
    • Striking at the Heart: Leaping to your doom or otherwise dying during the final scene with Ayrenn and Indaenir will no longer cause you to become blocked or revert to a previous quest step upon returning.

    Mages Guild
    • Simply Misplaced: Valaste is now willing to converse with criminals.

    Main Quest
    • Castle of the Worm: To combat cases where you could kick yourself or be kicked beyond Mannimarco’s barrier and thus be unable to return to combat, the barrier will now kill you if you cross it or get too close, as it will do for any skeletons during the battle.
    • In the Halls of Torment, the Duchess of Anguish’s Royal Strike and Flame Shield abilities and Xivali’s Heavy Attack now properly animate.
    • God of Schemes: Fixed several issues where some animations were not correctly playing while in first-person mode.
    • The Harborage: Fixed some issues with map and compass pins while within the Prophet's dream vision.

    Malabal Tor
    • Arithiel: Fixed an issue where there were excess compass pins after you released Arithiel from her cage.
    • Prisoner of Jathsogur: Changed the structure of this quest to minimize confusion and prevent griefing.
      • You no longer need to engage with Drauginas, and the step to defeat her has been removed.
      • You need only participate in the "Defend the Silvenar" event (which was separate from Drauginas) on the lower floor; if you leave the lower floor while it is in progress, you will fail the event.
      • Drauginas will no longer spawn at all, as she has no involvement with this quest.
      • Anyone within 30 meters of Chief Nagoth when he dies will have the quest step "Defend the Silvenar" advanced automatically, regardless of event participation. This change necessitates a re-grant of the quest, which should happen automatically for you.
      • We also fixed an issue where your quest progress would be blocked if you logged out on the step after you Defend the Silvenar.
    • Reap What is Sown: Reduced the area in which you gain or lose the Drublog Glamour disguise.
    • Velyn Harbor: You can no longer accept crafting writ quests while this location is under control of the Drublog Orcs.

    Reaper's March
    • Yazhin-Dar will no longer jump on top of his shop's roof when exiting his shop. Silly Khajiit.
    • Dune: Relocated the skyshard in this area so that you do not need to complete all of the objective content in order to reach it. The hint is still valid!
    • Grimmer Still: You can no longer avoid all combat by stealthing up to the point where Khali/Shazah begins her theater scene.
    • Into the Vice Den: Failure messages will now properly display if you mount at the beginning of the spikeball race.
    • Lizard Racing: Fixed an issue where you would always lose when betting on the left lizard.
    • Willowgrove: Malesse can no longer be killed.

    • Hope Lost: Adusa-daro will now properly spawn for all group mates if the quest is shared while everyone is standing inside the barn.

    • Captain Bones' Ship: Captain Bones will no longer summon help that is stronger than he is.
    • Mud Tree Village: Sorcerer pets will no longer despawn when leaving the Mud Tree Mine.
    • The Dream of the Hist: Fixed an issue where Vicecanon Heita-Meen could take the scenic route through Ruuvitar's sanctum while trying to walk to the Mnemic Egg.
    • The Fangs of Sithis: You will now be directed to the exit of Sunscale Ruins after completing this quest.
    • The Skin-Stealer's Lair: Fixed an issue where you could shove Vicecanon Hrondar onto his ritual table and get him stuck.

    Stros M'Kai
    • Innocent Scoundrel: Gornog will no longer rapidly respawn after being killed. Also, you will no longer be directed to inaccessible doors.

    • A Bit of Sport: The Log Roller and Wood Sawyer's mugs will now be visible in their hand after combat .
    • City Under Siege: Fixed an issue where the Daggerfall soldiers on the ship would not die after Balreth appears.
    • Close the Scamp Caves: You will no longer be knocked back after collapsing the caves.
    • Iliath Temple: You will no longer become stuck in a falling animation when moving into the corners of certain towers in this area.

    • A Predator's Heart: Murk-Watcher will no longer appear after the quest is completed.
    • Ending the Ogre Threat: Fixed an issue where group members could get into an endless animation loop if they interact with the support beam at the same time as a group mate.
    • Koeglin Village: Added a new Orc NPC to Sabyssa’s Blacksmithing to help cover the shop when Sabyssa herself is out and about.

    The Rift
    • Approaching Thunder: You will no longer trap your group mates inside the room associated with this quest in the event that you lose the key.
    • In His Wake: Greatly reduced the number of compass pins you will encounter early in this quest.
    • Names of the Fallen: Collecting the Pact Amulets can now be shared amongst your group.
    • Nimalten: Objects in Beter Nes's house no longer have Examine prompts when you are not on the associated quest.
    • Shor's Stone: There are no longer two versions of Voddreid wandering about.
    • The Rise of Sage Svari: Praying with your weapons unsheathed will no longer make you stab yourself through the face.

    The Wailing Prison
    • Fixed an issue that was causing one of the Soul Shriven NPCs in the Wailing Prison to appear and disappear, depending on your camera angle.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing Lyris from being visible when standing in a particular spot in The Wailing Prison.
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    @ZOS_GinaBruno Can you please confirm if trials and vdsa have been scaled to vr16, you mention dungeons but not trials?

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    I hope we get a veterinarian sever because a level 10 is now level 50. So what there saying is that you don't have to play the game because when you go to pts your a veterinarian so. All the people that worked to get to veterinarian good job but we don't care lets make your hard work for nothing.

    What I don't get is we can't play on severs 1-49 but they can play on the veteran server. Know with the new update make a new charter get him or her to level 10 then join the vet sever and your a level 50.

    A lot of my friends 346 of them do not like this update all we wont is to have vet servers. What we don't want is level 10 become level 50 when there going on the servers 1-14v severs. I know your trying to help low levels but making them level 50 that has mad a lot of people made.
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    I've said it before and for months but it is a damn shame that Stamina Sorc was given close to nothing. They took the one spell stamina sorcs actually use (boundless storm) and made the other morph the stamina version. Stamina Sorcs need an active stamina based dmg ability.
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